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The AJLPP-USA Year End Report, 2006

AJLPP-USA | The AJLPP started as the Solidarity Committee for A Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines ( SolCom ) that was formed by BAYAN International-USA with the International League of Peoples Struggle in the US in September 2002.

The SolCom was able to gather more than 5,000 petitions, sent more than 2,000 signed postcards to the Europe, sold more than 500 books, issued thousands of postcards, hundreds of posters and buttons in its three years of action until AJLPP came into existence. It is worthwhile to look back and retrace the steps the AJLPP has taken during the last year 2006 so it can look forward in this current year 2007. It is but fitting to move forward with greater zeal and determination to serve the Filipino people and the Filipino American community in the United States.
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Girls for Gender Equity: An interview with Mandy Van Deven

Mickey Z. | "GGE's mission is to improve the physical, psychological, social and economic development of girls and women," Van Deven told me. "GGE encourages communities to remove barriers and create opportunities for girls and women to live self-determined lives through a combination of advocacy, leadership and self-esteem development, community organizing, education, and service provision." more...  0 Comments

Larry Everest speaks on the war in Iraq @ Revolution Books Tues 1/16

dola | Revolution Books Presents: more...  0 Comments

Radical Youth Bloc for Upcoming DC Protest

HCC-SDS | A Maryland Community College chapter of SDS would like to invite a radical youth bloc to the anti-war protest in DC. more...  46 Comments

Historic mobilizations will usher in "new phase" in Campaign for Fair Food!


The Coalition of Immokalee Workers announces a major mobilization for farmworker justice, April 13 14, 2007, in the greater Chicago area. Make your plans to join us for historic actions that will usher in a new phase in the Campaign for Fair Food.

CIW: "Today, we are tired, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., of`relying on the good will and understanding of those who profit by exploiting us.'" more...  0 Comments


Lee W | Join with special guests Pam Africa, Dave Zirin (author of What’s My Name, Fool?), former death row prisoner Lawrence Hayes, and artists and activists to hear music from this important album and join the fight for justice. more...  1 Comments

It's Saturday Night, Do you know where your Military Recruiters Are??

Paige | Overview of encounter with military recruiters in Liberty Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard on a recent Saturday night. more...  0 Comments

Hands Off Venezuela: International Declaration over the Media

Fernando Buen Abad Dominquez | Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution more...  0 Comments

Fifth Estate Issue Release Party @ Bluestockings 1/22

the kids | ome help celebrate the release of 'Fifth Estate’
#374, produced in New York City for the first time
since the anti-authoritarian journal's 1965 founding
in Detroit! more...  2 Comments




thematch | We invite you to come to the Democracy Center at 45 Mount Auburn st, on
January 20th from 1230 to 5 to help to plan and network resistance to
this corporate invasion exploiting the planet its people and animals.
Resist the BIO conference and continue to resist the BU bio-weapons lab,
and Harvard’s bio lab and vivisection lab, threatening and displacing
working class people. more...  1 Comments

The Georges Labica Website

La Haine | New website by Georges Labica more...  0 Comments

MLK Day 2007 in New York City

Various | Join the IWW in celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with a march through industrial Brooklyn to protest the illegal firings of 22 warehouse workers [Read More] || Building Bridges Monday Night: Martin Luther King, Jr., The Man, The Struggle, The Legacy [Read More] || Dr. Suzan D. Johnson Cook Honors MLK Jr.’s Memory [Read More] || The Day After Martin Luther King Jr. Died: Riots and Rebellion [Read More] || King on Nkrumah and the independence of Ghana [Read More]

Blogwire: DMI Blog: "Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Thanks for keeping it real." || StayFree!: "MLK" || City Belt: "MLK Reflections." more...  0 Comments

Dr. Suzan D. Johnson Cook Honors MLK Jr.’s Memory

William Hughes | Martin Luther King Jr., a hero of the Civil Rights Movement, was assassinated in Memphis, TN, on April 4, 1968. His impressive legacy, however, lives on. For the last 25 years, the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore has honored his memory with a commemorative lecture. On Jan. 13, 2007, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook filled that role with distinction. She called on her audience to do their part, “to make a difference,” and to be “strengthened by our struggle.” more...  0 Comments

March towards Justice on MLK Day with the IWW

D | Join the IWW in celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with a march through industrial Brooklyn to protest the illegal firings of 22 warehouse workers more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Monday Night: Martin Luther King, Jr., The Man, The Struggle, The Legacy

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Radio WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, January, 15, 2007, 7 – 12pm EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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Needed: Musicians, Poets, Performers for March 19 Weekend of Antiwar Events - Meet Monday, 1:00 East Village

March 19 Peace Actions Coalition | We're looking for socially-conscious artists that want to reach out to the public with an antiwar message or peace-loving sensibility on the weekend of March 16-19 - the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

The Freedom of Refusal: Two Books on the Basic Income Theme

Wolfgang Storz | Basic income would revolutionize today's work society. Workers would gain negotiating power and employers would have to pay more for onerous work. Everyone would receive a basic income without being tested for neediness or being forced to a return favor. Imagine no possessions in a society focused on integration, human dignity, participation and cooperation! more...  0 Comments

Holiday Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman | The corruption of US holidays for patriotism and profit. more...  0 Comments

Enero 13: Miahuatlán Oaxaca, Desalojo y Detenciones contra manifestantes

oaxaca | * Cárcel de Miahuatlán, Oaxaca: Desalojo y detenciones tras manifestación por la libertad de presos políticos more...  0 Comments

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