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War Protestors: If Any State Nukes Iran--It means war with all humanity

Clayton Hallmark | Personally, I see one thing clearly: An unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran by Israel or anyone else would mean that a STATE OF WAR exists between the state making the attack and THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Nuclear war is forever -- it sets intolerable precedents worse than Hiroshima and makes large land masses uninhabitable essentially forever. Any state commiting nuclear aggression has declared war on all humanity, deserves all-out war in return. more...  0 Comments

Images from the Picket Line: Wobbly Workers Fight Back 1/20/07

Michael GW | Wobblies, fellow workers, community and anti-capitalist activists come together to fight back. more...  0 Comments

Boycott All UFPJ & IA Activities

Lloyd Hart | This weekend's so-called peace rally in Washington D.C. will simply amount to aa enormous waste of time more...  29 Comments

A Critical Mass of Anti-War Proportions

nyc cm | So NYC critical mass isnt what it used to be. . .

While im not ever going to give up on it, i think its important for nyc critical mass riders to experience a critical mass in a less hostile city, at least once a year. it keeps you sane.

more...  2 Comments

Food Not Bombs Mentioned in NYTimes Article

madhatter | Food Not Bombs Mentioned in NYTimes Article more...  0 Comments

Thursday Night- Free Screening: Thank You for Smoking

times up | Time's Up! Radical Film Night
49 East Houston between Mulberry & Mott
Thursday, January 25th

Thank You for Smoking (2006)
more...  7 Comments

False Claims on Iran: Next Bush war crime of in sight?

LittleHelper | False Claims on Iran: Next Bush war crime of in sight?- Ahmadinejad never said, "Israel should be wiped off the map",
this was a deliberate mistranslation of mainstream media. " more...  0 Comments

The Peoples’ Counter State of the Union Message

William Hughes | George W. Bush, the Liar-in-Chief, did his thing on Tuesday night, Jan. 23, 2007. He delivered another one of his so-called “State of the Union” messages to the Congress, on Capitol Hill. Outside the building, however, by the reflective pool, activists, like: Col. Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin, Jeffrey Milliard and Travis Morales, offered a true representation of the state of our nation. They demanded an end to the Iraqi War and bringing our troops home. more...  0 Comments

Col. Gardiner's Warning: Pieces in Place for Escalation

Col. Sam Gardiner | Regional diplomacy must replace empire-building and sabre-rattling.
The strength of the law must replace the law of the stronger, the law of the clenched fish, the law of the jungle. more...  0 Comments

Female Oaxacan Student kidnapped and tortured for more than 48 hours

xaam [A] . imc oaxaca . luna [T] | "on the 12 of january 2007, we left my house with two students i didn't know well as recently a friend had introduced us during the march on the 10th of this month, they asked me if i could provide them with accommodation as they had limited resources. the little chance we'd had to talk they said they were coming to carry out a field study for their thesis. more...  0 Comments

IWW Benefit Show for Fired Warehouse Workers

NYC IWW | Good times, great music, and an even better cause more...  0 Comments

Hillary's "Conversation"

Daithí | A “Conversation”? A Little Late, Isn’t It? more...  0 Comments

Democrats Wimping Out---Again.

Elijah Gatewood | Nonbinding Senate resolution against increase of U.S. troops in
Iraq means only one thing: Badluck for those Senators seeking
a White House bid. more...  0 Comments

8 Former Black Panthers Arrested and Indicted in 1971 Homicide

Center for Constitutional Rights | January 23, 2007 - New York ­ Authorities in San Francisco today announced the arrests and indictments of former Black Panthers in the 1971 killing of police officer Sgt. John V. Young despite the use of torture to obtain confessions. Attorneys with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) compared the documented torture by law enforcement of Black Panthers arrested in New Orleans in 1973 to the documented torture the U.S. government has practiced recently at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo.

more...  4 Comments

Btwn 4 &7 Speak Out &/Or Support Speakers for NY Verified Voting in Public Hearing

Cheryl Guttman | Anytime between 4 and about 7pm, you can speak for 3 minutes and/or support speakers who support verified voting, specifically paper ballots which are scanned (PBOS) as opposed to electronic machines (DRE's) even if they have a "paper trail" (although that is preferable to a DRE with no paper trail!). more...  0 Comments

Sex Offenders? Not In My Backyard!

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Thanks to an ordinance passed late last year, sex offenders can’t live anywhere in Jersey City, save for, maybe, about one street. more...  3 Comments


Matthew Edwards | The Million Campaign Homepage Foundation is looking for a cyber-governess/governor to orchestrate a not-for-profit New York State cybermosaic. more...  0 Comments



The case of the missing bed bugs - an update

Brent Herbert | A report on my fight with those little red parasites more...  4 Comments

More Employment through a Different Distribution

Alternative Economic Policy study group | More employment comes through reduced working hours and public investment more than tax subsidies. The state (in Germany and the US) has destroyed jobs. The global attack of neoliberalism has gravely damaged the pillars of the democratic welfare state. more...  0 Comments

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