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Issue 97: Surging Toward Catastrophe

The Indypendent | Special Report on Iraq by A.K. Gupta, Chris Anderson on the demise of Clamor and much, much more! more...  0 Comments

Stop the War - March 24th - Boston Common

Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition | Stop the War! Troops Home Now!
March 24th
Boston Common.
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Outing the Constitutional Criminals

populist | The purpose of the personal income tax is to redistribute wealth upward and to control the civil society. The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to redistribute the wealth upward and to control the civil society. The receivers of the redistributed wealth and the controllers of the society are the private owners of the Federal Reserve -- not the government.
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A Call For Solidarity From the UK Left

johnny void | Insignificant BBC programme, 'The Politics Show' is currently running a poll to find the greatest living UK politician.

Not the most significant event of your life so far I'm sure, until to realise that this is a straight out fight between lefty and mostly harmless Tony Benn and scourge of the working people, the sinister Margaret Thatcher. more...  1 Comments

Close HLS: MAJOR new focus on NYSE

Anonymous | On Sept. 7, 2005, the New York Stock Exchange cancelled the planned listing of
Huntingdon Life Science's stock, making news headlines around the world. For the
first time ever, the Big Board had declined to list a company due to activist
pressure. Now, however, the NYSE is carrying HLS on the NWSE arca, their electronic bulletin board. more...  0 Comments

NYC Anarchist General Assembly! Jan 21st! |
Mark your calendars: You are cordially invited to the Sixth General Assembly of the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists / Alianza de anarquistas del área metropolitana de Nueva York (NYMAA).
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Narco News: AP Reporter in Oaxaca Accepts Money From Oaxacan State Government

Al Giordano / Narco News | Associated Press correspondent in Oaxaca, Rebeca Romero, sent us an email on Sunday, January 7, and also published it on her website, ADN Sureste (“Southeast Digital News Agency”), of which she is the publisher. Her letter (and introduction to it on her website) is marked by the same shoddy qualities as her AP reports from Oaxaca during 2006 about the conflicts there. She makes vague claims that she does not document about a supposed “lynch mob climate” against her that she says was generated by Narco News, specifically by a report that she is paid by Oaxaca’s state government, which she denies. [Read More From Narco News || Complete Record of Romero's Oaxaca Reporting] more...  10 Comments

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: NYC Grassroots Media Conference - Feb 24, 2007 at New School University

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition | This year, the NYC Grassroots Media Conference seeks to ask: What are the common threads inherent in our global struggles for social change and how does media contribute to our understanding of the root causes of injustice faced by world communities? From educating ourselves and our government leaders to spreading our messages and recruiting broader and more diverse constituencies into our campaigns, media is central to the struggle for social justice. Therefore, the fight for better access to and representation in the media is essential for advancing peace and justice both at home and abroad.

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Global actions target Starbucks union-busters

Worker Freedom | Actions in some fifty cities around the world, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand and American cities including New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco protested Starbucks’ anti-union practices and the wrongful firing of five union activists over the Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 24.
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2006 Cyclist Memorial Ride

fred askew | Hundreds of riders turn out to remember cyclists killed in NYC at the annual memorial ride more...  2 Comments

The US Navy: Recruiting in NYC AOL Chat Rooms?

Jason Gooljar | A quick glance at NavyRecruiterNYC profile on AOL tells us that "If you reading this profile already that means something you doing aint working for you!!! If you need school money, a new start or like myself just needed some guidance hit me up, im your girl". more...  0 Comments

"Worse than a Civil War: Kofi Annan

Die Zeit | The US govertnment sees the increasing violence in Iraq merely as a "new phase." Annan is convinced the Iraqi question can only be solved with the cooperation of neighboring countries and the international community. The Iraqis themselves must agree on the constitution and the just distribution of oil- and tax revenues. more...  0 Comments

Till Deportation Do Us Part

Rebecca DeRosa | Now that the Republicans have lost control of Congress, perhaps legislation such as the Uniting American Families Act will finally get passed. This bill would give U.S. citizens the right to give their loved ones citizenship.

Yes, this is a right that already exists, but only if you marry someone of the opposite sex.
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Register Now! NYC Grassroots Media Conference, Feb 24, 2007 - New School University

radiKelly kaPOWski | Join us for the 4th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference, where we will
strategize how media can be used as a tool to achieve social justice across
boundaries and beyond borders. more...  0 Comments

AMERICAN DEFEAT: an anti-state communist perspective on the Iraq War, 2003

Kevin Keating | This analysis of the US-UK war on Iraq was written just before it began in 2003. Some of the predictions made subsequently proved to be mistaken but the overall picture has proved to be accurate.

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Israel leaks it’s plan to nuke Iran

Peter Symonds | A report in yesterday’s London-based Sunday Times revealed that the Israeli military has been training to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and other nuclear facilities. Based on several Israeli military sources, the article said two air force squadrons were involved, with the preparations being overseen by air force commander Major General Eliezer Shkedi.
Israeli officials were quick to disparage the report. Foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev “formally denied” the claim and restated the official stance that Israeli was committed to a diplomatic solution and supported last month’s UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Iran. Top government and military figures have repeatedly warned, however, that Israel would not allow Tehran to develop nuclear weapons. more...  0 Comments

LOHV-NYC's City Council Humane Scorecard released

LOHV-NYC | New York, January 8 – The League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) released its 2006 City Council Humane Scorecard today. In it, the 51 members of the New York City Council are scored on a scale from 0 to 100, according to whether they sponsored bills relating to the humane treatment of animals. The average score among all five boroughs was 38. Manhattan scored highest, with an average of 60. more...  0 Comments

DEA is Upset About Sean Bell Protests

casolaro | The Detectives Endowment Association is upset about the participation of union members in the protests against the brutal murder of Sean Bell by undercover agents of the New York Police Department. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Monday:State of the Dream 2007;War is Suicide; Law Students Aid Gulf Coast Residents

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, January 8, 2007, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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Indypendent Exceeds Year-End Fundraising Goal!

The Indy | Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, The Indypendent has exceeded its year-end fundraising goal of $10,000. Donations were matched in part by a grant from Your support enables us to continue printing the Indy and fostering gutsy, award-winning, independent journalism. We also want to give a shout out to those who decided to give on a monthly basis, this secured support helps us plan for the future. If you haven’t given yet, see Every dollar given through Jan. 31 will be matched.

Again, from the bottom of our collective hearts, thank you!

The Staff of The Indypendent more...  0 Comments

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