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NYC Friday, terror warning?? unannounced?

mc | Rumors of threats circulating through E-Mail? more...  15 Comments

Center For Constitutional Rights Files RICO Lawsuit Against Abusers

NYC IMC | Represented by the New York City-based Center for Constitutional Rights, victims of torture by US military contractors in Iraq fiiled a lawsuit today against the Titan Corporation of San Diego, California and CACI International of Arlington, Virginia.

According to Jeffrey E. Fogel, Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, “CACI and Titan perpetrated brutal human rights abuses to obtain information, a practice that is not only barbaric but leads to false confessions.  The modern way to describe this is outsourcing torture; in the old days we’d call these people mercenaries.”

The difficulty in prosecuting military contractors in Iraq has been widely acknowledged.

more...  0 Comments

Animal Rights Campaigners Arrested for Running Website

Fernando | 7 activists arrested for running a website. Vested interests seek to make an example of open activists under the guise of fighting "domestic terrorism". more...  1 Comments

Make Yr. Mark - Add your voice to the NY Public Archive

Red76 | Portland/Chicago based arts collaborative Red76 will be in NYC to kick of a new project entitled NY Public Archive. NY Public Archive will be housed at the Drawing Center (35 Wooster St.) and will serve as a space for folks to go and write and draw whatever it is that they are seeing, feeling, thinking in NYC right now. The hope being to create an archive from the material gathered of a finite period in the history of a place and time. As well to have the project serve as a framework for people to realize the potential of speaking their minds. more...  0 Comments


madhatter | LOBBY for RIGHT for PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY more...  0 Comments

Urgent Alert: Expansion of Patriot Act in one week

JonSTeps | The Loyal Nine is asking all organizations and individuals for their help as soon as possible. Over the period of the next week we are encouraging everyone to flood their representatives telephone, email and fax lines with their disapproval of the expansion of the Patriot Act. Please read the action alert below and pass it onto your friends, and other groups you work with. Thank you for your help more...  2 Comments

Protest the Arrest of 7 Activists on "Terrorism" Charges!

Frank | Protest the Arrest of 7 Activists on "Terrorism" Charges! Protest: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 9 a.m. SHARP! 402 E. State St. Trenton, NJ more...  1 Comments

RIVERKEEPER STATEMENT on June 8th Indian Point Emergency Exercise

madhatter | RIVERKEEPER STATEMENT on June 8th Indian Point Emergency Exercise more...  0 Comments

Counter-Protest at Reagan Praise Vigil This Wednesday

web watcher | Candlelight Vigil for Ronald Reagan To give New Yorkers a chance to express their feeling of loss, we will hold a candlelight vigil to honor the life and memory of our greatest President. Please join us Wednesday, June 9, in Bryant Park from 8pm - 9:30pm. Bryant Park is on Sixth Ave between 40th and 42nd Streets behind the NY Public Library. Organized by the Independent Young Republican Club. For more info email RobertH -AT- more...  18 Comments

Support Legal Aid: Friday Rally at City Hall

wesley | * Preserve Access to Representation for the Poor * Save Legal Aid! * Stop the Layoffs more...  0 Comments

surveillance cameras in NYU area

Surveillance Camera Players | In the last 1.5 years, the number of surveillance cameras in the NYU area has more than doubled. more...  3 Comments



Killer, Coward, Conman - Good Riddance, Ronnie Reagan

dxt | Further proof that only the good die young. Different people have different opinions about the life of Ronald Reagan - but there's one think I think everyone agrees on. America will be forever in his debt. Marc Perkel more...  2 Comments

June 20: ART AUCTION and fundraiser for Palestinian Refugees - Details + Artists!

New Jersey Solidarity | art fundraiser for Palestine more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Tonight-Legal Aid Layoffs plus Bill Moyers and Meizhu Lui on Income Inequality,

mimi rosenberg and ken Nash | MORE THAN 250 PINK SLIPS THREATEN LEGAL SERVICES FOR THE POOR with Jim Rogers, Pres,Assn of Legal Aid Attorneys- And –“It’s a Class War and We’re Loosing” with Bill Moyer & Income inequality Matters with Meizhu Lui, United for a Fair Economy more...  0 Comments

there should be a way for IMC software to allow posting in non-english

Rob | am I right? more...  0 Comments

RNC overview (please comment and suggest additions)

rncwatcher | When the Republicans come to New York City for their convention, August 30-September 2, they will be greeted by every form of non-violent protest imaginable. Workers, students, parents, immigrants, radicals, people with AIDS, homeless people, anarchists, victims of the drug war, opponents of the Iraq occupation, bicyclists, actors, musicians, and civil disobedients will all be voicing dissent in their particular ways to Bush's policies and the government he represents. All of the city's independent resources - those not controlled by the city or large corporations like ClearChannel - are being mustered for the purpose. People from across the country are coming to join in the protests and cultural events. more...  12 Comments

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop

BlackRoseHere! | ..."Come and Give Feedback on Our Draft Political Platform Surveys..." ..."Be a part of the New York City Local Organizing Commitee..." more...  0 Comments


_NoRNC SPoT | A 30-second animated call to action. more...  2 Comments

Military Intimidation at G-8 IMC & St. John's

Carol | This morning a humvee with 3 military personnel parked across from the St. John's Missionary Baptist Church, which happens to be the church of the Reverend Zack Lyde, signer of the Fair World Fair permit applications, and plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit brought against the unconstitutional anti-protest laws passed shortly before the Summit (these laws were proposed to the local officials by the G-8 Legal Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the US Department of Justice). more...  1 Comments

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