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January 2004 INDYPENDENT cover

ryan | January Indy cover more...  0 Comments

Flaming Fun & Films TONITE! @ ABC No Rio

Firestorm | TONIGHT @ ABC No Rio! 8 PM 8 PM 8 PM 8 PM 8 PM 8 PM more...  0 Comments

Which Candidate's Views are Closest to Your Own?

Woodsman | more...  18 Comments

What WBAI Needs to Be Real

the burningman | While the campaign for who will respresent the listeners of WBAI is in full swing, maybe what we really need is an open discussion of the kinds of programming that might make "free speech radio" a little more interesting. more...  14 Comments

Are Protests Like Running with the Bulls? DNC Boston and RNC NYC 2004...

Kirsten Anderberg | With planned protests at the DNC in Boston and RNC in NYC this summer, we need to look at the Chicago DNC riots of 1968...And we need to weigh reasonable force, and physical force versus verbal taunts, etc...history is repeating already... more...  5 Comments

Friday Vigil infront of Israeli Consulate!

Asaf Shtull-Trauring | Friday, 3:00 PM, a solidariy vigil with the jailed refusers back in Israel. Support those who obey their conscience and refuse to take part in the military regime, its occupation and war crimes. more...  14 Comments

WBAI Elections: The Slates

The Indypendent / Chris Anderson | There are four slates sponsoring candidates for the WBAI LSB more...  8 Comments

RNC Watch: Anti-Abortion Militant to Protest in NYC | From

Randall Terry, who used to head the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, is quiety returning to the national stage and has announced plans to stage protests in New York during the Republican National Convention. Bush, he says, is too weak on fighting abortion. In 1998 Terry ran for Congress in New York in part on a platform to execute doctors who perform abortions. At the time he said, "When I, or people like me, are running the country, you'd better flee, because we will find you, we will try you, and we'll execute you." He lost the race.

Visit for more information about the Republican National Convention coming to New York.

more...  3 Comments

INDYPENDENT January 14 - February 3, 2004

john | January 14 - February 3, 2004 issue of THE INDYPENDENT more...  1 Comments

We HAVE to remind you! We just HAVE to!

C.R.A.P. - CRAP - Campaign to Re-Appoint the President | When you think BUSH, think CRAP. You just don't get it: we HAVE to remind you, we just HAVE to. more...  8 Comments

MLK Day March for the Right to Non-Violent Civil Resistance

MLK Day organizing committee | MLK-DAY EMERGENCY COMMUNITY RESPONSE to escalation of Israeli violent against civil rights organizing in Israel/Palestine: March for the Right to Non-Violent Civil Resistance! WHEN: Monday, January 19th - MLK Day - Meet at 12:00 pm sharp. WHERE: March from 39th St & Broadway to Union Square (**NOTE THIS NEW LOCATION**) more...  0 Comments

Comcast's digital apartheid

l campeon | CHSI users not complying to reduce their consumption to an unknown lower level get axed and banned for a year. more...  4 Comments


jane doe | ABC No Rio PrintShop Benefit Featuring: Speakeasy Books Lie the Terribles at Jane Doe 93 Montrose Ave Brooklyn J, M, or Z Train to Lorimer; north on Lorimer; right on Montrose. OR L Train to Montrose; right on Montrose after exit. OR G Train to Broadway; north on Union; right on Montrose. Proceeds to benefit the ABC No Rio PrintShop. more...  4 Comments

NYC Indymedia Video Meeting Tonigth at EarthSaves

Brandon Jourdan | meeting moved to EarthSaves more...  0 Comments

Malcolm X mural

Anders Eiebakke | Malcolm X mural by Flite/Harlem (upper left), Goal/Oslo (lower left), Anders Eiebakke/Oslo (portrait), Bates/Copenhagen (upper right), Cope 2 (lower right). more...  3 Comments


anticapitalismo | Watch this video to see how police beat people and with what. This could be your block! more...  1 Comments

60 minutes: Bush planned Iraq war within 1st week in office

60 Minutes | Last night on 60 Minutes, former Treasury Dept. Secretary Paul O'Neill revealed that Bush was planning the war on Iraq within his first week in office. He also said that Bush was "like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people." more...  2 Comments

Spotted: TV Lies ... Read the Indypendent

imc fan | Found on East Houston more...  0 Comments

January 15, This Thursday - Protest in NYC to say NO to Bush's War!

New Jersey Solidarity | This Thursday, Jan. 15, join labor, tenants, anti-war and other activists in protesting Bush's war and his convention at Madison Square Garden. Carry on MLK's work on the 75th anniversary of his birth. more...  3 Comments

L.A. RCYB Member Faces Unjust Charges

revolutionary worker | On January 20 of last year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, over 50,000 people gathered in South Central L.A. to celebrate and commemorate the life of MLK. The MLK Day parade has become the largest gathering of Black people in the L.A. area. Like previous years, many from the Black community, along with others from different nationalities, lined the sides of the street to check out local radio station personalities and Black celebrities, community drill teams and high school marching bands, and community organizations and activists participating in the parade. As in years past, the police were everywhere too -- on horseback, on bicycles, and on foot. more...  0 Comments

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