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EVENT: Stop the 9/11 Cover-up: 9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani, Scott Ritter to speak at Riverside Church - May 22 - 6PM

Cristian Fleming | Nearly 3 years later, the world has more questions than answers about the circumstances surrounding 9/11. Come hear 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani make the case for her RICO (federal racketeering) lawsuit against George W. Bush and other elements of the U.S. government for letting 9/11 happen for political and personal gain. She will be joined by former chief UN Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who stated well before the Iraq war that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Also speaking will be top 9/11 researcher and journalist Sander Hicks and Ms. Mariani's lawyer Phil Berg. more...  0 Comments

Images: Palestine Solidarity Rally

fred askew | Photographs from Times Sq. NYC May 14 2004 more...  0 Comments

Mets Fan may get year in jail

Johnny McCarthy | My name is John McCarthy. I fell on the field at Shea Stadium and am being prosecuted under the new Calvin Klien Bill. I am trying to get on The Howard Stern Show too.Please visit my website at to show your support. Thank you. I love NY and Howard Stern. Johnny more...  5 Comments

The Great Central Park Traffic-Calming Ride Rolls Again!

TIME'S UP! | This is a ride in Manhattan's Central Park to help make park roads auto-free. more...  1 Comments


Suzy Subways | In the early 1990s, while death engulfed many of ACT UP/New York’s leaders, a cadre of survivors forged a new AIDS activism in this city. more...  0 Comments


Mike Burke | For the past four months, The Indypendent has been running an online news blog,, tracking news related to the Republican Convention, Below are some recent highlights. more...  0 Comments

RENT RACKET: Landlords Headed For Another Big Increase

Steven wishnia | LANDLORDS HEADED FOR ANOTHER BIG INCREASE more...  0 Comments

GANG GREEN: Military Recruiters Target Bronx Kids With Lies and Bribes


NEW YORK in brief

IMC | more...  1 Comments


Steven Wishnia | Thousands of public-housing tenants in New York City will have to do eight hours a month of community service or face eviction from their apartments more...  0 Comments


David Lynn | The following statement was made by David A. Lynn, Webmaster for the Shadow Protest,, on May 13, 2004 concerning a death threat he received on April 27, 2004, and the lack of response from law enforcement organizations to which he has reported the threat: more...  5 Comments

Rise Up Radio and Antibalas Put the "Fun" Back into Funddrive

Rise Up Radio (WBAI 99.5FM) | On Wednesday, May 26 (7pm-11pm), Rise Up Radio will pack the WBAI studios with youth activists while Antibalas performs. more...  0 Comments

Yes, I am a provocateur

Jason Flores-Williams | Yes, I am a provocateur more...  4 Comments

Article, "Gentrification and the White Left" Stirs Debate

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | (from the Open Newswire): "If you are moving into a predominantly minority area that has been made "safe" by a few earlier white faces and your parents or family money is helping pay your rent you are a gentrifier. If you are seeking to change the culture of that area like we are seeing in Red Hook, Crown Heights and Bushwick you are a gentrifier and cultural imperialist. It does not matter if you are a liberal or a leftist; a gentrifier is a gentrifier. Let the white left take responsibility because gentrification has belonged almost exclusively to them." more...  63 Comments

El Independiente / Mayo - Junio, 2004

nyc print team | El Independiente #2 Mayo - Junio, 2004 PDF file more...  0 Comments

The Indypendent Issue #49

nyc print team | PDF of The Indypendent Issue #49 May 13-26, 2004 more...  0 Comments

Thurs @ noon: protest Salvadoran government repression of workers

CISPES | On Thursday May 14th, from 12PM-1PM, NYCISPES, National CISPES, and the FMLN of New York invite you to a demonstration in front of the Salvadoran Consulate at 46 Park Avenue (between 36th and 37th Streets). We will carry banners, hand our leaflets, and perform street theater. This is a critical time for the struggle for justice in El Salvador. Please consider joining us. more...  1 Comments

May 21 Rockin meeting tonight

Jason Flores-Williams | Meeting tonight to strat May two one action more...  3 Comments

RNC Protests: Keep Off the Grass

Tom Robbins, Village Voice, repost | " Kicked out of the garden? Unconventional approaches to protesting the GOP convention..." -A useful repost from the Village Voice more...  2 Comments

yippies and the repukelikkkan convention

aron kay | COMMUNIQUE FROM YIPPIE! INTERNATIONAL FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EMAIL: Yippies and other assorted peace activists will be converging on New York City during the month of August to protest the coronation of George Dumbya Bush at the Republican National Convention..... We are coming to NYC to petition our "government" in redress of grievances as guaranteed in the Constitution... We demand peace in Iraq, peace in the war on drugs and justice here at home and abroad..... Unfortunately Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the Parks Department are procrastinating on the idea of permits to march and assemble peacefully....For example, they denied a permit to the United for Peace and Justice to rally in Central Park....Furthermore a permit was denied to the Yippies and the John Lennon-Abbie Hoffman Memorial Camporee to camp out in the city's parks...... Therefore we must act as the whole world will be watching!!! We will bring the struggle to Mayor Bloomberg's doorstep (in the tradition of Bob Dylan's "Bringing It All Back Home"). On Sunday, August 22, 2004, a Yippie! Tea Party will be held in front of Bloomberg's mansion located at 79th street and 5th avenue starting at 8 pm. David Peel of the Lower East Side and others will provide the entertainment while tea, coffee, juice, donuts (for cops and protesters) and pies will be served..... This is the prelude to a campout location which will be announced during the Convention....Also a welcome center will be set up in Tompkins Square Park before, during and after the Convention along with a Yippie! soup kitchen. PS: On Friday May 7, 2004, the Mayor's office was made aware of plans for the Tea Party!!! Free Our Attorney Lynne Stewart and all political and drug war prisoners!!! more...  0 Comments

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