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Greg Pason | One People's Project and Residents Against Racism will be sponsoring the East Coast Anti-Hate Forum on June 16, 2007 at 12 Noon, at the Newark Public Library, 5 Washington St., Newark, NJ. more...  0 Comments

Really Really Free Marekts in White Plains

jon wilkes booth | There will be a Really Really Free Markets in White Plains June 10th from 12-4 at J Harvey Turnure Park at 26 Lake Street more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges:Residential Construction Boom-Doggle;Immigration Points

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, June 4, 2007, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  1 Comments

Columbia University's RAND Corporation Link

universitycomplicitywatch | The chairman of the RAND Corporation board of trustees sits next to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger on the Washington Post Company corporate board. Yet Columbia University is also an associate member of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. more...  0 Comments

Any interest in earth-based spiritual practices?

earthworm | As an activist and also as a practitioner of Wicca, I have noticed that there are obvious overlaps between these two communities in NYC, at least philosophically. But community-wise, these two aspects are very, very seperate. I'm would like folks to give an opinion here on the possible usefullness of connnecting the practical, activist concern for social justice and the earth with a practice of earth-based spirituality. more...  0 Comments

Monday, June 4th Await Daniel McGowan's sentence at Bluestockings Books

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | The nitty gritty: June 4th, 12-?, Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street, Free.

Local activist Daniel McGowan will be sentenced today in Oregon Federal Court in Eugene, Oregon for two arsons claimed by the Earth Liberation Front that hurt no one. Come out and await the phone call from Daniel's family about what sentence Daniel gets and have some coffee and snacks. more...  6 Comments

Pace Denies SDSers Degrees on Political Grounds

Pace SDS | After walking at the Pace University undergraduate commencement on May 23rd, 2007, Pace University adminstration officials have decided to withhold Lauren Giaccone's and John Cronan's degrees pending the resolution of criminal and disciplinary charges stemming from their arrests at a protest in November 2006. more...  4 Comments

Report Back: 5/23 New York Is Our Home Rally and March

Matt S | On Wednesday, May 23rd, and estimated 7,000 people, representing over 90 community and tenant organizations tenant rallied outside of Stuyvesant Town for the launch of the New York is Our Home Affordable Housing Campaign. more...  0 Comments

Photos: Operation First Casualty

Stanley W. Rogouski | The IVAW staged street theater all over Manhattan designed to show New Yorkers what it was like living under a military occupation. more...  3 Comments

Mainstream news coverage: NYPD spying at RNC

Simon Houpt | published in Canada by the "Globe and Mail" more...  0 Comments

Hundreds March for Mumia Abu-Jamal Outside Court Hearing in Philadelphia

The Internationalist | Over 500 people turned out to demonstrate on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal outside the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia May 17. Inside the packed courtroom another 200 observed the proceedings in which the justices peppered prosecution and defense lawyers with questions about the deliberate exclusion of blacks in jury selection during Mumia’s 1982 trial, the instructions to the jury on the death sentence, and evidence of judicial bias against Mumia. In court, the prosecution demanded that the death sentence against Jamal be reinstated while defense lawyer Robert Bryan asked for a new trial. Outside, hundreds of demonstrators circling the courthouse chanted over and over, “Brick by brick, wall by wall, We’re gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal.” While some had illusions that a new trial could be fair, many declared that the entire “justice” system was racist to the core. more...  2 Comments


im peach | Vice-President Dick Cheney is scheduled to deliver the commencement speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point May 26 and peace activists from across the Hudson Valley are expected to converge on the area to protest the Iraq war. Iraq Veterans Against the War, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, the Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice and No War Westchester plan to rally at the Veterans’ Park in Highland Falls. more...  1 Comments

More Trouble in Latte-Land [The Nation]

Liza Featherstone | Today Starbucks faced legal and political trouble from its own workers. On the third anniversary of the founding of the IWW Starbucks Union, baristas in Chicago marched into a shop and told the manager they were signing up. (Starbucks workers have chosen to organize without government-mediated elections, through an interesting model called "solidarity unionism.") Meanwhile, baristas in Grand Rapids, Michigan announced that they were filing a legal complaint against the company for violating their organizing rights through unlawful surveillance and other questionable tactics. All over the world -- Austria, England, Spain and Australia, as well as the United States -- Starbucks workers demonstrated in front of stores to protest the company's union-busting practices more...  0 Comments

Federal prosecutors compare ELF arsonists to KKK

AP | EUGENE, Ore. -- Defense attorneys expressed outrage Tuesday when federal prosecutors compared Earth Liberation Front arsonists who were trying to stop old growth logging and the slaughter of wild horses to Ku Klux Klansmen who burned black churches in the South.
more...  0 Comments

Attention Westchester Youth Activists!

Jon Wilkes Booth | Come to YouthPAC more...  0 Comments

Corporate abuse exposing unfair labor practices & Union Corruption: Local-435

misconduct912 | This Website: is designed to inform the viewer and listener the time has come to see the world as it is regarding matters of grave importance concerning corporate misconduct and unfair labor practices. The Company’s union did not represent this employee as they should have. This union accepts and tolerates inappropriate behavior in the mistreatment of individuals or employees whose rights have no place in one corporate industry. more...  0 Comments

0% MARKET SHARE deunionizing apartment building construction in New York City

Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter | The shocking story of how million dollar coops are built by $ 7/hr non union labor - and why the construction unions have stood by and let this happen. more...  4 Comments

IndyKids Benefit Concert Tonight At ABC No Rio

IndyKids Staff | IndyKids is a progressive current events newspaper and teaching tool
for grades 4-8.

Get IndyKids Newspaper for Your Classroom!

IndyKids is a newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform
children on current news and world events from a progressive
perspective and to inspire in kids a passion for social justice and
learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 8.

Visit to subscribe, see previous issues and for more
more...  0 Comments

Joe's Mt. Washington Bike Shop goes IWW

Patrick | The workers at Joe's Mt. Washington Bike Shop in Baltimore, Maryland have gone union. All ten workers at the bike shop are now card carrying members of the Industrial Workers of the World.
more...  0 Comments

2007 CrimethInc. Convergence in Athens, Ohio! July 26-31st!

CrimethInc. Agent du Juor | Anarchist Camaraderie • Workshops and Discussions • Direct Action Trainings • Planning for Mobilizations through 2008 • Prisoner Support • Gift Economics • Subversive Games • Anti-Capitalist Survival Skills • Revolutionary Pleasure • Creating a Culture of Resistance

Please join us this summer for the sixth annual CrimethInc. convergence, this time in the countryside outside lovely Athens, Ohio. To attend, show up at 21 Kern Street, Athens, OH 45701 between noon and 10 pm on July 25 or 26. more...  23 Comments

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