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Building Bridges:HIP-GHI Privatization;Labour Solidarity with Palestine

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, June 2, 2008, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership R

Lee Hall | Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership Role

At this year’s vegetarian Summerfest (18-22 June in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Friends of Animals legal director Lee Hall will present a plenary talk on vegetarians as the perfect leaders in an era of climate disruption.
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Indiana Jones and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Trevor Richardson | When the creative pool goes dry, leave it to the men in suits to start milking old cash cows for a few more drops. The revitalization of the Jones franchise is a testament to this fact, the only thing worse than more sequels is the old Hollywood habit of blending successful franchises into one another, watch out for Indiana Jones Part Five: Indiana Jones and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. more...  0 Comments

Stop Privitization in Union Square

Savitri D | The Union Square Pavilion, an icon of free speech and free assembly, is slated to be turned into a swanky restaurant, about the last thing this particular neighborhood needs. Public money built this park in the first place. The city shouldn't hand over OUR park to private businesses to make a profit.
1. Sign the petition at
2. Contact council person Rosie Mendez tell her NO RESTARAUNT 212 677 1077, more...  1 Comments

The Politics of Ignorance & Fear

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Politics is often seen and interpreted as, well, 'the will of the people.' It is often described in lofty judicial decisions and thick political science texts as democracy in action--the People choosing their Government, and ultimately, the American 'way of life.'

Yet, how much is simply unbridled ignorance? How much is simply blind racial hatred? How much is just plain silliness?

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This One Time, At Activist Camp...

Samantha Gorelick and Alex Kane | Want to learn how to change the world without having to set foot in a regular classroom? Opportunities abound this summer. Depending on your tastes, you can find workshops and discussions that range from the very theoretical to the intensely practical, from the urban to the outdoors. more...  1 Comments

Honor the War Dead by Bringing All the Troops Home NOW!

Greg Pason | On May 28th, the Wednesday of Memorial Week, hundreds of military families, veterans, students, and neighbors will join together from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the Teanack Armory to hold a nearly 4000 foot-long banner with the names of all of the U.S. troops and many Iraqi people who have been killed in the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

To volunteer and register for May 28 call 201-808-6004 or click:

Read more:
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Photos of Palestinian Nakbah rally

Andrew Stern | Photos of Palestinian Americans and their supporters demonstrating near the United Nations building in Manhattan to commemorate 60 years of "Nakbah", or catastrophe. As Israel marked the 60th anniversary of its independence Friday, around 1000 people rallied near the United Nations to mark six decades of Palestinian displacement. more...  9 Comments

Sean Bell protest photos

Andrew Stern | Photos of the various demonstrations calling on federal prosecutors to bring civil rights charges against three police officers who had been acquitted of all charges in a Queens court last month after firing 50 shots killing Sean Bell, an unarmed black man on his wedding day. more...  0 Comments

Huntingdon Life Sciences Targets of Protest in NYC

anonymouse | Currently there is an international campaign to urge Staples do stop supplying HLS. Also, there are new investors. These people are financially associated with the lab. more...  1 Comments

Phili COP RIOT 3-4 Times Worse Than Rodney King, 15 Cops Taken Off Streets

chyeah, right | Question: Who beats COPS into submission when THEY riot? Relax, yahoo coppers, it's just another phrasing of the same old adage, "Who polices the police?"
Click here for CBS 2 News video (2 clips totaling 25 seconds) of over 15 cops beating 3 civilians. Incident occurred May 5, aired May 7, 2008 (same day as Sean Bell action), shot by Fox 29 TV News helicopter: more...  0 Comments

Stand up for immigrant Workers in Bergenfield on May 17th

Greg Pason | Join Residents Against Racism, North Jersey Metro Anti-Racist Action and others on Saturday May 17th at a rally in defense of immigrant workers rights and to stand up to the United "Patriots" anti-immigrant rally.

Rally starts at 8:00 am on the corner of Washington & Columbia Aves. in Bergenfield

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El Pueblo Unido: Images of May Day 2008

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Photo essay on the immigrant freedom marches and rallies that brought thousands into the streets across New York City, on International Workers Day, May 1, 2008.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Chinatown to Union Square to ICE, the people united demanding: Stop the Raids & Deportations. Legalization For All Immigrants. Justice For All Workers. Let the people speak for themselves. more...  0 Comments

Thurs 7-10pm: WBAI special on Mumia!

Free Mumia! | Pam Africa, head of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, is asking all to tune in to WBAI-FM, 99.5 on your FM radio dial (www. wbai. com if your outside of NYC), on Thursday, May 15th, from 7PM-10PM for a very special broadcast on Mumia Abu-Jamal. more...  0 Comments

VIDEO: May 13 Remembered; Free the MOVE 9!

Hans Bennett | On May 10, the MOVE organization and supporters (many from New York City) gathered at 11th and Market to protest the imprisonment of the MOVE 9, on the 23rd anniversary of the May 13, 1985 bombing of the MOVE's West Philadelphia home. more...  0 Comments

VIDEO: MOVE 9 Parole, 'Justice Be Damned'

Hans Bennett | On May 1, the day of his book's release, author J. Patrick O'Connor was interviewed at Philadelphia City Hall about "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal." In part three of this interview, he condemns the recent decision by the PA Parole Board denying parole for the three remaining MOVE 9 women. more...  0 Comments

City Council Members Join PSC Budget Effort to Stop CUNY Cuts

Dorothee Benz/Professional Staff Congress | Fourteen City Council Members joined more than 150 City University of New York (CUNY) faculty, staff and students at a City Hall press conference today calling on the Mayor and the City Council to restore budget cuts to CUNY that the Mayor proposed in his Executive Budget last week, and to provide additional, urgently needed funds for our city’s university. more...  0 Comments

Coalition initiates coordinated blockades in response to Sean Bell verdict

Amy L. Dalton | "If you're not going to lock up the guilty in this town, then I guess you're going to have to lock up the innocent," declared the Rev. Al Sharpton as he and other religious and community leaders, at the request of the family of Sean Bell, announced plans for a series of traffic blockades. In response, people converged on a half-dozen selected intersections, some intent on arrests and others to support. Here are pictures from the action that began at Varick & Houston Streets, marched slowly for a half mile along a route that was not disclosed in advance to those gathered, and stopped to block two adjacent intersections at Hudson & Canal, resulting in nearly two dozen arrests. Representing in colors were the NAACP and SEIU. more...  4 Comments

Sean Bell's Second Slaying

Mumia Abu-Jamal | The defense utilized the "bad company" argument: that Bell was shot and killed because he was among "the wrong crowd."

That such an argument swayed Supreme Court justice Arthur Cooperman (in New York state, unlike most other states, the trial court is termed the Supreme Court, and the state's highest court is their Court of Appeals.) is a measure of how devalued Black life is, and how easy Black men are to demonize and disparage. more...  0 Comments

VIDEO: Changing the rules to deny Mumia justice

Hans Bennett | On May 1, the day of his book's release, author J. Patrick O'Connor was interviewed at Philadelphia City Hall about "The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal." In part two of this interview, he discusses the March 27 ruling by the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals denying Mumia a new guilt-phase trial. In his book, O'Connor felt strongly that Mumia would be granted a new trial, and in light of the contrary ruling, he argues that the court made a political decision and actually went against court precedent to do this. more...  0 Comments

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