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Solidarity for APOC-Pack the Courts June 29

anarchist | We need to pack the courts and show solidarity with the APOC arrestees on June 29 at Brooklyn Criminal Court, Jury Room One, 120 Schermerhorn St. in Brooklyn. more...  1 Comments

G-8 in Georgia: Model for repression at Democratic and Republican party conventions is martial law, negating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbidding federal troops from deployment in domestic policing

Chris Powers of Rochester, NY | The Summit of the Group of Eight (G-8), the US and other wealthy “democracies,” networked from June 8-10 in Georgia to advance their free market plans while a state of emergency led to the suspension of basic constitutional rights. Not the “Miami model” of repression but the logical next step of domestic repression. more...  1 Comments

1st Amendment Mob Tuesday, Billy Back From London

Michael ONeil | The Amendment is real but the cell phones don't have to be! Recite the 1st Amendment in the form of old-fashioned guerrilla theater. Then go to the hearing on our right to assemble on Wednesday! more...  2 Comments

Photo Essay: Puerto Rican Day Parade

Irina Ivanova | more...  7 Comments

International Call for Support and Action (resist the DNC)

Bl(A)ck Tea Society | We will resist the DNC with all of our might. We will make the delegates realize we do not want them in our fair city. We will refuse to recognize the State and we will continue to fight against the crook that is nominated. We will not ask for freedom, we will demand it. more...  0 Comments

anti-Fringe infringement festival is born!

Optative Theatrical Laboratories | ...Montreal has a history of rebellion as long as the list of festivals that take the city by storm throughout the lazy, hazy days of summer...Enter the Infringement Festival, the anti-Fringe Festival fringe festival. Several NYC theater activists are playing in the fest. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Mon Night - When Reagan was Liberal; Starbucks Union; Home Health Aides

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio’s Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash June 14, 2004, 7 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments


Samantha Heller | "Bushville" to be reconstructed Monday, June 14th at 4pm in Jersey City more...  1 Comments

The Perkins / Miller Resolution on the RNC

City Hall | the Council of the City of New York acknowledges the responsibility of the police department and other City officials to protect public safety and uphold the exercise of First Amendment rights; however, in executing these responsibilities, the police department and City officials must ensure that First Amendment activity is not prohibited, denied or limited except when based upon legitimate public safety concerns. more...  5 Comments

Michael Moore's new film and P2P video potential

techstrategy blog | What if and why not? If anyone has connections with Michael Moore, he could be on the leading edge of film and video distribution and emerging gaian democracies sharing information if he'd do this..... more...  3 Comments

The shout heard around the world

Local anti-authoritarians | A call to action for the RNC written by local anti-authoritarians more...  11 Comments

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Those Old Protest Tactics Have to Go: NYTimes on RNC Organizing

By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLDRandal C. Archibold (NYT) | When protesters descend on the Republican convention this summer, Christian Herold will be there with bells on. Then, he will ring them. Mr. Herold has ordered hundreds of one-inch, gold-plated bells - the kind that could easily adorn a Christmas tree - that he plans to distribute to any takers. He will call participants in his Ring Out project to surround ground zero - as close as they can - and raise a cacophony to "ring out the Republicans" shortly before the convention opens on Aug. 30. more...  6 Comments

Sibel Edmonds 911 Court Date Monday: Massive Turnout Requested

Sibel Edmonds (repost) | An email from Sibel Edmonds: For over two years Attorney General John Ashcroft has been relentlessly engaged in covering up my reports and investigations into my allegations. He has asserted the rarely invoked State Secret Privilege in my court proceedings, and has used it to quash a subpoena request for my deposition from attorneys representing 9/11 family members on information regarding 9/11. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Union Member Profiled in NY Times

IU/660 | Rebel Barista With a Cause (Make That a Venti) more...  2 Comments

Bikes Against Bush - maiden voyage

linkmeister | I Love New York more...  2 Comments

Develop-- don't dest roy Brook lyn

Brooklyn Activist | Action Alert: rally on Saturday June 19th, 2pm more...  0 Comments

Day of Action & Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers 6/12

info | International Day of Action & Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers June 12, 2004 more...  8 Comments

June 11: Honor Memory of Ray Charles 1930-2004

You Are My Sunshine | On June 11, 2004, we mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Ray Charles. With the passing of outstanding musician Ray Charles on June 10, 2004, our "national day of mourning: on June 11, 2004 should resound with the music of Ray Charles, who came from the poorest of the poor of the African-American community of the US. more...  1 Comments

New Paltz Mayor Cleared of Criminal Charges for Gay Marriage; Injunction Remains

Mike Hill, AP; Mark Dunlea, HM IMC | On Thursday, a town judge dismmissed criminal charges against New Paltz Mayor Jason West (Green Party) for marrying gay couples. However, earlier this week another local judge issued a permanent injunction against West performing any more same-sex marriages; West plans to appeal. And a Democratic member of the Town Board, back by a national law firm opposed to gay rights, plans legal action to remove West from office. West's attorney responded to Thursday's decision by stating: "The court has ruled that same-sex couples have not just some of the same rights, and a modicum of legal protection from blatant discrimination, but full equality in the eyes of the law. It is the first time that any court in this state has declared that same-sex couples have the same rights, same status, and same dignity as every other citizen. If history is any guide, this is the beginning of an unstoppable trend in New York." more...  0 Comments

Party 4 The Indy--50th Issue Benefit Bash in Bushwick Saturday Night

imcista | Party with The Indypendent Saturday night as it celebrates its 50th issue. No long-winded speeches. Just a night of smoking turntables, crazy dancing and unrestrained revelry featuring DJs Carmen Mitchell and Mike Burke. The Indypendent is NYC's only radical grassroots community newspaper, published biweekly with more than 10,000 copies of each issue distributed for free throughout the city. Its volunteers will be on the frontlines of the Republican National Convention covering the protests like no one else. Support the Media that supports the movement. And bring your amigos. Location: 207A Starr St., Apt. 2, Bushwick. Directions: Take the L train to Brooklyn, exit at the Jefferson stop. Walk a half block down Starr St. btw Wycoff and Irving. Look for black door in red brick building. Starts at 9 p.m. Suggested donation: $5-10. || PDF for Issue #50 more...  0 Comments

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