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Rockland Residents Demonstrate Against Hate Group April4th-5th

Rockland Coaltition for Peace & Justice | Nyack NY (Rockland County) April 4th and 5th 2004 – 9 anti-gay Kansas residents traveled to Nyack New York on April 4th and 5th to spread their words of hate. Led by Shirley Phelps the Kansas residents looked small and out of place as hundreds of diverse Rockland residents turned out to spread their words of love and acceptance. The response was overwhelming!........ more...  2 Comments

Protest Bush! - Wed 4/7 at 8am

M27 | more...  1 Comments

An Open Message to the So-Called NYC Anti-War Movement

Confused | GET OFF YOUR ASSES!! So far, we are a fucking sorry excuse for an anti-war movement. more...  12 Comments

Iraq Media Analysis

Chris Anderson | Recent events, first in Falluja and now in cities across the Shiite heartland, have blown the American script to smithereens. Iraqis and Americans are no longer reading from the same page. And the American media, at least in the first 24 hours since the Shiite uprising began, is groping in the dark for a new narrative. more...  5 Comments

Clash of Civilizations?

AK Gupta | After September 11 commentators rushed to deny that the attacks signified a war between cultures and religions. And they were right, at least then. Grand historical conflicts don’t start overnight; they are a step-by-step descent into the abyss that one is only aware of when the last light of reason is extinguished. more...  4 Comments

The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 20

K.R. Anderson | Weekly Summary of Wordly Nonsense. Orginally publish at the Baltimore IMC more...  0 Comments

Depleted Uranium - Mystery in Transport

- | The United States military does not want civilian populations to know how and when depleted uranium (DU) munitions are being shipped through their communities for fear of “unnecessary public concern about the radiation risks associated with DU munitions.” Normally this type of shipment would be labeled with both Department of Transportation (DOT) “Radioactive” and “Explosive” placards. Branches of the U.S. military, however, have a special Department of Transportation exemption, DOT-E 9649, which allows them to ship DU munitions without the “Radioactive” placard.1 The exemption must be renewed every few years by the DOT and the Military Traffic Management Command.2 more...  1 Comments

is capitalism sustainable?

punchy | this is a conversation we SHOULD have had with the implosion of Enron. the Cheney war-machine is clearly a distraction for the utter bankruptcy of the American "free market" system. more...  4 Comments

Building Bridges Radio-Commemorating Dr. King

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio’s Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash April 5, 2004, 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Judge Issues Rulling In Oneida Home Demolitions

concerned new yorker | Here is the press release from Danielle Shenendoah detailing the courts decison that allthough Hallbritter is a terrible person, the court lacks jurisdiction to do anything. more...  0 Comments

Independent Films at Bluestockings

Altar Magazine | Bluestockings and Altar Magazine team up to show films White Balance and Scenes from an endless war. more...  1 Comments

End the State Persecution of Juanita Young, Anti-Police Brutality Activist And Mother of NYPD Murder Victim Malcolm Ferguson

October 22nd Coalition--New York | The October 22nd Coalition calls on one and all to join us this coming Wednesday April 7th, 2004 at 8:30 AM in front of the Bronx District Attorney's Office (161st Street bet. Sheridan and Sherman) where we will hold a picket line and press conference to demand that all charges be unconditionally dropped against Juanita Young. This event will be a prelude to Juanita's 7th court appearance, which will occur immediately after the press conference at 9:30 am. more...  0 Comments

First Amendment Mob Number 4

Michael ONeil | more...  1 Comments

Want some tasty pie?

BBB | then come to the Biotic Baking Brigade book release party and film screening Sunday night! more...  0 Comments

UN To NYPD: Stop Human Rights Violations

IMC | In recently released public summaries of letters sent to the United States Government in 2003, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights expressed concern about violations of the human rights of peaceful anti-war demonstrators by the NYPD and Oakland PD.

The annual report includes summaries of letters sent to numerous human right violators including the Governments of China, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Iran and Colombia.

The letters expressed noted that Oakland and New York City Police Departments, in dealing with peaceful demonstrators, used excessive force (involving pepper spray, teargas, wooden and shot filled bullets, concussion or "sting" grenades, police horses, batons), surveillance, prevention of a march, disruption of a rally, mass arrests, interrogation, detention in poor conditions, and denial of access to legal advice. The report largely criticizes NYPD behavior before and during the February 15 2003 protest and the Oakland shootings on April 7, 2003.

[Read Full Copy of the Report (PDF)]

more...  2 Comments

World Says No to Bush -

Peacemaker | Announcement of new web-site to help raise awareness of Aug 29th protest in NYC: Gif animation buttons for linking to can be found below text. If you post a link to please drop us a note to let us know: more...  2 Comments


William Eon | First the Chainy-Lay Energy Task Force cover-up! Then the 911 Stonewall! The WMD SCANDLE! A CIA agent’s betrayal! Lying during the State of Union A FAKE WAR! Obstruction of JUSTICE! ALL are Impeachable Offences! Committed at BUSH’S Black House. more...  0 Comments

No Blood OR Oil!

zool | No Blood OR Oil! Protest at NYC Auto Show, Saturday, April 10, Noon, Javits Center, 11th Avenue & West 36th Street. Our addiction to oil is deadly. more...  0 Comments

Greenwich Village: most heavily surveilled neighborhood in Manhattan

Surveillance Camera Players | what's the most heavily surveilled neighborhood in Manhattan? Times Square? Mid-town? the UN area? read on more...  22 Comments

New Yorker's Say No to Jets Stadium...

newsday | ... but Will the Billionaires Listen? more...  2 Comments

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