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NYC photographers protest

nblaney | more...  2 Comments

Young Emcees, Poets Filmmakers!! Come Out June 12th!!!

Movement In Motion Artist and Activist Collective | All Artists Come Out and Celebrate Youth Mediamakers with Movement In Motion Artist Collective, Ladies on the Mic, and the Global Action Project!!! Debut Youth Films!!Award Winning Films From Lady Spring Fest!!! Open Mic, Hip Hop Music, Spoken Word Performances with Antennukes, Claudia Alick and you if you wanna spit something!!!Check out the Website, its bigger than events. It's a creative community droppin beats not bombs!!!We want to meet you June 12 at the Vamos A Sembrar Garden 13th Street and Avenue B. 6pm and 10pm. Bring the young ones and your voice. Peace and Light. www., more...  0 Comments

Summer Action and Travel Guide

Nestor | Here it is. Places to go to be involved in good efforts this summer. more...  1 Comments

Black Anarchism by Ashanti Alston

Ashanti Alston | more...  2 Comments

Where is the support?

unemployed | Where is the monetary support for Indy Media and for the No RNC activists and the much needed legal defence network? more...  4 Comments


Police Testify About Protest Tactics | "We're looking at a device that will help us amplify our sound over several blocks," he said. Although streets immediately around the arena will be restricted, police officials say they have offered protest organizers demonstration routes that would put them within sight of the convention, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. more...  4 Comments

Peg Millett Coming to East Coast!

Wind Euler | Environmental activist and singer Peg Millett is coming to the East Coast in July and we need help getting some gigs set up to help pay her way. See for sound clips! more...  1 Comments


sidewalk lichen | FYI the # of the Mexican consulate in New York is Tel: (212) 217-6400 * Fax: (212) 217-6493. please read below, make the call & forward this message... * * * * * * * * * ~ Please forward widely ~ CALL TO ACTION: OPPOSE REPRESSION IN GUADALAJARA more...  0 Comments

Protests in Italy: "Bush, No Thanks!" & ideas for RNC protests

bc | Photos from IndyMedia Italy more...  1 Comments

Celebrate the Indypendent's 50th Issue! Big June 12 Bash in Bushwick!

NYC IMC | THE INDYPENDENT’S 50th ISSUE BASH EXTRODINAIRE June 12, join the volunteers and collaborators of The Indypendent for dancing, meeting and greeting while helping raise some funds to keep the Indy "a free paper for free people." more...  3 Comments

Police Storm Bushville

KWRU | At 12:30 AM, the Captain of the Jersey City Police Department and other officers stormed Bushville. The Police presented Bushville Residents a summons for "Posting and Affixing Signs Without Authorization." Police threatened to return today (June 3rd) to arrest the Residents of Bushville.

We urge you to please call and fax the Jersey City Police Department to demand that law enforcement stop harassing Bushville Residents.

Please Call/Fax:
Sam Jefferson, Director
Ronald Buonocore, Police Chief
8 Erie Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel: (201) 547-5300
Fax: (201) 547-5283

more...  6 Comments

David Gilbert book Launches, June 8,9,10

AG Press | former Weatherman David Gilbert's new book NO SURRENDER from Abraham Guillen Press/Arm the Spirit launches at the following cities: Boston, Philly, NYC. More info below. more...  2 Comments

June 20: Art Auction and Fundraiser for Palestinian Refugees - Newark

New Jersey Solidarity | art auction for palestine more...  0 Comments

High Times Protest Lit party

Jason Flores-Williams | Reading Bash Monday more...  1 Comments

Cal....err Suggestion for Action: a Mock Funeral?

sean nortz | lofty goals, weak plans...can we do this, brothers and sisters? more...  0 Comments


Sarah Turner | WINS: The Workers Independent News Service WINS invites you to help launch WINS - New York. ***Meet Amy Goodman & listen to Judy Gorman perform! When: Monday June 14th Where: 303 W 66th St Apt 2HE Time: 7:30 PM Meet WINS Producer Sarah Turner and Executive Producer and Frank Emspak. WINS is a voice for working people on the air. The WINS headline news is broadcast daily on over 40 stations. Another 80 carry WINS material regularly. Visit our web site at and listen to the news! Help build WINS and bring our voice to the air waves! RSVP: Sarah Turner 212-608-6121 or Can’t come? Please send your tax deductible contribution to: WINS 520 University Ave, Suite 310, Madison WI 53703 Make checks out to WINS (WCF) more...  2 Comments

Support Steven Kurtz

Louis Hillman | Dr. Steven Kurtz, Professor of Art at SUNY Buffalo, and members of Critical Arts Ensemble are facing a federal grand jury in Buffalo, NY, June 15. more...  1 Comments

Starbucks Obstructing First US Union Vote

IU/660 | New York, NY- The Starbucks Baristas Union and community members across the country have condemned repeated attempts by the company to deny workers a fair vote on the Union. more...  7 Comments

Images: Memorial Day NYC

fred askew | Memorial Day photographs NYC 2004 more...  0 Comments

Right Wing Charter Schools

Spastica Rex | Not only have charter (schools) failed to deliver the goods as promised, but their champions have often used a double standard to evaluate them. more...  0 Comments

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