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This is sorta offtopic (I already emailed indymedia about this)

R | using the firefox and mozilla browsers to browse this website instead of Micro$oft IE. more...  3 Comments

Right to Assemble Resolution Passed 5-0

Andy Harris | On June 16, the Governmental Operations Committee of the City Council approved a resolution that calls on the NYPD, the Parks Department, and Mayor Bloomberg's office to respect the First Amendment rights of protesters at the Republican National Convention this summer. Passing with a vote of 5-0 with one abstention, the Right to Assemble Resolution was sponsored by Speaker Gifford Miller and 18 other Council members. At issue are the denial of rally and march permits, designated "protest zones," use of barricades and excessive force at protests, and surveillance and infiltration of activist groups. Representatives from the NYCLU and United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) testified in support of the resolution. more...  0 Comments


GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | RACE TO THE BOTTOM....gentrification, deunionization and construction worker superexploitation in Northern Manhattan's luxury housing sector more...  1 Comments

Sisterfire NYC Throws Free Concert In Riverbank Park To Build Awareness Around Violence Against Women of Color

By The Sisterfire Collective | Come out to raise awareness and unite our communities to end all forms of violence against women of color with FREE music, performances, dance,arts & crafts, contests, and poetry for all ages at Riverbank Park on Saturday, June 19th! Come out to Sisterfire NYC! more...  0 Comments

Direct Action Works! 87 firms that have dumped HLS

SHAC supporter | Some of these companies dropped Huntingdon "Life" Sciences as soon as they found out what HLS really does, others required serious persuasion, but all have seen the light and severed all ties with the puppy killers. Soon, nobody will deal with HLS, and the torture chambers will close. more...  1 Comments

Theaters Against War's June Freedom Follies

Sophia Skiles | Theaters Against War’s ( Monthly Pro-peace Cabaret of short performances and readings… THAW's June Freedom Follies -- Freedom of Assembly: All Together Now more...  0 Comments

Yikes, new police weapon.

j0hn | Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe. more...  1 Comments

Right to Assemble Resolution Passed by Committee

Matt Wasserman | The Govermental Operations Committee passed the Right to Assemble Resolution today. The proposed resolution calls on city officials to respect the First Amendment rights of protesters at the Republican National Convention this summer. more...  4 Comments

Surviving Deadly Heat at this Summer’s Political Demonstrations

kirsten anderberg | read on more...  1 Comments

Housing is needed for RNC big time!

jane doe | we need your help in housing thousands of people coming to the nyc for the rnc. more...  0 Comments

UFPJ and other organizations demand permits

Diane Greene Lent | June 15; United for Peace and Justice and other organizations held a press conference in front of Madison Square Garden to demand that the City grant permits for several demonstrations during the Republican Convention more...  2 Comments

Testimony for Right to Assemble Hearing

Alex Vitale | Testimony for Right to Assemble Hearing more...  0 Comments

Police Brutality in Brooklyn

funypd | Police attack post- Puerto Rican Day Parade Party in Brooklyn. more...  2 Comments

Ring with runes o be carried from DNC to RNC and destroyed

Luke from DC | The Ring Project will carry a ring bearing runes reading "Bush Uber Alles" from the Democratic to teh Republican Convention, where it will be melted down in a public ceremony. See image. more...  0 Comments

Reading: McCarthy-Era Lessons for Ashcroft's America | Filmmaker Michael Moore calls the book, AN EXECUTION IN THE FAMILY, "Inspirational, moving, engaging, should be required reading." Meet author & Rosenberg son Robert Meeropol as he celebrates the release of the paperback of his remarkable memoir, with NYC readings 6/17 and 6/21. more...  0 Comments

Rent Guidelines Board holds hearings on rent stabilization

Irina Ivanova | Plentiful and varied testimony from both landlords and tenants at today's Rent Guidelines Board hearings at Cooper Union quickly revealed very different and often conflicting interests. more...  2 Comments

Brooklyn Rally to rat out Ratner!

Brooklynite, alright! | As most of you know, i've been MIA the past few months, working in peak obsessive maniacal mode towards our June 19 Brooklyn Communities Party/Rally against the only man in my life these days - Mr. Bruce Ratner. So please come. Come and bring 5 people each - everyone you know - big and little - sweet and mean. And even if you don't care about the cause, then come anyway. There's music, dancing, vendors, beer in nearby Freddy's, whatever. Just come with 5 people each and spend some time in wonderful brooklyn. Pass it on. especially to listserves if you belong to any. We're aiming to get 3-5K out. We're gonna beat this thing. So pass the messege on. PS - if you want to bike in, then go to for details more...  2 Comments

Prospect Park Traffic-Calming Demonstration

TIME'S UP! | This is a fossil-fuel-free ride in Brooklyn's Prospect Park to help make park roads auto-free. more...  1 Comments

June 20: Updates! Artists and Performers! Art Auction and Fundraiser for Palestinian Refugees - Newark

New Jersey Solidarity | fundraiser for palestine more...  0 Comments

Fuck the RNC and DNC: Posters

manufactured patriot | Take-offs on the infamous "fuck the draft" poster. This time: Fuck the RNC and Fuck the DNC. more...  8 Comments

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