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Justice for Bell, Benefield & Guzman!

forwarded by Skinny John | A Grand Jury is being convened for a possible indictment against the
cops involved in the shootings. The day AFTER the grand jury decision, come to Union Square, in Manhattan, to show that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. more...  3 Comments

DC Anarchist Anti-War Network CALL TO ACTION: DC 3/10-20

@ | The DC Anarchist Anti-War Network is a non-hierarchial non-organization in which everyone who wants to be a member can simply vote with their feet and with their voice.

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Upcoming Events: February

nyc imc | Post more events in the comments section below!!

See also: February Protest Calendar more...  5 Comments

3rd Annual Israeli Apartheid Week - NYC - Feb 10-17

Adalah-NY | Israeli Apartheid Week will be a weeklong series of events held concurrently in different cities around the world to contribute to a growing public discussion of Israel as an apartheid state and to gather support for the international boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign called for by more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations in July, 2005.

For schedule and events, read below. more...  2 Comments

Anti-War Student Strike At Columbia On Feb. 15

columbiawatch | A coalition of anti-war students at Columbia University and Barnard College issued the following call for an anti-war student strike at Uptown Manhattan's Columbia University on Thursday, February 15, 2007. more...  22 Comments


anarchist film festival | Anarchist Film Festival & Bookfair - April 13-15 2007 New York City. more...  1 Comments


t | I seem only able to load plain text to indymedia. Links below are not hot. The event announcement titles below are in form of individual clickable url links at:
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Contest: Music for Youth Resistance!

Rise Up Radio | WBAI's Rise Up Radio is looking for a new theme song — a soundtrack for youth culture and resistance. We've launched a contest where you submit the songs, and you choose the winner! The music can be original, a remix or mashup and whatever genre. Details below and at more...  0 Comments

VIDEO: Rev. Billy arrest 2/3/07

Diane Krauthamer | On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 3, Reverend Billy was arrested as he theatrically exorcised the cash register at Astor Place Starbucks. He was joined by the Church of Stop Shopping, along with supporters. more...  6 Comments

Jan 31 Indypendent: The Anti-War Movement, "Where is Everybody?"

IMC Printista | Jan 31 Indypendent: The Anti-War Movement, "Where is Everybody?" more...  2 Comments

German Arrest Warrants, 13 CIAs:Bird,Bryson,Deckard,Fain,Fairing,Franklin,Grady,

Ralph Morris | The arrest warrant issued in Germany today for 13 CIA employees has not been made public, but here are the names that will appear on it anyway. Most if not all are aliases, although the first names of the three pilots probably are correct.

The warrants are for the kidnaping and torture by U.S. Government agents of Khalid el-Masri. El-Masri was on vacation in Macedonia when he was kidnapped and transported to a CIA-run "black site" in Afghanistan. After several months of confinement in squalid conditions, he was abandoned on a hill in Albania with no explanation. He was never charged with a crime.
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SOA 16 Trial: Grand Island and Syracuse Residents Sentenced to Federal Prison

SOA Watch | New York residents Alice Gerard and Julienne Oldfield of Grand Island and Syracuse, respectively, were sentenced to federal prison today by the Columbus, Georgia federal court. more...  0 Comments

OPEN CALL: How can Indymedia improve discussions and coverage?

hey all | It's been a while since I saw a discussion here about the quality of coverage and the typcially nasty comments that plague this open-publishing. We need Indymedia for what it can do at its best (Think F15, The Indypendent, the RNC). But for too long, the wire has been dominated by cranks despite the best efforts of the site's administrators. So what is to be done with Indymedia? How can NYC Indymedia improve this situation. more...  51 Comments

WOID XVI-27. Closely watched museums

James Jackson Jiveass | The Mayor and City Council announce new way of funding cultural organizations. Does that mean, at long last, a better way of holding them to account? more...  0 Comments

Attention! Congressional Investigation into Saturdays Events

@ | A congressional investigation may be opened as a result of radicals storming the capitol's steps on Saturday. more...  0 Comments

Libby's a distraction.

Carolyn Kuhn | Think Valerie Plame and her supposed CIA employer, Brewster Jennings, were secret? How about Paul Jennings, Burke Dennehy, Irish-Anglo Bank, Robert Ellmann, Jean C. Edwards? Were they secret? Or was Libby just trapped to take the fall for his boss Cheney plus Bush and Rove -- the ones who should be investigated and tried. more...  0 Comments

Ready, Aim, Fire: The Politics of Arson

Kat Aaron | Two Seton Hall students were sentenced last Friday to five years in prison for setting a fire that killed three of their fellow students. Three deaths, five years. The two young men could be out on parole in as little as 16 months.Daniel McGowan is also going to serve prison time in an arson case. He participated in an two arson attacks at a tree farm and a lumber company. He didn’t kill anyone. Yet the shortest sentence he faces is longer than the 5 year maximum term that the two Seton Hall students will serve. more...  2 Comments

Irish Republican Video Discussion Series

Brian Wardlow | National Irish Freedom Committee Free Form Video Discussion Series more...  0 Comments

Send a Message to Congress Today: STOP THE FCC!Send a Message to Congress Today: | Send a Message to Congress Today: STOP THE FCC! more...  0 Comments

NYC’s immigrant food warehouse workers unionize w/IWW

madhatter | NYC’s immigrant food warehouse workers unionize w/IWW;
Not Without a Fight: NYC’s food warehouse workers unionize

by Diane Krauthamer and David Graeber

For every restaurant and every shop in New York there is a backbone — the workers who make sure ingredients reach those restaurants and their staff. No one is supposed to think about them. Certainly not the
diners. But they exist, because they have to: behind the closed doors of dank and often filthy wholesale and distribution warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens’ industrial areas, suffering under sweatshop-like
conditions, pulling shifts that begin before dawn and end well after dusk. Owners regularly take advantage of these immigrant workers' lack of familiarity with United States labor laws by pushing the envelope of exploitation, refusing overtime and paying far less than minimum wage. more...  4 Comments

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