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"TAX us? Then MARRY us!" 33 Cities Join Tax Day Protests for Equal Marriage Rights | 33 cities will be demonstrating for equal marriage rights at post offices around the country on Tax Day, Thursday, April 15th. The protests will highlight the fact that marriage is a civil contract issued by the government which should be available to all consenting adults. more...  0 Comments

RealNetworks Inc.CEO Glaser's $100,000 Grant

bob a.f. | Is former Microsoft Vice-President and RealNetworks Inc. CEO Glaser's foundation sponsoring Democracy Now! show more...  2 Comments

50th Precinct Crime

Newsday | Numbers scrutinized; Did crime really decrease in the 50th Precinct, or did the former commander cook the books? more...  0 Comments

Bronx Brawl Coverup?

Newsday | The NYPD's Internal Affairs Department is investigating whether Bronx police officers who responded to an assault at a bar tried to cover up the incident because an off-duty cop was involved, Newsday has learned. more...  0 Comments

Clarke, Rice, The 9/11 Commission VS. Brisard, Dasquie' and the Facts.

Lloyd Hart | Now that I have had a little peace and quiet to go through Richard Clarke's well-dressed cover-up and revisionist historical account of the Americas faux war on terrorism, his book "Against All Enemies" I've had an opportunity to compare the Clarke and Rice dog and pony show to the Brisard and Dasquie' version of events before and after 9/11 as well as compare Clarke's assertions concerning the smoking gun that has been discovered by 911 researchers. more...  1 Comments

Protest Coca-Cola- April 21, Wilmington, DE

India Resource Center | Join us for a demonstration at Coca-Cola shareholders meeting (April 21, 8:30 am Wilmington, DE) with India and Colombia solidarity groups more...  0 Comments

First Amendment Mob 5: Rev Billy is Back

Michael ONeil | Reverend Billy is back for another round of 1st Amendment theater. How will you assert your rights in this sacred space? more...  1 Comments

Animal Liberation Conference April 23-25 @ Syracuse University

Syracuse Animal Rights Organization | Animal Liberation Student Association Conference April 23 - April 25, Syracuse University more...  1 Comments

Liberty For Some

John Tarleton & Leigh Ann Caldwell | The federal government made available $8 billion in tax-exempt "Liberty Bonds" to the city and the state after September 11. The Liberty Bonds are an attractive tax shelter for well-to-do investors and also enable developers to receive low-cost financing for their projects. more...  0 Comments

Juanita Young: Another Court Date on April 14th!

October 22nd Coalition--New York | Juanita's court date was postponed ONCE AGAIN on April 7th! The DA may take Juanita's case to trial on the bogus criminal trespass charge! more...  0 Comments

Iraq Media Analysis (Part 2)

Chris Anderson | Lets take a step back for a moment. There are two ways for journalists to get information about what’s actually going on in Iraq. One was is to actually go out into the country, to the Shi’ite controlled cities and the battles across the Sunni Triangle, to talk to American soldiers and Iraqi militiamen, and to interview ordinary Iraqis. Not only is such a task genuinely hard work, its also very dangerous right now; an intrepid field reporter exposes him or herself to the possibility of being killed or, increasingly likely, kidnapped. more...  3 Comments

Images: Times Sq Anti-War Rally

fred askew | Photographs from the Anti-War Rally/March in Times Sq. more...  0 Comments

NYPD pledges to violate the law during RNC

re-post | Snatch squads: NYPD pledges to treat "anarchists" as guilty until proven innocent during the RNC. more...  12 Comments

Map of U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean

Indypendent | The center spread from this issue of the Indypendent, a full-color map outlining U.S. military actions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Available as a high-res PDF. more...  2 Comments

"Everything You Know is Wrong" @ CUNY

Disinformation | Please join The Disinformation Company for a very special event at City University of New York's Continuing Education & Public Programs at The Graduate Center on Friday, April 16 at 7pm. Hosted by Disinformation co-founder Richard Metzger, the evening will include a screening of rarely seen clips from the infamous "banned" Disinformation TV series, which The Los Angeles Times described as "The punk rock 60 Minutes" and very special guests including Howard Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle, making a very rare public appearance (his first Manhattan lecture in almost 15 years!); Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus, Coercion and the upcoming Disinformation graphic novel Club Zero-G who will speak on the role of coercion in advertising and public relations; and painter Joe Coleman, subject of the biographical film R.I.P. Rest in Pieces (DVD available from Disinformation) and The Book of Joe (available from Last Gasp/La Luz de Jesus). Joe Coleman will show slides of his work and discuss his powerful artistic vision. more...  0 Comments

New Indypendent Now Available

Indypendent | The latest issue of the Indypendent is now available online and at various distribution points across the City.

Subscription || [Full PDF]

more...  3 Comments

Judge Orders Release of Detained Palestinian

Cmt for Release of Farouk Abdel-Muhti | Late Thursday afternoon Federal District Judge Yvette Kane ordered the government to release jailed New York-based Palestinian immigrant activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti. more...  0 Comments

Shake it with the Pink Bloque!

Lolo | Join the Pink Bloque on April 25th for the March for Women Lives. more...  0 Comments

two anti-war pictures

someone | Two anti war pictures, done by myself. more...  2 Comments

New York Unplugged: TV Turnoff Week, April 19-25

Jonny America | Turn off, stand up and get turned on! The revelers of Greene Dragon are encouraging all New Yorkers to toss aside the remote control and engage with friends, family, and this great funky city we all share. Groups from all five boroughs will be hosting fun and creative events, performances, and "revel"-ations to encourage active participation and civic engagement during the week. TV Turnoff Challenge: We are kicking off the festival with a mass web drive to reclaim over 10,000 hours of New Yorkers' free time. Turnoff sign up on website. more...  1 Comments

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