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Chavez Landslide Tops All In US History

Stephen Lendman | Hugo Chavez won two landslide victories explained in the article. more...  0 Comments

Protester's arrest tied to 'leak' by Edison cop

repost | The deportation arrest of an Indian man during a rally protesting alleged police brutality in Edison came after information was passed between the accused officer and his brother, an attorney with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, people familiar with the case said. more...  0 Comments

Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq

By Bill Van Auken | The remarks delivered by President Bush at a year-end press conference Wednesday, combined with a series of military and political developments, point inexorably to a major escalation of the US war in Iraq in the coming year.

Bush revealed little new in his encounter with the press corps, dismissing as “hypothetical” all questions on the reported turn by his administration to a new military offensive in Iraq based on a “surge” of up to 40,000 more US combat troops in the country.

The president claimed he was still weighing various recommendations from military, diplomatic and Iraqi sources—as well as those of the much-trumpeted but already marginalized Iraq Study Group—before presenting a new policy in a speech that is expected sometime in early January.
more...  0 Comments

Who Rules Columbia?--Conclusion

columbiawatch | If you're interested in the hidden history of Manhattan's Columbia University, you'll probably want to read the conclusion to NACLA's 1968 pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?". In 2006, Columbia University Trustee Mark Kingdon, coincidentally, also sits on the board of the New York City Police Foundation, which is directly funded by special corporate interests in the Big Apple. more...  0 Comments

March 17--March on Washington --and Stay there

Troops Out Now Coalition |
Forcing Congress to vote to cut off further war funding is the defining issue for the antiwar movement this spring and it is a struggle that we can win if we are bold enough to take it seriously. more...  0 Comments

NoWar Westchester Vigil: Reminding Hillary Clinton About the People in her Village

Jason Gooljar | White Plains, NY---With only a few shopping days left to go before Christmas; US Senator Hillary Clinton made an appearance at a Borders book store to sign copies of her book It Takes a Village. Waiting to greet her were members of NoWar Westchester, there to send a message that supporting an unjust war is not forgotten even with an electoral victory. more...  10 Comments

RECLAIMING THE SEASON | Disgusted with the personal debt, spiritual emptiness and ecological damage that the holiday season now entails, writers and activists began to heavily promote the idea of a downshifted Christmas in the late nineties. more...  0 Comments

Farmworkers, McDonald's, and You - Building Solidarity in NYC

FF NYC | Join us for a discussion with Marc Rodrigues of the Student/Farmworker Alliance
on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' current campaign demanding justice and
fair wages for tomato pickers in McDonald's supply chain more...  0 Comments

Clamor Fallout: Justseeds & others in jeopardy!

friend of independent culture | THis is the call from justseeds, but others need help too. Here is the link to Clamor Infoshop letter, below is the appeal from Justseeds: more...  5 Comments

There is No Doubt: Bush Spy Program is UnConstitutional

alaskafreepress | Join Cindy Sheehan and thousands of others in DC beginning Jan 3rd- stay as long as it takes.

Demand Impeachment! more...  1 Comments

Left Wing Zionists to the Rescue?

Lloyd Hart | According to a article by Gregory Levey there is a new left leaning lobbying group being set up more...  9 Comments

Chavez gets more radical

Jorge Martin | “For this new era we need a political instrument at the service of the Revolution and socialism”

In an event called on Friday 15, at the Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas, to celebrate the election victory and congratulate those who had made it possible, Chavez made a very important speech about the new phase the Bolivarian Revolution has reached. The whole speech was one blow after another against the right wing of the Bolivarian movement, which has spent the last two weeks since the elections calling for conciliation with the opposition, and was enthusiastically received by the thousands of revolutionary activists present at the Theatre and the hundreds of thousands who watch the speech on national TV.

He started by celebrating the election victory and stressing that it was a victory of the Venezuelan people "the first that should be congratulated and the owner of the victory", explaining that his role was one of being "always a tool of the will of the people". more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-USA | The AJLPP-USA today hailed the the Court of Appeals decision on Tuesday that junked rape convict Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith’s plea to be returned to United States custody.

The court’s Special 16th Division denied Smith’s prayer for a temporary restraining order on Makati Regional Trial Court Judge Benjamin Pozon’s decision to keep him at the Makati City Jail, noting that his petition “precisely involves a determination of the regularity of the act of respondent judge…

AJLPP is happy that the Appeals Courts decided that : “We do not share with petitioner’s view and that a grave and irreparable injury would befall him pending determination of this petition,” the court ruled. “The long and short of it is that a full-blown trial has been held with all the rights of the accused accorded to him.” more...  0 Comments

The Last Days of The Indypendent?

IMC Printista | It's never been easier to give to The Indy!

SEND BY MAIL: The Indypendent
PO Box 1417 New York, NY 10276
CALL IT IN: (917) 847-4992 more...  31 Comments

NYMAA / anarchist contingent Thurs

nymaa | An Anarchist contingent will rally around the red and black flag at Spruce street and Park Row on Thursday December 21st at 11:30AM, in front of the Ben Franklin statue (no relation), 30 minutes before the main assemblage. This location is directly in front of Pace University. Many people have already confirmed they are joining this contingent... so come and add to the bloc.
more...  0 Comments

Who Rules Columbia?--Part 11

columbiawatch | If you're interested in the hidden history of Columbia University's gentrification policies in Manhattan, you'll probably find the following excerpt from NACLA's 1968 pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?", of interest more...  0 Comments

A New “Spycatcher” (Flynt Leverett)

Daithí | …from the Los Angeles Times:

“A former National Security Council official said Monday that the White House tried to silence his criticism of its Middle East policies by ordering the CIA to censor an op-ed column he wrote." more...  0 Comments

Bolivia: salto cualitativo de la “Revolución Naranja”, limpieza étnica y terrorismo oligárquico

Heinz Dieterich | La oligarquía separatista de Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando y Tarija, que promueve la destrucción del gobierno de Evo Morales, se acercó un paso más hacia este objetivo, el viernes, 15 de diciembre. more...  0 Comments

How to ‘Exterminate' the bed bug species

Brent Herbert | I feel the need to say one last thing about bedbugs, one last thing that I think really needs to be said.
A proposal for a scientific experiment using as its subject that remarkable living example of evolution in action, the common bedbug. more...  0 Comments

An Urgent Need for Press Point People for Friday!!

Mollie | We have a press release written for the actions going on Friday Dec22nd. We really want to release it to the press TODAY but we need someone(s) to be point people to talk to the press. Ideally, a friend of brad will's someone with mexican blood, or somoene with direct connection to the struggle---but if you lack that qualification and are just an activist who has been tuned in we would much appreciate you talking to the press to spread awareness amongst thepublic about Oaxaca's struggle. If you think you could do this please email "Eric Laursen" and/or more...  0 Comments

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