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DC Conventions Coalition report to New Yorkers

Jim Macdonald | more...  0 Comments

NYC North East Mutual Aid Gathering May 7-9

Johnny (A)utonomy | Calling all anarchists, autonomistas, anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalists and Zapatistas! Clear your calendars!!!! more...  0 Comments

Images: 50/10 Anniversary

fred askew | 50/10 Anniversary Concert more...  0 Comments

Who Will Stop CAFTA Contest

Quixote Center | Quest for Peace of the Quixote Center will run a full-page, New York Times signature ad in opposition to CAFTA- the Central American Free Trade Agreement. The 44,000 dollars and 2,500 signatures it takes is being raised from engaged citizens like you, who wish to proudly and publicly say "No" to CAFTA. The state with the highest number of signers (as a percentage of the state's total population) will be specifically acknowledged in the New York Times Ad. Show the country and Mr. Bush that your state will not tolerate CAFTA! See ad text below. more...  0 Comments

FOURTH WORLD WAR exclusive NYC screening

@ | As part of the North East Mutual Aid gathering, taking place May 7-9... more...  1 Comments

Your invited to the party!

Leonardo de Vinci | The New York City Host Committee is obligated to provide entertainment for the thousands of delegates and elected officials who are to arrive on Aug. 29, the day before the convention begins. more...  1 Comments

Al-Awda - Palestine Right to Return Coalition Held Second Int'l Convention in NY

Fight Back News Service | New York, NY - Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, held its second international convention here April 16, entitled “Sustainable Struggle: The Road to Palestine.” Several hundred Palestinians and supporters, hailing from Canada, the U.S., Europe and Palestine, held a series of informational and strategy workshops aimed, in general, at advancing Palestinian rights, and, in particular, at the right of Palestinian refugees’ to return to their homeland. more...  3 Comments


Reposted by Rine | Speaker applauded for lambasting Bush- The Yes Men take the stage again! more...  1 Comments


Jana - RCYB | Further debate and comment on Where is Feminism? Everywhere and Nowhere? more...  18 Comments

Images: Clinton & Schumer Demo

fred askew | Anti-war activists rally outside the offices of NY Senators Clinton and Schumer to call for an end to the US-led occupation of Iraq. more...  1 Comments

Street Medic Training, June 11 - 13, Boston, MA

Boston Medics | Come learn how to help folks in the street, and in your neighborhood, when they have injuries or accidents. Get ready for the Democratic National Convention, the Republican Convention, and many demonstrations to come. Become a street medic! Come to our training June 11 - 13, 2004 in Boston, MA. Sliding scale fee: $0 - $1,000. No experience necessary. more...  0 Comments

Tentative Security Perimeter for RNC Unveiled

Newsday | Midtown Manhattan could be locked down around Republican convention headquarters for blocks in each direction, officials said Tuesday, closing major avenues and forcing nearby residents and workers to show identification during the four-day event.

Nearly 20 groups have contacted the police department about permits that would allow them to march and rally outside the convention and at other sites around the city. More are expected before a June 15 deadline.

more...  30 Comments

Tell Rep. Nadler that a Ghetto Is a Ghetto

Jew Against the Occupation-NYC | more...  1 Comments

Rare Public Performance by Pete Seeger May 6 at CUNY

Carolyn Oppenheim | Noted folk singer Pete Seeger speaks and sings on Thursday May 6th at CUNY 3 days after his 85th birthday launching a new project to give royalties back to third world. more...  0 Comments

'Fake' Iraqi photos remind Rush of Lincoln Center performance

Rush Limbaugh | Rush speculates that the photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse are faked--even so he finds them rather tame; "I mean this is something you can see at Lincoln Center from an NEA grant, maybe on Sex in the City: the Movie." more...  18 Comments

Brooklyn to Manhattan: "No More Blood for Oil!"

Steve Alexander | Antiwar activists in New York and Long Island staged a pair of banner-hangs this weekend to end the occupation of Iraq more...  4 Comments

Putting NYC On the Map, Direct Action Groups Bring Tactic to RNC

Matthew Leising | Direct Action groups, building on the experiences of the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 and last year's anti-war actions in the San Francisco Bay Area, are gearing up to let Republicans know they are not welcome to celebrate their agenda in NYC this summer. more...  10 Comments

Brooklyn to Manhattan: "No More Blood for Oil!"

Steve Alexander | Antiwar activists in New York and Long Island staged a pair of banner-hangs against the occupation of Iraq this weekend more...  0 Comments

What's Behind the Attacks on the RCP and What's at Stake

a repost from the Revolutionary Worker | Since the fall of 2001, over 50 similar articles have appeared in different newspapers, magazines, and web sites, all offering various fabricated "exposures" of how communists, supposedly in the pay of foreign terrorist organizations, are behind the mass opposition to Bush's war program. Most of these articles made a special point of singling out Clark Kissinger. Here it is important to understand that these articles are not just the petulant outpourings of rightwing zanies. Some are written by people with close ties to the government and contain information (however distorted it is presented) that appears to come from government files. more...  15 Comments

Military Contractor CACI International Fingered in Abu Ghraib Torture

IMC / AK Gupta | As outrage spreads over the treatment of Iraq prioners in Abu Ghraib, the New York Times has identified employees of Arlington based CACI International as lead perpetrators in the abuse.

According to the Times, "The Taguba report states that ... one civilian interrogator, a contractor from a company called CACI International Inc., based in Arlington, Va., and attached to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, 'clearly knew his instructions' to the military police equated to physical abuse ... The report identifies" Steven Stephanowicz and John Israel "as the people suspected of being 'either directly or indirectly responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib.'"

The role of independent contractors in the torture at Abu Ghraib is only one of questions surrounding the behavior of mercenaries in Iraq. In the most recent Indypendent, AK Gupta takes a look [1 || 2] at military contractors during the latest war.

Tell CACI How You Feel

more...  6 Comments

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