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Defend Your Right to Rally at 8/29 RNC Demonstration

United for Peace and Justice | more...  5 Comments

Memorial Day 2004: No More Lives for George Bush's Lies

dustin langley | No More Lives for George Bush's Lies! End the Occupation! Stop the Torture and Killing! Bring the Troops Home Now! We will gather at the Times Square Recruiting Center at 12 noon for a memorial service for the victims of George Bush's war, both U.S. and Iraqi. We will carry coffins and pictures of the victims of George Bush's war - both Iraqi and U.S. more...  0 Comments

Bright Lights of Broadway

Leonardo | Don't forget to take in a show on Aug 29, either 42nd Street; Aida; Bombay Dreams; Lion King; Fiddler on the Roof; Phantom of the Opera; Beauty and the Beast; or Wonderful Town, you just might run into Republicans. more...  3 Comments

Earth First! National Gathering June 28-July 5 in Maine

Earth First! | come on down! more...  1 Comments

RITE OF RETURN - last 3 days of Victoria Linchon's new play!

VLinchon | Come see this pro-peace play, that considers the plight of the socially, politically and psychologically disenfranchised (Palestinians among them) in search of roots and homeland. A Village Voice Choice! More radical than ROAR, more devastating than 16 WOUNDED, more real than EMBEDDED! See for yourself - tickets only $10! LAST 3 SHOWS! more...  0 Comments

Protest Israel FRI. a.m.

free plstn | Friday, May 21 from 8:45-9:45am at AIPAC (The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) 49th St./Madison Ave. more...  0 Comments

Convention CEO Marks 100 Days in Inaugural "Convention Chat"

rncwatcher | Convention CEO Bill Harris will answer your questions in an online chat on Friday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m.(ET). As the Convention rolls into its final 100 days of preparation, Harris will provide an update on progress and plans, and on the legacy to be left in New York City by the convention's presence. more...  0 Comments

Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" Not So Original

Page Six | Documentary Info. Used Before In Another Film more...  4 Comments

The Prospect Park Traffic-Calming Ride Rolls Again!


This is a ride in Brooklyn's Prospect Park to help make park roads auto-free.

more...  4 Comments


jf mulligan | more...  0 Comments


New Jersey Solidarity | emergency - protest for rafah more...  0 Comments

Long Island Patriot Act Protest This Friday

JonSteps | more...  0 Comments

THAW's Freedom Follies

Sophia Skiles | Theaters Against War's monthly pro-peace, anti-empire cabaret of short performances, readings and speak-outs "soldiers" into summer! THAW responds to the escalation of violence, human rights abuses and the use of torture in Iraq with May's gathering of artistic forces to look at both the long, sordid history of U.S. military occupation, as well as to the growing tide of protest worldwide. more...  1 Comments

Last Call For Friday

Jason Flores-Williams | 7:45 Rockefeller Center more...  2 Comments

Bluestockings Radical Books 1-year anniversary party!

Bluestockings | more...  0 Comments

50 Years After Brown v. Board of Education: Parents Speak Out – End Public School Segregation!

Center for Immigrant Families | On Wednesday, May 19th, at 5:00 P.M., parents and concerned community members will gather on the corner of 96th Street and Amsterdam for a press conference and ‘speak out’ hosted by the Center for Immigrant Families’ Project to Challenge Segregation in OUR Public Schools. The group, mostly low-income immigrant women of color who are parents/grandparents of children in NYC’s public elementary schools, has been organizing to address the increased public school segregation in Community School Board (CSB) District 3. The total student population in CSB District 3 (now part of Region 10) is approximately 14,500. The racial breakdown is Black 39.2%; Latino 36.5%; and white 19.4%. The project has found that parents of color and low-income families are being denied access to many of the District’s schools, which have become increasingly segregated. At the press conference, the group will release its report, Segregated and Unequal, which includes findings from their community-based action-research project conducted over the last year as part of their organizing efforts. The press conference is part of project’s Week of Action Against Public School Segregation, one of the only community-based commemorations in New York City organized for the 50th anniversary Brown vs. Board of Education. more...  0 Comments

Demonstration at the World Premier of "The Day After Tomorrow" THIS Monday

Rainforest Action Network | Go to the WORLD Premiere of "The Day After Tomorrow" to Raise Awareness About the Realities of Oil Addiction and Climate Chaos and Spur People to Action more...  0 Comments


Samantha Heller | As US Government Fails to Release Human Rights Report the Poor Vow to Expose Human Rights Abuses Taking Place at Home more...  0 Comments

Love Letter To This Movement

Jason Flores-Williams | Flyering Today Opened My Eyes more...  5 Comments

First in Nation, Starbucks Workers Form Union

IWW IU/660 | Starbucks workers here have organized a union with the Industrial Workers of the World IU/660 and have submitted union cards today to the NLRB for a certification election. more...  0 Comments

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