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What Gerald Ford Really Stood For

Richard Mellor | No one should get pleasure from the death of another, but workers have no reason to mourn the passing of Gerald Ford more...  0 Comments

Former Longtime Confidant Accuses Ariel Sharon of Assassinating Yasser Arafat

Stephen Lendman | Ariel Sharon likely poisoned Yasser Arafat more...  1 Comments

DHS To Seize Eyeballs At U.S. Airports

Steve Peacock | The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is ringing in the New Year with a plan to address the arguably unbearable time it takes for airline passengers to traverse their way through screening checkpoints, (TPR) has discovered. TSA will achieve this heightened scale of efficiency by joining hands with another hallowed U.S. institution: the advertising industry. more...  0 Comments

American Defeat: an anti-state communist perspective on the current US war in Iraq

Kevin Keating | While some of the smaller predictions I made here weren't borne out by subsequent events, the overall analysis and the larger picture I present are spot-on. more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Warehouse Bosses' Christmas Gift: Exploitation in the Food Industry

Grounders | Workers are marching on the Brooklyn foodstuffs distributor to highlight a civil suit that they will file with the help of the IWW in federal court over unpaid wages and overtime. The New Years march will also act as a ‘friendly reminder’ to their boss that the NYS minimum wage will be increasing to $7.15 an hour, a figure which Amersino has conveniently overlooked in the past. more...  0 Comments

Walk the Line: the 7 hour wait to see James Brown

Nicholas Powers | Thousands of New Yorkers waited hours to see James Brown one last time. more...  1 Comments

Deadly Progress and the Shadows

Rufus Ulrich Keller | The modern technical enlightened contemporary acts as though all the destruction and suffering in this world doesn't concern him. We continually cause dreadful things but don't see what is dreadful in us. more...  0 Comments

Another U.S. war crime in Baghdad

Workers World | Another U.S. war crime in Baghdad
Workers World statement on the execution/assassination of Saddam Hussein more...  0 Comments

AJLPP-USA Condemns Puppet Philippine Government Order to Return Convicted Rapist Smith

AJLPP-USA | The Alliance for A Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) -USA condemn in the strongest term the puppet Philippine government order that transferred convicted American serviceman Lance Corporal Daniel Smith to the custody of the US embassy .

AJLPP coordinator Mario Santos said: “Arroyo’s action proved that the Philippine government’s brazen puppetry ( papet na makapal ang mukha)and lackyism (pagpapakatuta) knows no bounds.

She (GMA) does not only order the killing of Filipinos but also allows the rape of Filipinas and the violation of its own laws and its constitution. Arroyo should stop imploring “law and order” because she cannot even follow the laws of her country. Much more, she should renounce her citizenship and be an ugly American that she is.”

more...  0 Comments

Protest the Execution of Saddam Hussein and the Escalation of the War - Saturday Dec. 30 2 pm Times Square

IAC | The International Action Center (IAC) hold the U.S. government responsible for the decision of the “Iraqi High Tribunal" to carry out the death sentence against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and considers this execution part of the Bush administration’s plan to once again escalate the war. The timing of the execution was clearly intended to pre-empt news that the death toll of U.S. service people has hit 3,000 while that of Iraqis is in the hundreds of thousands. Such an execution will be another war crime against the Iraqi people. more...  3 Comments

Philippines - 2006 worst year for rights since Marcos

AJLLP-USA | Political murders in the Philippines reached their highest level in 2006 since the toppling of dictator Ferdinand Marcos more than 20 years ago, human-rights activists say.

More than 180 activists—including journalists, human-rights workers, leftwing politicians, trade unionists and lawyers—were assassinated this year for their criticism of those in power, they say.

“An average of three extrajudicial killings are occurring every week in the country,” a Canadian human-rights team concluded recently after a fact-finding mission to the Southeast Asian nation.

“A clear pattern of state-perpetrated politically motivated extrajudicial killings” was occurring in the country, the team said. more...  0 Comments

Highway Robbery: Privatizing New Jersey's Toll Roads!

ANTHONY COWELL | Governor Jon Corzine intends to sell New Jersey's toll roads to private investors for $10 billion. Selling or leasing publicly owned toll roads degrades our public and financial security. Toll road takeovers led by Goldman Sachs, where Governor Corzine was the Chairman and CEO before taking elected office, prove the point. more...  0 Comments

A Good Story

Christian Salmon | "From 200 years of American history, we have learned nothing is impossible." (Reagan) Occasionally this president replaced reality with his fictions. "The world changed every time a new technique of storytelling was invented." (Brian Ferren) more...  0 Comments

27 dic. Argentina: Desaparece otro testigo contra torturadores: Luis Gérez

Indy-Argentina | Testigos que han declarado contra los dictadores, genocidas y torturadores de las dictaduras en Argentina están siendo desaparecidos. Como en México los negros tiempos de los crímenes de lesa humanidad de los gobiernos contra los ciudadanos tratan de volver y quedar impunes. more...  0 Comments

Colombia - Paramilitaries are threatening student leaders in University of Atlantico

ACEU | The Secretary of Human Rights of the ACEU (Colombian Association of University Students) denounces these facts that are putting in danger the physical integrity of the leaders of the University of the Atlantico. more...  0 Comments

On Congressman Kucinich's Campaign


12/29 event: Farmworkers, McDonald's, and You.

fairfoodnyc | Join us for a discussion with Marc Rodrigues of the Student/Farmworker
Alliance on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' current campaign demanding
justice and fair wages for tomato pickers in McDonald's supply chain. more...  0 Comments

Gary Null - from Quackwatch

Stephen Barrett, M.D. | Gary Null (1945– ) is one of the nation's leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease. He hosts radio and television talk shows; writes books and magazine articles; delivers lectures; and markets products through his Web site. According to an article in East West magazine, Null became interested in nutrition during his twenties while working as a short order cook in New York City, where he now resides. more...  1 Comments

A Tribute to Dr. Ochie Baez- A True People’s Artist

The Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace (AJLPP)-USA and all his comrades and friends in the United States, pay tribute to the departed Dr. Ochie Baez and express profound condolence to his family and relatives. Ka. Ochie studied, worked and has been a stalwart of the Philippine movement in the United States ever since he emigrated to the continent in 1982 as an exchange student in the state of Minnesota.
more...  0 Comments

Jan. 9th - Kenyan School Benefit

Zoe Sullivan | This event is a collaboration between a local, volunteer-run organization and people in New York. more...  0 Comments

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