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A Look Back and Ahead in an Age of Neocon Rule

Stephen Lendman | A review of past year and look ahead to next year. more...  0 Comments

War in Somalia -- CIA and Private Military Contractors

(A) | US accused of covert operations in Somalia more...  0 Comments

ACTION ALERT: Help Wobbly Food Warehouse Workers Fight Back Against Nasty Bosses!

NYC IWW | This week owners from four different warehouses illegally threatened to call immigration or terminate union workers due to their immigration status in clear retaliation for the workers' union activities. more...  0 Comments

Ez-Supply reneges on agreement with the union

Tomer Malchi | Throughout the Fall of 2006 the IWW has been putting pressure on EZ supply to sit and negotiate. Finally the boss came to his sense and negotiated an agreement. The agreement included recognition of the union, wage increases, a grievance procedure, paid time off and more. On December 26th on the heels of workers at 2 more shops announcing their membership in the IWW and demanding their rights the boss at EZ-supply reneged his agreement. more...  2 Comments

FOR THE LOVE OF BRAD (In 2 Parts) Video & One Poem

warcry | Please click on link to see videos and read poem. For the Love of Brad, Part One (You Are My Sunshine) is 6 min. Part Two (Brad speaking, laughing, and singing) is 25 minutes. more...  2 Comments

Free Movie Screening- Over the Edge- Thursday Night

benbo | Over the Edge (1979) staring Matt Dillon
8:00 pm
Times Up! 49 East Houston (between Mulberry & Mott)
free more...  1 Comments

Farmworkers, McDonald's, and You - Building Solidarity in NYC

FF NYC | Join us for a discussion with Marc Rodrigues of the Student/Farmworker Alliance on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' current campaign demanding justice and fair wages for tomato pickers in McDonald's supply chain more...  0 Comments

The Dangerous Double Standard

Hans-C. von Sponeck | In the early nineties, people hoped for the irrevocable ending of fear and the great peace dividend.. Inequality, poverty and humiliation have something to do with what is described as terrorism. The governing limit themselves to fighting symptoms. The causes of terror are not a theme for them. more...  0 Comments

Climate Change: Rising Seas creates 70,000 Climate Refugees

Takver | Rising seas attributed to human induced global warming have submerged Lohachara island, once the home to 10,000 people. Unhinhabited Suparibhanga has also vanished, while the inhabited island of Ghoramara has lost two thirds of its area to the rising seas in the Bay of Bengal. more...  2 Comments

Landscape of Horrors: The Obscenity of Real War

A.K. Gupta | The end of the year means the release of serious films jockeying for Oscar contention. This year, violence and gore play the leading roles in many heavyweights: Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, The Departed and Flags of Our Fathers.

These movies excel in make-believe violence that keeps getting more graphic and extreme over time. Hollywood is forever chasing realism even though we see the movies to escape. No matter how real the bloodletting – the screams of anguish, the reverberations of explosions – we know it’s staged.

Yet we block out the real violence in front of us. Even as the Iraq War dominates the news month after month, we have insulated ourselves from it. || Rest of the Article more...  0 Comments

Lights, Camera and No Unions; Restaurant Workers Fight Job Segregation

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 29 minute radio program.


Irish Republican Video Discussion Series

Brian Wardlow | The NIFC talks to Mags Glennon of the Westmeath Cowpark Users Group in Westmeath Ireland who are campaigning to retain use of community owned farms. The Cowparks have been used by landless farmers for over fifty years to graze their livestock. Many of these farmers have resorted to part time farming to supplement their incomes, and without warning, and with little regard for the livelyhoods of these members of the community, the Westmeath County Council decided to sell off these farms to the highest bidder. more...  0 Comments

JustSeeds needs your help!

ryan | For 10 years, JustSeeds has been a critical resource for radical artists working outside the "art world" system. In the process of becoming a decentralized artist-owned cooperative, the floor suddenly fell out from under them. The collapse of Clamor Magazine leaves JustSeeds without a distributor and in colossal debt. Help save a priceless radical art project from shutting down forever. The community of art-activists around JustSeeds have launched national projects like the Celebrate People's History poster series, Street Art Workers, Drawing Resistance, Cut & Paint, and a hell of a lot more: now they need your help to continue. Below is a letter from Josh MacPhee: more...  0 Comments

Underpaid Workers to Serve Boss with Class-Action Lawsuit

NYC IWW | Workers at Giant Big Apple work long hours for less than the legal minimum wage, without overtime pay. Fed up with this exploitation, they approached the Industrial Workers of the World and Make the Road By Walking, a Latino community organization based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. With the help of the IWW and Make the Road, they filed a wage & hour complaint with the U. S. Department of Labor in fall of 2005.
more...  0 Comments

Christmas Sermon

Manfred Sorg | For you, the Savior is born today. He comes first to you and the people living in the shadows. The healthy and successful often do not understand that the world needs him, that it needs God's love and mercy. They are often blinded by their efficiency and deaf fromtheir success. Go to Bethlehem and find the divine mercy there. more...  0 Comments

Happy Hollow Daze

el pinche | All I want for Christmas this year is a little dignity. more...  0 Comments

'I Have No Country'

Justine Nicholas | A few days ago, one of the best students I’ve ever had returned from his second tour with the Marines. He’d just spent a year in Iraq. When Steve (not his real name) was in one of my classes, he had just come back from a tour in Afghanistan. more...  0 Comments

Holidays in NYC

Rine | Heavily armed policemen guard the Bryant Park Holiday Market in the final shopping days before Christmas.
more...  5 Comments

Building Bridges Monday Night: Holiday Special Pete Seeger

Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, December 25, 2006, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
***************************************************** more...  0 Comments

México: Movilizaciones masivas del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional en solidaridad con Oaxaca y Atenco

chiapas, México | Por eso, queremos decirles a todas que como presas políticos que no se sientan solas. Que no pierdan la esperanza de que serán libres. No las dejaremos solas. Como mujeres zapatistas, y juntas con todas las mujeres dignas de nuestro país y del mundo, las acompañamos en su resistencia, en su tristeza y en su rabia en contra de las injusticias que sufren en las cárceles del mal gobierno. more...  0 Comments

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