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GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | THE JAVITS CENTER SHUFFLE...discrimination, unequal distribution of work and the pitfalls of seeking workplace justice in the court system at New York City's convention center more...  1 Comments

Brooklyn Land Grab by Developer and Boro Prez

Infojunkie | One thousand residents are expected to be displaced in Brooklyn to make way for a sports stadium. more...  0 Comments


BlackRoseHere! | "ONLY SKIN DEEP" Changing Visions of The American Self December 12,2003 to February 29,2004 more...  2 Comments

WBAI Candidate Forum in Harlem

Fred Nguyen | Information and link to sound stream for 12/29/2003 WBAI Local Station Board Candidate Forum at St Mary's Episcopal in Harlem NY, sponsored by the Harlem Tenants Council more...  9 Comments


ERIC SCHEISSE KOPF | Mine name ist Eric Sheisse Kopf und ich bin ein 'reporter for a great metropolitan daily' Das Sheisse NYCindyMedia, Seig Fuckin' Heil! HITLER und George W. Bushkopf more...  26 Comments

[mark yer calendars] Benefit show for 12th

RNC Not Welcome | Save the date! There will be a benefit show for on February 12th at 8PM at Siberia Bar. more...  11 Comments

2004 -- The Year of the Law and of Living Dangerously

Mike Ruppert | Seemingly Unsolvable Legal Traps Face an Administration Running Out of Wiggle Room Something “Big” Will Prevent Saddam from Coming to Trial more...  1 Comments

POM-POMS n' POPCORN: NYC Radical Cheerleader Slumber Party!

NYC Radical Cheerleaders | SATURDAY NIGHT, JAN. 10th, 2004 NYC’s high-kickin’, no-try-outs-necessary, pro-fabulous political performance group welcomes the New Year and new squad members. more...  7 Comments

NYC Free Events Calendar now hosted on

RNC Not Welcome | The excellent Free Events calendar is now viewable online on more...  4 Comments

Save Our Civil Liberties Action Alert

socl | more...  1 Comments

Medical Racism, Bush Bans Chinese Herb

Lloyd Hart | With the banning of Ma Huang (Ephedra) a Traditional Chinese Medicinal herb without any real medical evidence of harm to the public and against the recommendations of an independent medical and scientific body, the Bush administration is committing an act of medical racism against the Chinese American community that relies on Ma Huang as a part of highly effective medical herbal remedies. more...  12 Comments

Iraq | Pre-War Weapons Supply Syria indicated as main arms link

Mark Dameli | DAMASCUS, Syria - A Syrian trading company with close ties to the ruling regime smuggled weapons and military hardware to Saddam Hussein between 2000 and 2003, helping Syria become the main channel for illicit arms transfers to Iraq despite a stringent U.N. embargo, documents recovered in Iraq show. more...  2 Comments

Proposal for a Continental Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Network

anti-capitalists | On this tenth anniversary of the emergence of the Zapatistas from the Lacandon jungle, we call for the formation of a continental anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist network for North America. Our movements for liberation and freedom have met many challenges and our resistance continues to grow. It is now time to organize ourselves better through a de-centralized continental network of anti-capitalists. more...  6 Comments

The New Labor Convergence

Youth Workers Center of Long Island | The New Labor Convergence is a forum exploring the experience of labor, particulary youth and immigrant workers in Long Island and New York City. more...  9 Comments

An Earth-Shaking Top 25 List!

Another Self Proclaimed BFA Junkie | This is really good! more...  3 Comments

An Earthshaking New Years Resolution!

Dancing Dave | Let's resolve to make 2004 the year that the 9/11 cover-up cracks in New York City, and the Bush Regime is voted out! more...  2 Comments

Protest at Site of RNC Jan 15

dustin langley | Protest Jan 15 4:30-7 pm across from Mad Sq Garden, site of 2004 Republican National Convention more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg bumbling idiot.

trained observer | Bloomers, Bloomers, Goofy, bumbling, effeminate mayor Bloomers. more...  5 Comments

War Against NYC Vendors

Robert Lederman | NYC officials are preparing an all-out war against First Amendment-protected vendors. At stake is every New Yorkers right to free speech on public property. Behind this war is an effort to privatize all public space and turn the sidewalks into living ad terminals. Read the real deal on this phony vendor war. more...  2 Comments

"George Bush Does Not Return to Ground Zero"- A Rev Billy Event

Michael O'Neil | On January 11th, join the Church of Stop Shopping as we reclaim Ground Zero and the rest of our city from the cynical manipulation of the Bush thugs. more...  3 Comments

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