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Abolition 2000 | International anti-nuclear groups plan peaceful protest during nuclear treaty talks at UN Town meeting with renowned anti-nuclear experts slated for April 30 more...  1 Comments

PROTEST Today in Times Square: Iraq's Falluja is Palestine's Deir Yassin and Jenin

New Jersey Solidarity | protest today more...  5 Comments

Playing the Field: The Politics and History of Gender and Sexuality

playing the field | Playing the Field: The Politics and History of Gender and Sexuality April 23-24, 2004 The Conference is Free and Open to the Public more...  1 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism!

RutgersActivism | upcoming local events more...  1 Comments

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Wednesday 4/14

New Jersey Solidarity | film showing more...  0 Comments

You might be wondering: what's that naked, hairy ass doing on the back cover?

The Indypendent | The Indy is going full color. What do you think? more...  0 Comments

Billionaires for Bush: 'For too LOng We've Ruled the World from Behind Closed Limousine Doors"

Christian Roselund | Billionaires is the brainchild of activist, author and prankster Andrew Boyd a.k.a., Phil T. Rich. He says the seeds were planted in 1997 while he was working for United for a Fair Economy, a group of left-leaning economists that publishes Dollars & Sense. more...  1 Comments

Pataki's Tunnel Vision

Leigh Ann Caldwell | Gov. Pataki's hand-picked Lower Manhattan Development Corporation is looking to channel as much as $1.2 billion in post-9/11 community development funds into building a tunnel for a high speed connector train that would run from Lower Manhattan to JFK Airport. Community activists in Chinatown and the Lower East Side are outraged. more...  2 Comments

New York to be Scammed, Again, by the "Smoking" Issue.

Watchdog | A "fire-safe" cigarette law will go into effect in Canada at the end of 2004. A similar law will hit New York in July. If this sounds legitimate and reasonable...think again. This goes to the heart of corporate corruption of PUBLIC governing. more...  2 Comments

Emergency Demo (Friday) TOMORROW at 4:30

International Answer | NEW YORK CITY Friday, April 9 4:30 pm Times Square 212-633-6646 download flyer more...  6 Comments

Open Call to New York City College Students: Protest Iraq War Monday, at noon!

freshman | This is an open call to all college students to assemble in a public place this Monday, at noon, to protest the continuing American war in Iraq. more...  1 Comments

When your conscience comes knocking: A New York parable

P. LaPhew | A New York parable Okay, so I'm walking down the street tonight, it's dark, and I pass by a garbage bag when suddenly I notice a skunk with its head buried so deep into a feeding frenzy that he doesn't even notice me until I pass right by, and then he sort of gets a little startled, turns to me and gives me a look, but I keep right on walking...yeah, hey, don't worry, I'm just passin' through, I'm not here to harm you, I am just saying hello, that's all... more...  3 Comments

Air America Radio is a Joke

Justin Felux | more...  9 Comments

Saigon falls again (poem/commentary)

Agent Starchild | Poem and critical commentary about what we need to do to prepare for the possibility of US infantry defection and a resistance by Bush to a nonviolent transfer of power this November. more...  0 Comments

Images: Carlyle Protest

fred askew | Images from the Carlyle Protest more...  7 Comments

NYC anti-war activists return to Carlyle Group offices

Steve Alexander | Secretive arms maker, site of civil disobedience and illegal mass arrests last year, once again draws protest more...  6 Comments

The 9/11 Commission Avoids the Hard Questions

Mark Dunlea | The 9/11 Commission, reluctantly agreed to by President Bush, is a bipartisan committee designed to protect the Republican and Democrats, not find the truth. Many key questions about 9/11 are not being asked as National Security Advisor Rice is finally about to answer questions under oath. more...  2 Comments

Viva Viveiros!

d.o. | We all celebrate Camille’s new found freedom and applauded him when he said upon hearing the judges verdict that he was looking forward to peacefully demonstrating at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. more...  0 Comments

noRNC Clearinghouse meeting-Thursday 7-9PM

autonomouse | the noRNC Clearinghouse meets this Thursday. more...  0 Comments

NY Director, Producer, Writer, Heather Robertson brings Casting Adrift back to NY

Stacey Kumagai | Native New Yorker,Indie filmmaker, Heather Robertson brings her Comedy/Mockumentary feature intertwining reality programming back to NY, where the East Coast edgy humor is 'back home.' more...  0 Comments

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