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Town Hall Forum on the World Food Crisis This Thursday at Cooper Union!

Teaspoon | Frances Moore Lappe, author of "Diet for a Small Planet" and Raj Patel, author of "Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System" will be among the speakers at Thursday night's national launch of an urgent Call to Action to end the food crisis. Other speakers include Ben Burkett, president of the National Family Farm Coalition, Ladonna Redmond, President of the Institute for Community Resource Development, Pat Purcell of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and a representative from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. more...  3 Comments

Iraq Vets Against the War Send Letter to Schieffer, Plan Protest at Hofstra Univ. Debate

NYC IMC/IVAW | Iraq Veterans Against the War is asking supporters to assemble "starting
2:30 pm" at Hempstead LIRR station, which means getting on either the 1:37
PM train from NY Penn Station (41st & 8th) OR the 1:37 PM train from the
Flatbush LIRR station at the Atlantic-Pacific subway stop (#2, 3, 4, 5, B, Q to
Atlantic or N, R, M to Pacific). Most other trains to Hempstead take between 51
and 60 minutes from either station.

There will still be greeters at Hempstead station well after that time .

LIRR Hempstead train sched.

From Matthis Chiroux...

Dear Mr Schieffer,

I'm writing you today as a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War to make
clear the details of a demonstration we will be leading Oct. 15th at Hofstra
University prior to the final presidential debate and what our demands are and
will be.

We in IVAW demand that two of our members, myself and Kristofer Goldsmith, be
permitted entry to the debate and be allowed to ask each candidate one question.
If this demand is not agreed to IN FULL by 7 p.m. EST on the 15th, members of
IVAW will lead a large contingent of veterans and our supporters on a
NON-VIOLENT procession to the debate center and are prepared to risk arrest
and/or bodily harm attempting to enter to have our voices heard. (This action
will look very similar to our marches at the DNC and RNC which were widely
covered in the media and on youtube, should you wish to see what's coming.)

As the economy has continued its downhill slide this election season, the issue
of Iraq has been pushed further and further away from peoples' minds, as
well the platforms of the candidates. In addition, little to no attention has
been paid this election season to the abysmal failure of the Veterans
Administration to adequately care for our returning troops and their families
and how we can work as a nation to fix this problem.

As a result, more and more veterans are falling into debt, starving, going
homeless and killing themselves while the government REFUSES to allocate
sufficient funds for our much needed and deserved care while simultaneously
lining the pockets of the richest with $700 billion in taxpayer (including
servicemembers and veterans) money.

Such blatant betrayals of our services and sacrifices cannot go unaddressed by
IVAW, thus we will have our voices heard on the issues one way or the other, be
it from inside the debate hall, or be it to a hoard of domestic and
international press outside the event who have already expressed great interest
in and dedication to covering our demonstration.

What yourself and the candidates must decide now, Mr. Schieffer, is what the
legacy of this debate will be. Will this be remembered as an event where both
sides of the isle and the media came together to hear from our nation's
heroes, even if only for five minutes, or will the words and promises of both
candidates be forever shrouded in the image of a host of uniformed veterans and
their supporters going to jail because these campaigns cared too little to hear
from them?

Again, we are dedicated to 100% non-violence during this demonstration and will
resist no arrest. However, we will NOT, I repeat, we will NOT back down, be intimidated or moved in any way shape or form until our demands are met or we
are arrested.

I am attaching a press release we have been distributing for our action world
wide. Should you have any questions or wish to arrange entrance ahead of time
for our two members, contact me at*******.

I thank you for your time, sir, and look forward to meeting you in person.

For honor and

Matthis Chiroux

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will lead non-violent
demonstrations at Hofstra University prior to the final presidential debate Oct.
15 to demand two IVAW members be allowed to ask each candidate one question.

Should IVAW's demands not be met in full by 7 p.m., members of the
organization are willing to risk arrest by entering the debate to have their
voices heard by the candidates.

IVAW intends to "force the issue" that servicemembers and veterans
are not being heard or cared for by our leaders. The next president should make
caring for our wounded military a top domestic priority, in addition to ending
the war in Iraq.

"Right now there are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan going homeless,
hungry, into debt and contemplating suicide," said Matthis Chiroux, an IVAW
member from Brooklyn. "But the government says we don't have the money
care for those war heroes, so the V.A. continues its mission underfunded and
understaffed. But now we've found almost a trillion to bail out banks?
Where's the humanity in this?"

IVAW is currently working to contact debate moderator Bob Schieffer to make its
demands known.

"I watched the first debate the other night, for which the topic was
supposed to be 'foreign policy', yet it took 34 minutes before the words
'Iraq' or 'Veteran' left either candidates' mouths,"
said Kris Goldsmith, an IVAW member from Long Island. "I'm not
convinced that either Obama or McCain care about what is most important to
today's military and veterans. IVAW is committed to changing that."

Participants should begin assembling at the Hempstead Long Island Railroad
station at 2:30 p.m. At five, we will "walk" to Hempstead University
for further demonstrations.

IVAW was founded by Iraq war veterans in July 2004 to allow
servicemen and
women from all branches of the military a chance to come together and speak out
against an unjust, unwinnable and illegal occupation. Today, IVAW has over 1,300
members in 49 states, Washington, D.C. and Canada, and on military bases in the
U.S. and overseas, including Iraq.

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PANIC DECLARED Empty store shelves, gas pumps, ATMs ahead.

Clayton Hallmark | We know capitalism is a goner when neocons like Bush switch from privatization to nationalization -- and when everything we tried since the 1930s Depression has failed. We would still be in it if not for WWII. After the war we relied on Interstates and suburb evelopment, then the service economy, especially finance (see chart). Well the finance economy is failing -- esp. important to NYC -- and there is no leg left to stand on. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity Without Borders Calls All Allies to Join 10/10 Weekend of Resistance

Solidarity Without Borders-NYC | Solidarity Without Borders-NYC - as one of the 37 groups participating in the 10/10 Weekend of Resistance - is calling on all those who stand in solidarity with people's struggles here and around the world to join Jericho and the October 10th Coalition in the streets of NYC this weekend. more...  2 Comments

Wall Street Bailout May Hammer Tenants

Bennett Baumer | Wall Street’s mortgage and credit crisis will have a huge price tag and tenant advocates fear one casualty could be a swath of New York’s affordable housing stock. Call it Wall Street stabilization over rent stabilization. more...  2 Comments

Westport, CT, Oct. 12: Of Mice, Men & Immigration

Authors, The Politics of Immigration | Steinbeck's 1937 classic treats the plight of migrant workers during the Depression, and the symposium will discuss similarities to the situation of immigrant workers today more...  0 Comments

Medical Neglect to Irish Republican political prisoner

Irish Freedom Committee | "Alarming concern has been expressed for the continuing medical condition of republican prisoner Aidan Hulme in Portlaoise Prison.
Following a visit from a doctor it was observed that Aidan's toes on his injured leg had turned black giving rise to fears of possible
gangrene. The doctor relayed to the Prison Governor that Aidan should be seen by a consultant in this field as a medical imperative. The Governor has stated that Aidan's case would be prioritized but as of yet no decisive action has been taken. more...  1 Comments

Fall of the House of Capital?

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Instead, we're in a situation where a scam artist sets up shop in a street-corner, playing a fraudulent 3-card monty hustle, and along comes a cop. The cop, instead of rousting the scam artist, rifles the pockets of every passerby, and delivers the stolen loot to the scammer.

The scam artist, of course, is the financial investment houses; the cop, of course, is Congress -- and you are the passerby, hustled and robbed by both of them. more...  0 Comments

CUNY Rising: College Activists Mobilize Campus-Wide 3-Day Social Forum

Chris Cascarano and John Tarleton | Battered by budget cuts and burdensome tuition costs while facing an indifferent administration, students at the City University of New York (CUNY) will hold a three-day gathering to chart a course for reviving campus activism. more...  1 Comments

Mumia Abu-Jamal Faces US Supreme Court as New Book and Film Expose Injustice

Hans Bennett | With the court's PCRA rejection, Abu-Jamal's upcoming appeal to the US Supreme Court of the Third Circuit decision (the filing of this appeal is due by Oct. 20 unless a 60 day extension is requested) is now more important than ever, because this is now his last chance for a new guilt-phase trial. Fortunately, this crucial moment for Abu-Jamal coincides with two new media projects that expose injustice in his case that extends well beyond the narrow issues being considered by the courts: the British film In Prison My Whole Life and the book The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal, by J. Patrick O'Connor. more...  0 Comments

Frank Moore qualifies for write-in votes in 25 states, including New York

J. Wilson | Berkeley-based performance artist and Write-in Presidential candidate Frank Moore has qualified to receive write-in votes for President in 25 states, including New York. Voters in New York who write-in Frank Moore for President on the November ballot will have their vote counted. more...  0 Comments

Images from Tenants Rally for Affordable Housing

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Tenants and allies from across New York City gathered in Harlem on a rainy Wednesday, October 1 to demand "Real Rent Reform" amid the housing crisis. October 1 was Day 1 of new rent hikes for over 1 million rent stabilized apartments, at a time when New Yorkers face rising prices, falling wages, cutbacks and layoffs. Tenant activists came with 4 demands: Reinstate Home Rule over Rent & Eviction Rules. Repeal Vacancy Decontrol. Reform the Rent Guidelines Board. Save Affordable Housing in the Mitchell-Lama and Section 8 Projects. Following are images from October 1. more...  2 Comments


New York City Labor Against the War | No other country in the post-Second World War world has been so globally destructive or inflicted so many war fatalities. . . . Yet, so gargantuan and labyrinthine are U.S. military expenditures that the above grossly understates their true magnitude, which, as we shall see below, reached $1 trillion in 2007. more...  0 Comments

We the United Corporations of America hold these truths to be self evident!

Lara DeLuz | The United Corporations of America more...  0 Comments

Empire on 'E'

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Earlier this year, American financier George Soros announced, shortly after the failure of the economic talks at Davos, Switzerland, that the U.S. economy has reached a new stage marking an end of the era. "The current crisis is not only the bust that follows the housing boom", Soros explained, adding, "It's basically the end of a 60-year period of continuing credit expansion based on the dollar as the reserve currency." more...  0 Comments

Baruch College speech on how Mumia was framed | The SF Bay Area Mobilization to Free Mumia is organizing an exciting book tour with author J. Patrick O'Connor, from October 3-8. Please see the schedule below and learn more about this explosive book

Included in this post announcing the Bay Area tour, is the full text of O'Connor's speech, given at Baruch College, June 23, 2008, during his East Coast book tour. more...  0 Comments


New York City Labor Against the War | It was Mr. Obama who seemed more aligned with President Bush's current policy of authorizing American special forces to cross the Afghan-Pakistan border into Pakistan's tribal areas that Al Qaeda and the Taliban have used as a sanctuary. more...  0 Comments


IZZY JAGNINSKI | The trial against Reverend Lucius Walker and IFCO/Pastors for Peace surrounding the Board of Education’s investigation of the April of 2007 Trip to Cuba by New York City High School Students continued this morning more...  0 Comments

Wall St. Protest This Thursday at 4 p.m.

Outraged Citizen | With millions of people reeling from the recent implosion of the U.S.'s financial system, Wall Street is demanding a $700 billion taxpayer-financed bailout. This is beyond brazen. We cannot trust either the Republicans or the Democrats to do the right thing. We have to raise our voices to speak out and challenge this system of legalized robbery. Those of us who live in New York have a chance to grab the media spotlight this Thursday while the bailout legislation is still being debated and give a public face to the anger and the dismay that millions of Americans are feeling. See you there! more...  0 Comments


New York City Labor Against the War | "We are not losing, but we are winning slower in some places than others." more...  0 Comments

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