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Islamic Community Net | Once again the public stands to be hoodwinked by yet another in a long series of phony planned "terrorist" attacks. more...  2 Comments


Loyal Nine | The Real ID Act was snuck through congress in 2005 as part of a Tsunami Relief and Troop support bill. The Act which is set to go into action next year would require every American Citizen to carry around a national ID card and submit their personal information into a national law enforcement database. more...  1 Comments

Queens Hack Slacks on Antiwar Action (The Indypendent)

Amanda Vender | Our delegation members came from a variety of organizations including, Progressive Democrats of America, Sunnyside-Woodside Peace, Veterans for Peace, World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime and other people active in the community. We urged Congressman Joseph Crowley, whose district comprises parts of Queens and the Bronx, to introduce legislation to pull all U.S. military personnel out of Iraq immediately and to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes. || March 23 Occupation of Staten Island Congressman's Office more...  0 Comments

Pedicab Smackdown

madhatter | Pedicab smackdown more...  0 Comments

NY Senate Introduces Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

DWU | New York, NY -- Last week, the New York State Senate introduced S.
5235, a comprehensive set of labor standards for the invisible, yet
critical and growing industry of domestic work. Known as the Domestic
Workers Bill of Rights, the Bill would set a living wage and other
protections for workers who are employed as housekeepers, nannies, and
elderly caregivers in homes. more...  0 Comments

Where Will New York’s Working Poor Live?

DMI Blog |

As the New York City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) begins to debate how much more the millions of tenants who are protected by rent stabilization laws will be paying when leases come due next year, they will be factoring some interesting and conflicting data (see this article from last week’s Times). The RGB’s staff puts out a few reports each year to help inform the debate on how much rents should go up, and the Income and Affordability Study released last month reveals that while the NYC economy is strong, incomes among rent stabilized tenants are stagnating (i.e., the rich are getting richer and the poor are... you know the rest). After first citing “increasing Gross City Product, falling unemployment rates and public assistance cases, and increasing employment levels,” it then acknowledges “an increase in the number of food stamp recipients…falling real wages and escalating gross rent-to-income ratios.”

more...  0 Comments

Judy Miller - From Pimping for Rumsfeld to Defaming Activists

Aluminum Tubes | Although I am devoted to the First Amendment and privacy rights, and believe that effective judicial and administrative oversight is critical to preventing police abuses, I also want the NYPD to have the tools and programs to protect the city from terrorist attacks. If that means scanning the Internet and sending plainclothes officers to public meetings to learn about planned actions that might turn violent, or be infiltrated and taken over by violent dissidents, so be it. Unfortunately, the current controversy is already making other police departments wary of following the NYPD's effective tactics. more...  4 Comments

Anarchy, Precarity, and the Revenge of the IWW: An Interview w/ Daniel Gross

Ecowob | In this wide-ranging interview with IWW organizer Daniel Gross conducted by the UK-based Now or Never!, Gross discusses the innovative worker-controlled organizing model, known as solidarity unionism, that has made gains for Starbucks workers where the bureaucratic union model has failed. Gross explains the role of anarchists and anti-authoritarians in the global Starbucks Workers Union effort as well as his own anarchist worldview. He highlights the resurgence of the IWW, the challenge of precarious work, and calls for a direct action movement across borders to challenge the hegemony of corporate power. Gross also pays tribute to fallen comrade Brad Will who was a supporter of the Starbucks Workers Union and radical labor. more...  2 Comments

Stand in Solidarity with Domestic Workers!!

DWU | Everyday, 200,000 domestic workers (nannies, elderly companions,
housekeepers) in New York make it possible for their employers to go
to work; most are employed without a living wage, healthcare, and
basic labor protections. A long-standing history of exclusion from
basic labor laws, the devaluing of women's work and women of color
workers, along with the physical isolation in their employers' homes
creates vulnerability to abuse. more...  0 Comments

May Day Greetings

SP-USA Local collective statement | Today is your day! more...  0 Comments

The New York Rat Issue #8 Hot Off the Press!

the black r(A)t collective | this just may be our best issue yet, so you KNOW you don't want to miss out on your chance to distro the New York Rat in your neck of the woods. please contact us at to GET FREE COPIES!! more...  9 Comments

Building Bridges: May Day Special Uniting Workers of the World

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Tuesday, May 1, 2007, Noon - 6 PM EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

May Day May Day!! w/ the IWW

D | Truck drivers from Ports Elizabeth and Newark, in conjunction with the Industrial Workers of the World union, are set to open a new drivers' education and organizing center in Elizabeth on May 1, 2007, the first of its kind in the nation. more...  16 Comments

Revised: Best 2007 Activist's Information Source

Lynda Carson | Welcome To The Revised 2007 Activist's Information Source! Seek & Yee Shall Find! more...  0 Comments

IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Faces Off Against Starbucks Apologist on NPR

Ecowob | Starbucks is scared to debate the IWW Starbucks Workers Union because it doesn't want to talk about the gains we've made organizing against poverty wages and insecure work hours. So a Starbucks apologist stood in for the company. more...  0 Comments


stop shopping choir | Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping stage a revival service in conjunction with The Clean Clothes and Fair Food Conference taking place at Columbia University April 27-29 more...  0 Comments

Who Killed Dr. Graham?

Sander Hicks, The New York Megaphone | The conviction of Bush advisor Lewis Libby shows that we’re dealing with a yet-to-be determined level of opportunistic criminality in the Bush White House. The new book by former Federal Prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega, United States vs. George Bush, et al. (Seven Stories, 2006) makes a strong legal case for a Federal Grand Jury indictment of the Bush Administration for knowingly hoodwinking public opinion into supporting the Iraq bloodbath. The 9/11 attack was the stimulus the Bush administration needed to fulfill its documented obsession with wars of foreign aggression. more...  0 Comments

Hungry for a Change

Rebecca DeRosa, The New York Megaphone | Knowing more about your food and the options available to lessen the destruction to ourselves and the planet will ensure that the next time your tummy growls, your conscience will be bigger than your stomach. more...  0 Comments

The Mad Professor

Robert Brennan, The New York Megaphone | None of us will be around to argue whether there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans in the later days of the 21st century if we don’t have clean air to breathe. We simply must use clean energy and more biodiesel, and use more bikes and fewer cars, now. more...  2 Comments

Mumia Abu-Jamal Rally on April 24 Spotlights May 17 Oral Arguments | On April 24, supporters of black death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal gathered in Philadelphia to celebrate Mumia’s birthday, and to publicize the upcoming oral arguments before the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia on May 17, for which Mumia’s international support network has called for a mass demonstration. more...  0 Comments

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