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50-Shot Cops Duck Jury Trial in Sean Bell Case (Indypendent)

Erin Thompson | More than a year after Sean Bell was killed by a barrage of police bullets on the night before his wedding, the chance for justice in his case remain uncertain. After a 10-minute hearing on Jan. 25, State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Cooperman agreed to a request by the three police officers indicted in Bell’s shooting to hold a bench trial in their case, sparing them from having to face a jury trial. The decision came just two days after an appeals court turned down a request by defense lawyers to move the trial outside of New York City. more...  1 Comments

Grand Jury Postponed- No Picket Friday

Resist Grand Juries | We are writing to notify everyone that the Grand Jury case
has been postponed indefinitely, meaning there is no
set date for the next hearing but the subpoenas have
not been dropped. more...  0 Comments

VOTE PSL in 2008: End the Criminal Israeli Blockade of Gaza Now!

votepsl | The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. The La Riva/Puryear presidential campaign demands an immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade, an end to U.S. aid to Israel and self-determination for the Palestinian people. The candidates joined the emergency protests to "End the Israeli Siege of Gaza" that book place across the country on Jan. 25-26. more...  3 Comments

2007: The Year in Struggle (Photo Essay)

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | 2007: The Year in Struggle. A photo essay for Indymedia by Michael Gould-Wartofsky. more...  0 Comments

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 6

IAC | READ: more...  0 Comments

Refutation of Murdered by Mumia Book's Big Lies in the Service of Legal Lynching

Partisan Defense Committee | A new fact sheet providing massive evidence of the innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal was released by the Partisan Defense Committee on 31 December 2007. It is online at and provides a detailed, point-by-point refutation of the book Murdered by Mumia (The Lyons Press, December 2007). more...  0 Comments

Editor needed!

Jennifer | see for info on the film.

Looking for someone who's a clean, stylish editor for this much anticipated documentary on the only female guerrilla fighter to fight with Che in Bolivia, Tamara Bunke or Tania. We have exclusive interviews with many people, from Cuba to Bolivia.

Now we need someone to help tie it all together. Shot in HD, edited on FCP 6. Don't need your own equipment. Looking for someone to combine south american roquero kinda style with Santiago Alvarez/early ICAIC style. If that makes sense to you (or even if it doesn't!) email me @ more...  0 Comments

Words from Political Prisoner Maliki Shakur Latine

Maliki Shakur | Maliki Shakur Latine

December 20, 2007 more...  0 Comments

Fight Repression this Week!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | 1/28 MON, 7 pm - Rally: to support Lynne Stewart's appeal
1/29 TUE, 2 pm - Court support: oral argument on Lynne Stewart's appeal.
1/31 WED- SRLP “It’s War In Here” Report Release and Letter/Package Send-off
2/1- FRI- 9AM- Support Puerto Rican Jury Resisters! more...  0 Comments

Margarita Lopez's role reversal and the NYCHA

Ann M. Schneider | Firebrand Margarita Lopez faced off with Rosie Mendez, current councilwoman for the Lower East Side on January 23rd when Mendez held a City Council hearing on the eviction practices of the New York City Housing Authority, on whose Board Lopez now sits. Long-term tenants can be evicted for flimsy reasons without ever seeing a Judge. The law currently only entitles residents to an administrative hearing at which the rule of evidence don’t apply. more...  3 Comments

Pedicabs win in court!

madhatter | Pedicabs win in court! more...  0 Comments

VOTE PSL in 2008: Reparations Now!

votePSL | The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. La Riva/Puryear demand that the Black community be compensated fully, with interest, for the historical racism and wrongs forced upon them by capitalism. more...  1 Comments

Park Admits Turf is Toxic!

Patrick Arden | The debate over the city’s growing use of artificial turf took a surreal turn yesterday, after a watchdog group obtained an internal Parks Dept. memo that seemed to make New York the first city in America to declare a turf moratorium.
“We are suspending the use of rubber infill synthetic turf in all Parks Capital Projects,” said the design directive, dated Jan. 14.
The memo appeared to be a reaction to increasing health concerns over the new breed of artificial turf, which uses rubber pellets from recycled tires. These pellets contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects and other problems, yet most studies conclude more research is necessary to determine the possible risk more...  0 Comments

Victor Toro: Next Immigration Hearing Set for Aug. 15

Politics of Immigration | At a hearing before an immigration judge at the New York Federal Building on the morning of Jan. 18, Toro's lawyers said they were seeking political asylum for their client; Toro fled Chile in the 1970s after being imprisoned and tortured by the US-backed Pinochet regime. more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Revolutionary Spirit

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, January 21, 2008, 7 - 11 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
*************************************** more...  0 Comments


Dave Barnett | WE CAN HANDLE IT

You might currently be concerned about the flooding of homes, cities, farmlands, and forests in your area across the globe. Translation of this article in any language is encouraged along with distribution globally.

I offer a thoughtful solution and encourage discussion.
more...  0 Comments

State of NYC's Veterans Community‏

Joseph A. Bello | If Mayor Bloomberg (or any other elected official) really cared for veterans as they say they do then why do we (as a community) have to continue to fight tooth and nail just to get anything accomplished? Why doesn't the Mayor and/or Council Speaker meet with us in true partnership, discuss the issues and problems and find honest and open ways to address them instead of black-listing people, saying nothing, forcing it on the community and then saying they support veterans? more...  0 Comments

Lo que Mumia Abu-Jamal nunca aprendió

Carolina | En vísperas de la proyección del documental En Prisión Mi Vida Entera en el Festival Sundance, la batalla por la vida y libertad de Mumia Abu-Jamal se intensifica en los medios de comunicación y en las calles de ciudades lejanas mientras él espera un fallo crítico de un tribunal federal y prepara para publicar su sexto libro desde el corredor de la muerte. Mediactivistas difunden evidencia fotográfica que refuta el caso contra él. more...  0 Comments

Will Governor Spitzer Embrace the Message of Dr. King?

Mark Dunlea | On Tuesday, Governor Spitzer will unveil his budget proposals. The state budget is the primary policy document for lawmakers, determining how New York invests it resources to meet our needs. If he was alive today, Dr. King would speak out against the failure to once again raise welfare benefits after 18 years of inaction. While he might be heartened by some of the efforts to improve health care, he would be concerned that the Governor still believes it will be a long road to universal health care. “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane,” Dr. King wrote. And he would be very upset that our state spends more money to incarcerate its citizens, overwhelmingly people of color, than we do to provide a college education to our youth. more...  0 Comments

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events

NYC IMC | MLK Day March Against Wage Slavery, IAC March Against Racism, 23rd Annual MLK Day Celebration. more...  3 Comments

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