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Pizza & Peace Next Tuesday - March 19 Peace Actions Coalition

March 19 Peace Actions Coalition | The millions that went into the streets on February 15, 2003 need to make themselves heard again - now joined by the millions more that have come to oppose the war since it began four long years ago. We are looking for new ideas and new blood -- novel actions that will both give voice to New York City's diverse communities as well as capture the imagination of a new generation of protestors. more...  0 Comments

Medea Benjamin-Code Pink Peace Ribbon Campaign

Think Peace | Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of the Code Pink Alert organization describes Code Pink Alert’s Peace Ribbon Campaign
more...  0 Comments

Iraq Escalation: The World Reacts

IMCista | Bush Speech Text || Translation of Bush Speech

Protest in Harlem, 1/11 || Vox Pop Organizes Protest, 1/11 || Sheehan and Chomsky to Bush: Troops Out Now || Iran Next? || Red Flags: Peace Movement Must Also Escalate || OnNYTurf: The Same Old Ho-Hum || Jackson Heights Protests

LA: Military Families Speak Out || Houston Protests || Santa Cruz || Portland

What They Did Then: Nixon, Cambodia, and Kent State more...  0 Comments

Protest the Escalation of the Iraq War

kilroy | Following an announcement by president Bush that his administration plans to escalate the Iraq War, protests are planned at two recruitment centers in Manhattan. more...  0 Comments

Protest the Troop Surge! Jan. 11, 6 p.m. Vox Pop

Vox Populi | Hard to believe, but in a primetime televised speech on Wednesday evening, President Bush will announce his plans to send more troops into Iraq. We don't know for sure, but he could be planning to send at least 20,000 more troops, and the numbers could be even higher.
Whatever the numbers are, the Bush administration is once again moving in the wrong direction. We need to act quickly and in large numbers to oppose this escalation.

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Born in Flames, Free Screening Tonight, Thursday, Jan 11th, 8:00 pm | Thu, Jan 11th, 8:00 pm
Born in Flames (1983)
This is the kind of movie that brings communities together, director Lizzie Borden explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States Socialist Democracy. The plot concerns two feminist groups in New York City, each voicing their concerns to the public by pirate radio. more...  1 Comments

Thank God: 2008 Democrats to Leave NYC Alone

NYT | It’s not exactly a “New York: Drop Dead” kind of moment, but the Democratic National Committee has decided to hold the party’s 2008 nominating convention in Denver, according to Democrats familiar with the decision, heading West in rejecting a bid from New York to hold it there. more...  0 Comments

Close Guantánamo!

sended by F Espinoza | GUANTÁNAMO.— Luchadores civiles estadounidenses, entre quienes se cuentan relevantes figuras del movimiento contra la guerra en Iraq, familiares de prisioneros y ex prisioneros, llegarán este jueves hasta las inmediaciones de la Base Naval para exigir el cese de la ocupación y el desmantelamiento de la ilegal cárcel que mantiene EE.UU. en esa instalación en la bahía de Guantánamo, territorio usurpado a Cuba. more...  0 Comments

US raids Iran consulate (so it begins)

tom in manhattan | ARBIL, Iraq (AFP) - US troops have raided Iran's consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil and arrested five employees, an Iranian diplomat said on condition of anonymity. more...  0 Comments

Iraq vets, Cindy Sheehan, Chomsky tell Bush: Out of Iraq Now!

Out Now | “BUSH’S POLICY in Iraq is: when in a hole, dig deeper,” says Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal and initiating signatory of a widely circulated online statement demanding immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Bush's Speech Translation

Nick | > Good evening. Tonight in Iraq, the Armed Forces of the United States are engaged in a struggle that will determine the direction of the global war on terror ­ and our safety here at home.

I'll leave that in future tense since it hasn't started yet. more...  1 Comments

Bush Threatens Iran

tom in manhattan | carrier strike force being sent more...  8 Comments


sander hicks |
This Saturday, there's a concert here and it means a lot to me.

His songs have made me weep, have filled me with rage, with validation, with inspiration.

David Rovics sings for us all: the activists, the oppressed, the truth seekers, the secrecy smashers, the murdered, the martyred, the resistance fated to suffer and triumph. He's a revolutionary, he's a historical figure of the future, right now he's just a punk folk troubador travelling the entire globe playing every protest every demo every teach in he can for the people, for the movement.

OK, you better get over here. Saturday, 8 PM. $10 if you have a job, less if no. with Randy Nerve and a promising new voice in live music: Laura Seiverling

1/2 price Michelob Amber Bock all night: $7 pitchers * $2.50 pints!

Look at the nice poster:

also: FRIDAY, it's the next VOX POP Free Speak Out

so let's freak out and get together.

this time's theme: The War, the Truth, and the Lies.

Dinner, drinks, and open mike for political rants...with climactic and spontaneous live music at the end.

A new tradition, at Vox Pop. A happening every 2 weeks:

in January: 1/12/07 & 1/26/07

6 PM

Here’s how it works: it's a free speech open mike for political expression for one hour and a half, while the audience listens, speaks out, eats, and drinks. Then, 3 songwriters spontaneously compose a new song, and perform it on the spot, about what they heard. The audience applause meter votes, the winner gets a free pitcher of Sixpoint Microbrew, or a free 1/2 pound of fair-trade coffee beans.

David Rovics returns to VOx POp on 1/13/07 backed up by local punk and folk solo artists. Media activist sander hicks will be behind the bar serving silly cheap beer. Revolution starts at 8 PM, Saturday, 1/13.

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Bush’s Iraq Strategy for 2007: A Second Civil War ... Or Genocide?

AK Gupta | After all the study groups and reports, an electoral repudiation, months of deliberation and hundreds of thousands dead, the Bush administration Iraq policy debate boils down to this: choosing between genocide against Sunni Arabs – a strategy known as the “80 percent solution” – or fomenting a second civil war, this one a Shia-on- Shia death match [Read More]. || More Coverage From the Indypendent: Sadrists || Casualties || Escalation || Anti-War Dems Say Yes ... To Empire more...  2 Comments

Maia Holway

Maia Holway | En la busqueda de una sociedad mas justa, mas
igualitaria, con mas posibilidades para todo el
mundo es que proponemos que nos acompañes en
nuestro proyecto. more...  2 Comments

March towards Justice on MLK Day with the IWW

D | Join the IWW in celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with a march through industrial Brooklyn to protest the illegal firings of 22 warehouse workers. more...  1 Comments

Free Screening: Born in Flames (1983)

benbo | Radical Film Night
Time's Up
49 East Houston (between Mulberry and Mott)

more...  2 Comments

WED 1/10: Rally at Jackson Heights Army Recruiting Center vs. Bush's "troop surge"

World Can't Wait/NYC & Queens Antiwar Cmte | Rally against "troop surge," 5pm - 7pm today at 82nd & Roosevelt, Jackson Heights more...  0 Comments

Dialectic of Enlightenment

wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | "War is the greatest evil requiring taxes and police so the few can control the many. (James Madison)

In imperialism, sacrifices are made for corporatons and the egos of the powerful, not for the country. People could surrender their freedom to the Grand Inquisitor for his promise of happiness, Doestoevsky warned.

In 1984, wars become domestic necessities to divert from economic contradictions and injustice. (George Orwell) more...  0 Comments

Pfc. Steven D. Green, Golf and the Burning Bush

Karen Fish | Golf is like life only on a larger scale. more...  0 Comments

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