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Mayor Bloomberg Endangers 100,000’s of Protesters’ Safety For A Lawn

kirsten anderberg | In 1968, a wide swath of American protests groups and community activists put out a call to “Come to Chicago” for a festival of free events, free music, and a large anti-war and civil rights protest, during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The Vietnam War resistance was heating up (though that war would continue on for many more years thereafter), and the war was being fought under a Democratic national leadership, thus the DNC target. Knowing full well that unprecedented numbers, included a large amount of American youth, were going to swell in their city streets, Mayor Daley and the Chicago Police, along with other city, state and federal officials, continued to deny proper permits until the 11th hour, if then. Then they used their own denial of permits until said time to justify horrific violence upon nonviolent protesters, press, clergy, and “started beating everybody on the street who was not a policeman.” To see a blueprint of what is going on in NYC right now, in preparation for the Republican National Convention (RNC) in 2004, you need look no further than Daniel Walker’s official report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, released (impressively, as far as timeliness goes) in late November, 1968, after the August 1968 protests and police riots in Chicago. more...  3 Comments

On Masks-direct action and the RNC | A position piece on direct action at the RNC. more...  4 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Tonight - -1. Vietnam Vets 2. Day Care Walks?

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Vietnam Vets Demand End to Iraqi War and Decent Benefits for all Vets wth Barry Romo, Vietnam Veterans Against the War NO MORE TALK, IT’S TIME TO WALK DAY CARE VOTES TO STRIKE with Raglan George, Exec Dir, DC 1707, AFSCME more...  0 Comments

Unbridled Snoopery - Ashcroft's Mandate & the ACLU's Battle Royale

just a reminder | Remember this?: (port:2817) corresponds with the reserved DoD I.P. block range: - AMC CSS (NETBLK-AMC-DEPLOY1) AMC CSS: "Army Materiel Command - Combat Service Support." From the Star Wars Manual Who the CSS is and what they do - a summary: They help identify and eliminate 'enemies of the state.' more...  0 Comments

Regarding Williamsburg

Ned Flanders | more...  3 Comments

David Gilbert Book Launch Event at Columbia On June 10

bob f | On Thursday, June 10 at Columbia University,a book of former Weather Underground activist David Gilbert's prison writings will be released. more...  0 Comments


GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | LOOK FOR THE NONUNION LABEL...sweatshop unionism in the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees, UNITE more...  0 Comments

Support the arrested and disappeared in Guadalajara Now!

Michael | Donate to the legal support of those arrested and disappeared during the GUADALAJARA mobilization: more...  0 Comments


linkmeister | Violent confrontations at protest in Guadalajara, Mexico. People have disappeared, others wounded. Indymedia is surrounded by police. In English and Spanish. more...  1 Comments

RNC not welcome update

Aaron Lakoff | Listen to an interview conducted with Sean Ewald of the RNC not welcome collective as he explains organizing efforts against the Republican National Convention in NYC this summer. Produced for CKUT community radio in Montreal by Aaron Lakoff. Rebroadcasting is encouraged, not for profit only. more...  1 Comments

1st Amendment Mob Reflections...come out this Tuesday!

Michael ONeil | The First Amendment Mobs are rolling along. No cell-phone related tumors have sprouted (yet). One of our crew has a plastic toy phone. We're very flexible. more...  1 Comments


nyc print team | INDYPENDENT March 26- June 11 more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass: An Open Letter to Time's Up!

Critical Masser | For years, Time's Up! has cultivated Critical Mass into a large event, but now their time is up, it's time to let it go. more...  12 Comments

Sri Chinmoy Hires Diallo Killer's Lawyer

C.M. Niles-Rumford | Kenneth Boss is one of four white NYPD cops who murdered Amadou Diallo, a 22 year old street peddler in February 1999. He was represented by Ed Hayes,Esq. in an attempt to get his job and gun back. Sri Chinmoy, the false prophet and sex pest, according to The New York Post has hired the very same Ed Hayes to protect him from the disgruntled and disgusted ex-disciples. Sri Chinmoy, once the guru of Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana, has a record of not paying his employees minimum wage, health benefits nor does he pay taxes for his employees. His business's are all cash cows and he does coerce love offerings of money. more...  0 Comments


anon | antiwar demo, memorial day, times square, noon more...  0 Comments

"On Terrorism and the State"

NOT BORED | 25 years after its publication, Gianfranco Sanguinetti's "On Terrorism and the State" is finally available on-line. more...  6 Comments

Coming to NYC for RNC 2004? Here's what you may expect

-R | First time visitor to NYC, staying for the protests? Here's a brief summary of police tactics specific for NYC. based on passive observations. more...  7 Comments

Greens for Nader Seek national party support

Mark Dunlea | Greens from throughout the United States announced today they will seek the endorsement of Ralph Nader for President at the upcoming Green Party national convention June 24-27 in Milwaukee. The group, Greens for Nader, also hopes that Nader will select a prominent Green member as his vice-presidential running mate in light of Nader’s historical ties to the Greens and the Greens’ status as the third largest party in the country. more...  6 Comments

Why I Did Not Protest the Israel Day Parade

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | Why I Did Not Protest the Israel Day Parade more...  14 Comments

FBI Abducts Artist, Seizes Artwork

Harriette Grissom | The FBI, unable to distinguish between art and bioterrorism, detains an artist after he calls 911 to report the sudden death of his wife. more...  4 Comments

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