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Dec. 6 Intl. Day of Action for Mumia Abu-Jamal (includes new flyer)

Intl Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia | International Day of Action, Dec.6, Philadelphia. For transportation from NYC, see and the flyer below. more...  0 Comments

IVAW Protest Update: Shocking New Video Released as Nick Morgan Undergoes Surgery and First Court Date Set

Alex Kane | Recently released photographs and video from the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) protest outside the final presidential debate in Hempstead, NY on Oct. 15 clearly shows IVAW member Nick Morgan getting trampled on by Nassau County police on horseback, according to Emily Forman of I-Witness Video. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | "In the States, if police burst into your house, kicking down doors and swearing at you, you would call your lawyer and file a lawsuit. Here, there are no lawyers. Their resources are limited, so they plant IEDs (improvised explosive devices) instead." more...  0 Comments

Frank Moore, write-in candidate, on the protection of personal freedoms!

J. Wilson | Frank Moore, write-in candidate for President (,
on the protection of personal freedoms!
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NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Change Colin Powell can believe in is exactly the kind of change we should fear. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | The Palestinian cause is the right of return for all refugees and nothing less. more...  0 Comments

What is Democracy? "Beyond Elections" Documentary Film Screenings in New York!

Michael Fox, Co-Director, Beyond Elections | As Washington bails out Wall Street and the American people get stuck with the bill, we sit less than two weeks away from one of the most important elections in US history. But while everyone is talking about elections, very few are talking about democracy... Beyond Elections is showing Sunday night in Manhattan & Tuesday night at SUNY New Paltz. Spread the word! more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Powell has masterminded the deaths of three million Arabs. The reasons for the left to say, "Yeah, but," are quickly running out. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Is Not Alone: From Coast to Coast, We Demand an End to Repression

Solidarity Without Borders - NYC | We call for direct actions, pickets and press conferences at the offices of Mexican consulates, defense contractors, and US government agencies across the country, teach-ins and benefits for organizations in Oaxaca, memorials and marches for beloved fighters lost in this struggle, everyday challenges to gender, racial and economic inequality, and anything else that people believe to be necessary. more...  1 Comments

Long Island Food Not Bombs Dance Party, Wednesday Oct.29th @ Cinema Arts

LI-FNB | On Wedne​sday,​ Octob​er 29th @ 7pm Long Islan​d Food Not Bombs​ is havin​g a benef​it Hallo​ween dance​ party​ at the Cinem​a Arts Centr​e.​ Invit​e your frien​ds and get ready​ to get your dance​ on. more...  0 Comments


New York City Labor Against the War | [B]oth Messrs. Obama and McCain are reiterating their commitment to good, old-fashioned American-style war making. . . . Rather than offering relief, the new entrant to the White House come January is likely to simply exacerbate the mayhem. more...  0 Comments

Mumia Abu-Jamal legal update: The Philly DA still wants to execute him!

Lead attorney Robert R. Bryan | Below is the new legal update from Mumia Abu-Jamal’s lead attorney Robert R. Bryan, concerning Mumia’s appeal to the US Supreme Court. He is appealing the US Third Circuit Court decision denying a new guilt-phase trial or a preliminary hearing that could have led to a new guilt phase trial. The Supreme Court granted Bryan’s request for a 60-day extension, so he will have to submit his petition by Dec. 19, 2008.

Significantly, Bryan announces that the Philadelphia DA is appealing the Third Circuit Court’s affirmation of US District Court Judge William Yohn’s 2001 decision, which ‘overturned’ the death penalty and stated that if the DA wants to re-impose the death sentence, they must hold a new penalty-phase jury trial where new evidence of Mumia’s innocence can be presented, BUT, the jury can only decide between a sentence of life without chance of parole or execution. Therefore, if the US Supreme Court rules for the DA and overturns this ruling, Mumia can then be executed without having a new penalty-phase jury trial. The DA will submit their petition by Nov. 19, 2008.
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Anti-Police Brutality Activist Juanita Young Acquitted

October 22nd Coalition/NYC IMC | After four days of a jury trial, in which the ADA and her witnesses
attempted to paint anti-police brutality activist Juanita Young as a
violent, racist criminal who doesn't care about the well-being of her
daughter, a jury of six returned after two and a half hours of
deliberations with a NOT GUILTY VERDICT ON ALL COUNTS (Obstructing
Governmental Administration, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, 2
counts of Attempted Assault, 2 counts of Harassment). more...  1 Comments

Military Mobilization? DRAFT? Obama–YES; McCain–Yes; Rep. Rangel (D-NY)–Yes!

Paul J. Landis | The country is now preparing to elect a new President and as all our citizens consider their choices, they are confronted with the numbing denial by both Obama and McCain that the Iraq war is Illegal. “Why are Obama and McCain discussing the terrifying idea of a draft” Americans are asking, when “it is your sworn constitutional duty to call for an end to this and future Illegal Wars,” and then, a draft is clearly un-necessary? more...  0 Comments

G8 emergency summit in NYC.

@ | The reason for the summit is the global economic crisis. more...  1 Comments

photos from IVAW

Jamie Lehane | Photos from IVAW protest more...  0 Comments

Photos from IVAW

Jamie Lehane | Photos from IVAW protest more...  0 Comments

At Least Nine Demonstrators Arrested as Iraq Vets Try to Enter Final Debate

Alex Kane | At least five members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), a group of military veterans who are calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, were arrested, as well as at least four civilians, according to National Lawyers Guild observers. Nassau County police on horses trampled one member of IVAW, Nick Morgan, a veteran who served in Iraq for about a year. Morgan was knocked to the ground, and according to witnesses, the horse hooves slammed down on his face. A gash was visible on the side of his head as blood dripped down onto the pavement. more...  1 Comments

10/10 March for political prisoners!

solidaritymeansattack | On October 10th, the Jericho Movement and the NYC Anarchist Black Cross Federation, among others, organized a rally at the United Nations which was followed by an illegal march through the streets of midtown Manhattan. This event brought together Black Nationalists, Puerto Rico Independistas, Anarchists, Animal Liberationists, and others with the common goal of bringing attention to the plight of political prisoners held in the U.S. more...  0 Comments

Join October 25 Conference Call; Help Build Conference for Workers Recovery Plan

Jay Arena | Join Conference Call, Saturday October 25 to
Help Organize Local Conference on a Workers Recovery Plan
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