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Building Bridges Radio Monday: Michael Moore's SICKO

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenbeg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, October 8 , 2007, 7 - 11 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  1 Comments

Jurors Never Saw Earliest Crime Scene Photos at Mumia's 1982 Trial

Educators for Mumia | German linguist, Michael Schiffmann (University of Heidelberg), has disclosed his discovery of 26 photographs, taken by press photographer Pedro Polakoff, which suggest more evidence that basic investigative protocol was violated by police from the earliest moments of the killing.

The very existence of these photos, and what they show, together with the many other indicators of prosecutorial abuse, manipulation of witnesses and violation of Abu-Jamal’s constitutional rights, give still firmer ground that Abu-Jamal did not receive a fair trial. more...  0 Comments

Ubiquitous Surveillance: Mayor Bloomberg's New Clothes

SCP | denunciation of Mayor Bloomberg's surveillance dreams more...  0 Comments

Susan June Blake, Long Island Peace and Social Justice Activist passes away

Jeanne | Hello All, A very dear friend and fellow traveler from Long Island, Susan June Blake, has passed away this week. For several decades as driving force behind Peacesmiths, Susan tirelessly worked for peace and social justice on a variety of issues from nuclear disarmament to labor issues to death penalty moratorium work. Along the way, she educated and inspired countless activists from all around the tri-state area. More recently, Susan became a strong advocate for alternative medicine as she bravely battled breast cancer. A battle she lost this past Tuesday evening. more...  0 Comments

Picture the Homeless Pushes Citizens Journalism Projects

Sam J Miller | This week, Picture the Homeless takes two big steps forward into the exciting world of new media. We are unveiling a blog, where homeless activists will provide policy analysis and "inside views" of the failures of the system - and we're also proud to finally have clips from our homeless-made documentary films up on YouTube. more...  0 Comments

October NYC Political Prisoner Newsletter

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | October Newsletter from the Political Prisoner, Prisoners of War, and Anti-Repression Support Communities of New York and Beyond!

brought to you by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross with help from our friends . . . more...  0 Comments

NYC, the NYPD, the RNC, and Me: Fortress NYC

Nick Turse | Since then, the city's security forces have eagerly embraced an Escape From New York-aesthetic -- an urge to turn Manhattan into a walled-in fortress island under high-tech government surveillance, guarded by heavily armed security forces, with helicopters perpetually overhead. Beginning in Harlem in 2006, near the site of two new luxury condos, the NYPD set up a moveable "two-story booth tower, called Sky Watch," that gave an "officer sitting inside a better vantage point from which to monitor the area." The Panopticon-like structure -- originally used by hunters to shoot quarry from overhead and now also utilized by the Department of Homeland Security along the Mexican border -- was outfitted with black-tinted windows, a spotlight, sensors, and four to five cameras. Now, five Sky Watch towers are in service, rotating in and out of various neighborhoods. more...  11 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: MOTHER JONES

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
presents this 29 minute radio program.

Mumia on Ahmadinejad and the WTC: "The Diplomacy of Children"

Mumia Abu-Jamal | With the news of the wish of Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit the site of the World Trade Center, and the refusal by local government, on the basis that it is a “sacred” site, too holy to be visited by the likes of one such as he, is the latest expression of silliness masquerading as politics....People (and not just Americans!) from a wealth of faiths and beliefs died at that site on Sept. 11, 2001....The Islamic Republic of Iran had nothing to do with Sept. 11th – and neither did Ahmadinejad. more...  0 Comments

The Latest Battle in the War Against the Poor

Mumia Abu-Jamal | In New York City, homeowners are spending between 30-- to -- 50% of their income to pay for the mortgage. The prices, even of rents, drives people from Manhattan, from Brooklyn and from Queens, into the Bronx...In cities across the country, working-class Blacks are being forced, by the inability to make ends meet, to leave the cities of their birth and familial memory. more...  0 Comments

New Jersey: Shut Down Huntington Life Sciences, Sept 30

anonymous | Join us in solidarity with all those imprisoned, people and non-people, in a day of action against key targets in the campaign to shut down Huntington Life Sciences this Sunday. Let’s ensure that those who keep HLS’s doors open don’t get a moments peace while 500 animals die every day. more...  0 Comments

The Wage Gap and the Choice Gap: Thursday on WBAI radio

Joy of Resistance radio collective | On Thursday, September 27 between 11:00 am and noon, Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI (99.5 FM) will present “The Wage Gap and the Choice Gap." more...  0 Comments

Reminder: 9/27 Immigration Dialogue in Brooklyn

The Politics of Immigration | Have you heard an anti-immigrant argument that you feel is wrong, but need the facts to contest? (For example: "Immigrants are a drain on social services.") Do you have your own fear or concern about the issue? (For example: "Are the lowest-paid US-born workers really hurt by immigration?") more...  0 Comments

Anti-World Bank Planning Convergence

AutumnInsurrection | Rustbelt/Midwest Convergence in Preparation for the World Bank and IMF demonstrations in DC
October 5th -7th
Pittsburgh, PA
more...  0 Comments

Jews who love themselves too much and the warmongers who love them

Trotsky the Horse | Are there parallels between the Medieval pogroms against Jews at Eastertime and the present campaign against Iran after Yom Kippur? A Jewish perspective. more...  4 Comments

Support Eric shirts now available!

InOurHearts | Shirts to support Green Scare defendant Eric McDavid are now available in four colors and four sizes. Choose from orange on dark brown, green on dark brown, green on medium blue, or black on medium blue in small, medium, large or extra large. You can find them locally in NYC at Moo Shoes, 152 Allen St., and in Brooklyn at 123 Tompkins Ave. They are also available via mailorder from the In Our Hearts network. Contact inourhearts[at]gmail[dot]com for ordering info. more...  3 Comments


john doraemi | Port Authority police records could blow open the 9/11 cover up. more...  1 Comments

Hear The Enviro Show interview with RFK,jr on Capw Wind

d.o. | WMass Valley Free Radio's Enviro Show interviews high-profile New York environmental activist/lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Cape Wind's proposed industrial wind plant in Nantucket Sound more...  1 Comments

David Cline, Giant in the Anti-War Movement Dies, at the Age of 60

Veterans For Peace | Cline was known as champion of veteran’s rights and victims of war. He was a determined organizer who stood in solidarity with people of all struggles for justice. His death is a loss for the national and international antiwar/peace movements. more...  1 Comments

Stop the Raids: Picket MON 9/17 in Hartford, CT

The Politics of Immigration | The Danbury 11 joined the nearly 16,000 Latino workers currently being unjustly held in a system of local and national prisons. Their case puts U.S. immigration policy on trial. more...  0 Comments

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