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Tonight! New Film in Maplewood, NJ : "until when..." plus discussion with director Dahna Abourahme

new jersey solidarity | "until when..." Film Screening and Discussion with director Dahna Abourahme Tuesday, May 25, 2004 "until when..." is about four Palestinian families who live in Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem. We follow them in their daily activities as they tell us about their lives and their hopes for a better tomorrow. "until when..." offers an intimate portrait of a resilient people whose basic living needs, freedom of movement and equality embody not only the struggles which come with living under occupation but also their dreams. more...  0 Comments

NYPD + CIA = police state

Eric Blair | NY1 is reporting a "pilot program" that will allow the NYPD to access CIA databases. more...  2 Comments

Haitian-American Students Punished for Flag Day Pride

Haiti Progres | Elmont, NY: Haitian-American students in Elmont, NY say they were not allowed to wear the Haitian flag in their high school on May 18, Haiti’s Flag Day. more...  2 Comments

Poison Dust

international action center | anti radioactive weapons forum may 25 more...  4 Comments

Loyal Nine May 21st Photo's

JonSTeps | The Loyal Nine would like to thank everyone that came down to Huntington and showed support more...  0 Comments

War Resisters Annual Peace Award and Dinner

Frida Berrigan | War Resisters League to Honor Fernando Suarez of Military Families Speak Out with 2004 Peace Award at Dinner more...  0 Comments

Movement In Motion Arts Collective Collaboration

Movement In Motion | Movement In Motion is a network of artist and activist working in HIP HOP, film, spoken word, youth education and so much more...we put out compilations of music, short films,visual arts, and are always looking to collaborate with other movments. Our website is updated and beautiful. Please check it out, see if you have interest in what we are doing and come to a meeting 7pm Mondays 39 West 14th Street. more...  0 Comments

voice mail and PGP key for collective | A few more ways for people to contact us. more...  0 Comments

Images: Save our Gardens

fred askew | Photographs from the 14th annual Rites of Spring Procession to Save Our Gardens more...  0 Comments

Finders Keepers - lone outreach/protest action anyone can do

d.o. | Crumple up hundreds of 9/11 "dollar bills" and casually drop them in places where mainstream Americans frequent. Your freedom is worth the investment. more...  18 Comments

When I See Gaza, I think Warsaw: Why You Should Go to the Salute to Israel Parade

Young David | (from the Open Newswire): "Towards the end of May each year in New York, tens of thousands gather along 5th Avenue to "salute" the state of Israel, embrace ethnic cleansing and assert the permanence of that settler state. It's really something to see in a Triumph of the Will kind of way.

"Many are tired of facile comparisons between German fascism and its Israeli companion. But after spending a couple of hours as the salute to Israel day parade it's hard not to. The glee in brutality, the hundreds of genocidal signs saying "no arabs, no war;" the open participation of Kahane's followers in the same line of march as New York's liberal establishment. It is a blot on our city and an insult to the secularism and democratic spirit that have long defined New York."

more...  6 Comments

May 21: Out and Proud

Jason Flores-Williams | Thanks more...  2 Comments


Jack Cohen | Activists protest Bush & Sharon's defiance of Israeli popular demand to withdraw from Gaza more...  0 Comments

Counter-rally at Israel Pride Parade

juan naftali | At 11am on Sunday, May 23rd there is an Israel pride parade along 5th Avenue. Jews Against the Occupation and all other social justice groups who are against the atrocities going on in Palestine are urged to meet up at 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Street at 11am... more...  0 Comments

Rise Up Radio Presents Antibalas/Summer Preview this Wednesday

Rise Up Radio on WBAI (99.5 FM) | This Wednesday at 7pm, Rise Up Radio will host a live, two-hour broadcast and listening party featuring the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. Afterwards, 20 activist groups will share their summer plans. more...  0 Comments

Police Harass Prospect Park Traffic Calming Ride

Alex Vitale | After cars drive through ride, knocking over riders, police issue tickets to bicyclists. more...  2 Comments

Rockefeller Die-In Video

Brandon Jourdan | On Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets, a crowd of protesters consisting mostly of performance activism groups demonstrated starting at 7:45 against the Bush administration, American foreign wars, and the Republican National Convention from within wooden NYPD protest pens. A die-in staged midway through he protest resulted in three arrests. more...  1 Comments

Wall Street entertains the regime

Leonardo | More potential's as Wall Street pimps Toast Thier G.O.P. whores During Convention. Corporate Wallowing's to be held at Penthouse 15 and the Rainbow Room among others. more...  0 Comments

Help to Stop Global Warming The Day BEFORE Tomorrow at Your Local Movie Theater

20tonsCO2/year/you | Ideas for Action at you local movie theater for The Day After Tomorrow movie The Day After Tomorrow is a movie that, while not realistic scenario of global warming, gives it as a cause and is a great opportunity to get global warming to be put in the forefront of public discourse where it belongs and get the necessary things done to reduce it to minimize its effects and suffering from them. more...  0 Comments

Images: Die-In and AIPAC Demos

fred askew | Photos from two demos in Midtown Manhattan more...  0 Comments

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