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Who Rules Columbia?--Part 4

columbiawatch | If you're interested in the hidden history of the role that Manhattan's Columbia University has played in promoting U.S. power elite foreign policy objectives, you'll probably find the following excerpt from NACLA's 1968 pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?", to be worth reading. more...  0 Comments

10 de diciembre: 8va megamarcha en Oaxaca

cml-df | Sucesos del día: Concluye la Consulta Nacional de La Otra Campaña, respecto a los seis puntos. Hoy se realiza el día internacional de acción por Oaxaca, convocado por la Asamblea Popular de Pueblos de Oaxaca. Se realiza la Octava megamarcha por la salida de Ulises Ruiz en Oaxaca. Muere Pinochet sin juicio ni castigo. Se reporta agresión contra opositores a la Minera San Xavier en San Luis Potosí. more...  0 Comments

Billionaires for Braque

Paul Werner | Charles Grassley, head of the Senate Finance Committee, has brought consternation to the ranks of wealthy art collectors and the museum directors who love them. Ever since Grassley introduced and passed the Pension Protection Act on August 17, they are ruined. more...  0 Comments

"Voices of Silence"

SCP Photolab | yesterday in Washington Square Park, the Surveillance Camera Players performed a brand-new play on the 10th anniversary of the group's first performance. more...  2 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity March in NC / New Oaxaca Zine

comida no migra, por siempre! | This past Saturday at 3pm, over fifty people gathered on Franklin St. in downtown Chapel Hill, NC to march in solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca. Primarily the purpose of this march was to spread awareness among folks about the violent repression which this movement has faced, as well as the increasinly revolutionary social context in Mexico at this moment.
more...  3 Comments

Dec. 13 Screening of UPROOTED, recorded in Occupied Palestine

MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) | WHEN: Dec. 13, 7pm
WHERE: MNN Open Studio, 537 West 59th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.)
Trains: 9/A/C/B/D to Columbus Circle
N/R/Q/W to 57th Street
FREE and open to the public
more...  0 Comments

Rightwing Anti-Capitalism

Christina Kaindl | The interests of the working class are no longer defended by the dominant parties. On the background of this representation crisis (cf. Gramsci), rightwing populist parties have electoral successes all over Europe. more...  3 Comments

Advent Calendar that looks at occupation of Bethlehem.

DeeDee | I bought an advent calendar in Austria last month and have been posting daily images of Bethlehem on a blog: more...  0 Comments

Fluoride Unsafe for Babies, say Dentists

NYSCOF | New York City adds fluoride chemicals (hydrofluosilicic acid) to your water supply, not to purigy it, but in a failed attempt to medicate water drinkers against tooth decay. The American Dental Association is at the forfront of this dubious process; but now they are telling new parents to stay away from the fluoridated faucet when preparing their infant foods. more...  0 Comments

Photos: World Can't Wait Protest Against Torture at Macys

Stanley W. Rogouski | World Can't Wait held a protest against torture at Macys. more...  35 Comments

AJLPP-USA Statement on the Death of Chile's Dictator Augusto Pinochet

AJLPP-USA | The Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace (AJLPP)-USA greets the death of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, whose brutal 17 year rule became a symbol of Latin American military repression with anger and regret.
more...  0 Comments

PHOTOS: Green Scare/ McGowan Rally

Rine | Green Scare/ McGowan Rally more...  1 Comments

Who Rules Columbia?--Part 3

columbiawatch | If you're interested in the hidden history of Columbia University's real estate operations in Manhattan and elsewhere, you might find the following excerpt from NACLA's 1968 pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?" of use. more...  0 Comments

6 Year Old killed by truck in Sunset Park

Amina | Community is complaining that the police did nothing. more...  10 Comments

In Defense of the Meat-Hook: Pinochet Evades "Justice" with Death

Modern Pitung | For all the rejoicing around Augusto Pinochet's shuffling off this mortal coil, am I the only one who is unsurprised by this miserable excuse for a human taking the easy way out before ever getting into the dock? more...  0 Comments

Philippines: Charter Change is Arroyo's Cover-up

Democratic Left-Philippines | AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) today stepped up efforts to derail attempts at the House of Representatives to initiate Charter Change (Cha Cha), calling the move as nothing more than an attempt to cover up the seething political crisis hounding Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Monday Night:Medicare for All Now;Justice for Sean Bell;Unionize Film Parking Assistants

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, December 11, 2006, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
***************************************************** more...  0 Comments

Mexico Federalizes Brad Will Investigation; Local Activsts Debate the Chances for Justice

Chris Anderson | Nearly two months after Brad Will was gunned down on the streets of Oaxaca City while chronicling a popular revolution against the State governor, and more than two weeks after that uprising suffered a brutal wave of repression, the investigation into the murder of the NYC Indymedia journalist appears to be hostage to internal Mexican politics. more...  1 Comments

The Spirit of Democracy in Venezuela

Stephen Lendman | Venezuelan election a model of the electoral process. more...  0 Comments

We are not here to sing, We're here to kill the dove

Petros Evdokas | I had to report in for military duty this morning. In the last few days I've been deprived of sleep and a virus threw me into trembling chills and feverish hallucinations yesterday. I woke up this morning too early, very reluctant. Nauseous, and sick in my bones. Almost incapable of getting dressed. The effort to locate my combat boots and uniform was exhausting. Couldn't find my underwear. more...  0 Comments

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