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Feminist Book Sale! Help raise money for Jane Doe Books!

Jane Doe Books | Books for Sale at Jane Doe Books, your local feminist lending library. more...  0 Comments

Direct Action Training-2PM at St Marks Church-Saturday!

bill harris | come to this direct action training. it will be worth it. more...  1 Comments

Celebrate Emma Goldman's Birthday

J Fasulo | 4:00-6:30 Celebrate Emma Goldman on her birthday on June 27th! Location: CBGB's Gallery at 313 Bowery, (right next dooer to CBGB's) Take 6 train to Bleeker St. walk 2 blocks to Bowery. $5 dollar donation suggested to cover cost of event, if you can't afford $5, pay what you can! more...  0 Comments

NYPD Establishing Protest Pit for RNC

Alex S. Vitale | Feel free to repost and forward more...  14 Comments

30 blocks will be closed during RNC

associated press | about 30 blocks will be closed for the NYC RNC. just in more...  1 Comments

No Permission Required: Libertarians Announce "Unauthorized" RNC Protest

Manhattan Libertarian Party | The Manhattan Libertarian Party announces an "unauthorized" RNC protest in Central Park on August 29th. more...  21 Comments

Iraqi Women's Rights Activist Speaks at Bluestockings Bookstore NYC, Sunday June 27th 7pm

SOWFI (Solidarity with Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq) | “Iraqi Women Organizing for Freedom, Equality and Separation of Mosque and State” Internationally renowned Iraqi activist and fighter for women's rights Yanar Mohammed reports back on women's movement in Iraq and mass protest planned for June 30th "authority transfer" Talk and slide presentation Sunday March 27th at 7pm at Bluestockings Radical Books, NYC 172 Allen St. between Stanton and Rivington (1 block south of Houston adn 1st Ave.) 212-777-6028 more...  0 Comments

RNC visitors : Reserve housing in advance

CSD | It is necessary for those thinking of staying at a hostel or camping out to make reservations NOW. more...  2 Comments

Support DNC2RNC March!!!

DNC2RNC | Fellow Revolutionaries: The call for a march from the Democratic National Convention in Boston to the Republican National Convention in New York was put out only a few months ago, but groundwork has been laid, networks formed, and bridges traversed. While there is still much work that needs to be fulfilled, the visions of the world we know is possible are being brought to fruition by the solidarity shown in coordinating this project through a diverse coalition. To make visible the many alternatives to the coercive systems we resist, the march coalition has committed to embody structures based on compassion and mutual aid. In order to attain these goals, donations of every kind are vitally needed, including, but not limited to, $$$, art supplies, housing, medical supplies, food, outreach materials, and legal expertise. To provide any of these requested resources, please contact To send financial contributions, click on the make a donation button on the opening page of or send us a check made out to DNC2RNC at: 14 Lopez St. Cambridge, MA 02139. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Tax-deductible receipts are available upon request. In solidarity, DNC2RNC Finance Committee more...  0 Comments

Greene Dragon's Declartion of Independence 2004

Jonny America | July 4th: High Noon 26 Wall St., Washington Statue, steps of Federal Hall See your name go down in history. Come and be an original signer of the Declaration of Independence 2004 from King George (Bush) II. Wearing updated colonial uniforms, the patriotic revelers of Greene Dragon will read off a “Glossary of Tyranny” listing grievances against George II, proclaim the people’s independence from our current corporate monarchy, and offer a new vision of hope and government accountability for the future. more...  1 Comments

Join the IKEA Traffic Jam (Bikes Invited)

Jym Dyer | Demonstrate how IKEA traffic will choke Red Hook. more...  4 Comments

South South Bronx People's Environmental Bike Tour

TIME'S UP! | Take a trip on the wild side for a unique view of what used to be called the "South Bronx." more...  0 Comments

Candidates: Socialism key to LGBT liberation

John Parker, Teresa Gutierrez & LeiLani Dowell | It's crucial in this election year that we have our own independent political movement that will fight for LGBT lives. more...  3 Comments

Brooklyn Resident Murdered in Haiti

Justin Felux | Cassey Auguste, a 22-year-old American citizen, was murdered in Haiti on March 3rd by members of the "Gonaives Resistance Front," a group whose human rights abuses have been given covert support and tacit approval by the Bush administration. more...  1 Comments

Why we should all go to the movies this weekend

jamie | Dear friends of human survival, It's time for a night out at the movies in a big way. Please read the note below and pass it on and I bet we can cause a lot of extra popcorn to be consumed this weekend! We might not have ever had such an opportunity to have fun and support greater awareness for a saner world by going to the movies. Lots of love, jamie more...  0 Comments

Republican Conventioneers Hotel List

SCARE | more...  1 Comments

Pacifica Pride Coverage June 27th

John Riley | Sunday, June 27th, Pacifica station will air 8 hours of bi-coastal Pride coverage by WBAI'S OutFM in New York and KPFA'S Full Circle in Berkeley. more...  0 Comments

GOP Events: August 29-September 2

nestor | Some of the events the GOP will be partying at during the RNC. You get the idea. more...  0 Comments

DNC2RNC Consulta

DNC2RNC | DNC2RNC Organizing Consulta Info more...  0 Comments


Samantha Heller | Party to Benefit Bushville Tent City and "March For Our Lives" Thursday, June 24th, 7-10PM, Guernica - 25 Avenue B more...  0 Comments

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