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President Chavez: Nationalise Sanitarios Maracay!

HOV-Cort | Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution more...  0 Comments

Cold Warriors Shift Ground on Nuclear Weapons

David Krieger | The truth that if we are to have a human future the US must lead the way in abolsihing nuclear weapons has been frequently ridiculed and violently opposed. This truth may now be entering the stage of being self-evident. more...  0 Comments

Channel 2 News Reporter Curses Out Arrogant Cops

Upton Orwell | Curses! Reporter busted

A channel 2 reporter covering a Queens water-main break was arrested Wednesday after cursing at arrogant police officers who told him to move, cops said.
"Sir, get out of the street," the officers ordered Brendan Keefe over a loudspeaker in East Elmhurst, a source said.
more...  2 Comments

Overflow Crowd Turns Out for Beaver St. Antiwar Lecture

Hannah Vahl | An overflowing crowd gathered at the 16 Beaver St. cultural space Wednesday night to listen to a pair of radical scholars discuss the future of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The length of the question-and-answer session, which evolved into a way for audience members to express their own frustrations and concerns with the situation in Iraq and American leadership and the need to create grassroots opposition, made the event more than a lecture. Anthony Arnove || Michael Schwartz || Jan. 27 March on Washington more...  2 Comments

Starbucks Workers Union Expands to Maryland in Spite of Harsh Anti-Union Effort

Worker Freedom | Barista Struggle for Fair Wages and Secure Hours Extends Across Three States
more...  0 Comments

Earth First Enemy, Pacific Lumber Co. files bankruptcy

The Toxic Reverend | Posting of a news story from the Santa Rosa California Press Democrat: about Pacific Lumber Co. filing bankruptcy. That is the lumber company that Juli Butterfly Hill was tree sitting about as an Earth First advocate. The question of Pacific Lumber spending too much money when they funded a recall campaign against the Humboldt County District Attorney that had charged them with fraud, is also posed. With a link to "Red Collar Crime" that is documenting the "political fallout" when criminal charges are filed against a corporation. at more...  0 Comments

Shady Practices At Fort Lincoln Cemetery

Kent Clark | Well known burial ground goes overboard
in it's practices, then calls police to harass
visitors when thieves do their thing. more...  0 Comments

The Democrats are not about to change their pro-war line, so when will the anti-war movement change their pro-Democrat l

Roy Rollin | All of the leading lights of the Democratic Party have made it quite clear that they will never cut off funding to the war in Iraq (let alone to the "good" war in Afghanistan) or even considering impeaching Bush. more...  0 Comments

If You Want to Build a Dirty Bomb Cape Cod is Hot, Hot, Hot.

Lloyd Hart | Last year I read an anti wind farm op-ed piece in the N.Y. Times by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. more...  1 Comments

Reminder: this Sunday, Anarchist Assembly! 2pm. | You are cordially invited to the Sixth General Assembly of the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists / Alianza de anarquistas del área metropolitana de Nueva York (NYMAA). more...  0 Comments

Renowned Mexican Human Rights lawyer Joins Brad Will Case

Brad Will Family (posted by friends in NYC) | The Will family is pleased to have the renowned Mexican human rights lawyer, Miguel Angel de Los Santos Cruz, join the cause for justice in the case of Bradley Roland Will's death.

Brad, a New York based photojournalist and activist, was shot and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico last October 27th while videotaping the turmoil in the Mexican State. Although two government-affiliated suspects were initially held for the murder, they were released by Oaxacan state authorities in late November on claims of insufficient evidence. A number of human rights groups have questioned the legitimacy of the state investigation and are calling for the case to be moved to the federal level.
more...  1 Comments

Ex-FEMA Head Michael Brown in NYC on Friday

... | Michael Brown, former director of Federal Emergency Management Agency, speaks on "Politics and Emergency Management"; Metropolitan College of New York, 12th-floor lounge, 75 Varick St. at 6:30 p.m.

For more info: Robin Verges, 212-843-8075 more...  0 Comments

Australian Government Must Act for Release of David Hicks from Guantanamo

Marlene Obeid | Australians, across the political spectrum, are now demanding the release and repatriation of David Hicks from the US prison at Guantanamo. Members of parliament must do all that is necessary to redress the travesty of justice that has seen this young Australian spend five years and two months in legal limbo. more...  1 Comments

Karl Kemp & Associates (antique dealer) sues homeless people for being in front of his store.

Anonymous | This is becuase Karl Kemp has decided that the homeless are "blocking WINDOW DISPLAYS" and "Alienating customers" according to an AP wire story on the lawsuit. While he can never collect the $1M even if he wins in court, the stay aways would set a brutal legal precedent that would spread like wildfire as other businesses "follow suit" so to speak. more...  5 Comments

UFPJ needs your help on January 27

repost from UFPJ | The latest pitch from UFPJ. Among other interesting tidbits, the parade route and rally scenario is outlined in detail . Or as Pat Elder puts it , "YIKES! All that unsolicited money! more...  5 Comments

Free screening of An Inconvenient Truth

Vox Populi | Free screening of An Inconvenient Truth. January 23, Tuesday, 7 p.m. Vox Pop Cafe
1022 Cortelyou Rd. Brooklyn
Take the Q train to Cortelyou Rd.
(718) 940-2084

See the scientific proof that climate change is real! more...  0 Comments

Libby’s Trial Crafted to Protect Bush-Cheney Gang

William Hughes | Instead of going after the cabal that lied the country into the Iraqi War, Special Counsel, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, focused on only one defendant, Irving “Scooter” Libby. He also made sure no conspiracy count was utilized in the indictment against him. V.P. Dick Cheney will not testify at Libby’s trial. Fitzgerald, who has close ties to Rudy Giuliani, will continue to make sure that nothing comes out to hurt the interests of the Bush-Cheney Gang. more...  0 Comments

Saturday: Immigrant Workers Fighting Back in Brooklyn!

D | Join Make the Road by Walking and the IWW in a march through Bushwick to protest the widespread failure to pay immigrant workers minimum wage and overtime throughout Bushwick. more...  2 Comments

How Capitalism Failed African Americans

Alan Woods | Originally published in the book Marxism and the USA, published by and available from Wellred.
The Second American Revolution [The U.S. Civil War] was a tremendous step forward, but it never realized its promise to Black Americans. The real winners in the Civil War were the Northern capitalists who opened up new markets and obtained a huge new supply of dirt-cheap labor. Nearly a century and a half after the abolition of slavery in the U.S.A., we are very far from achieving genuine equality for all, regardless of race, color or sex. Despite a number of advances achieved through the struggles of black people in the 1960s, the position of black Americans remains one of clear disadvantage. Michael Moore points out that in the U.S.A. today: more...  0 Comments

Massive Anti-war March Planned for Jan 27 in DC

Pat Elder for UFPJ |, National Organization for Women, Labor Unions Mobilize Members; Buses and vans coming from 30 states and 111 Cities more...  14 Comments

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