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Hannity Wants YOU to Volunteer at the RNC

! | - from sean hannity's web site - "We Need Your Help! We want to deputize you, and put you to work as a volunteer later this summer, when the Republican National Convention comes to New York City in August. more...  5 Comments

RNC Delegate List

Anonymous Affinity Grou[ | List of over 1600 rnc delegates. more...  0 Comments

We Will Not Be Silenced! No to Fake Sovereignty! Defend Your Right to Protest at the RNC!

dustin langley | Join us as we protest against the phony "turnover of power" and to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq. Also, we will be demanding our right to protest at the sight of the RNC. more...  6 Comments

Building Bridges Mon. 6-28-Wal-Mart Discrimination; NYC Unemployment

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, June 28, 2004, 7 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio - National Edition: Walls or Bridges?- From Palestine to N.Y.C.

Ken Nash & Mmim Rosenberg | Building Bridges Radio presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEBCAST AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. more...  0 Comments

Glorious Departures in US History

Photo Moto | PAUL Bremer, the much-criticised US administrator in Iraq, flew out of the country last night about two hours after handing sovereignty to an interim Government. Robert Tappan, director of the US-led coalition's press office, confirmed, 'Ambassador Bremer has left the country.' more...  0 Comments

Images: Pride Parade

fred askew | Photographs from the NYC Gay Pride Parade more...  1 Comments

united against torture

tkt | international contest more...  0 Comments

make the rnc a surrealist revolution

cocaine carrot | “{True ambivalent and universal laughter does not deny seriousness but purifies and completes it. Laughter purifies from dogmatism, from the intolerant and the petrified; it liberates from fanaticism and pedantry, from fear and intimidation, from didacticism, naiveté and illusion, from the single meaning, the single level, from sentimentality. Laughter does not seriousness to atrophy and to be torn away from the one being, forever incomplete. It restores this ambivalent wholeness. Such is the function of laughter in the historical development of culture and literature.” bakhtin more...  0 Comments

Small Victory in Continuing Fight to Exonerate Juanita Young

October 22nd Coalition--New York | Judge Seth Martin dismissed one of the three charges facing Juanita Young in her fight against the illegal eviction she and family suffered last June 8, 2003. more...  0 Comments

CBS Leaves "Ground Zero" Out of 1st Amendment Mob Segment

Michael ONeil | CBS aired a fairly sympathetic segment on how Rev Billy and the 1st Amendment Mobs, along with UFPJ and Leslie Cagan, are making efforts to interject dissent into the scene of the RNC more...  0 Comments

Jamil al-Amin Article ( Current Political Prisoner)

Umar (written by Ekwueme Michael Thelwell) | As we organize towards a NYC gathering on the unjust incarceration of Jamil al-Amin (the former H. Rap Brown) I encourage people to read this article to learn about the situation. more...  1 Comments

infiltrate the RNC the easy way!

anonymous | The Republican National Convention is looking for volunteers. You can apply online at more...  1 Comments

The WWP, main force behind the Antiwar ANSWER, Splits

By Simon Morales | It is secretly being screamed all over left circles. The Workers’ World Party (WWP) has splintered. This will have no importance in the news if it wasn’t for the fact that for a long time the WWP – a formation of about 300 militants nationwide -- allegedly dominated ANSWER, one of the main antiwar coalitions in the US. more...  14 Comments

Pack the courtroom-Tuesday 6/29 Anarchist People of Color court date

dr | Please show up at 9AM at this very important court date for the people arrested at the APOC party last November. Brooklyn Criminal Court, Jury Room One, 120 Schermerhorn St. in Brooklyn. more...  2 Comments

One NY Green Didn't Like Cobb Nomination

marco | Paul Gilman is disappointed that David Cobb won the nomination last night here in Milwaukee. Wisconsin. "Overall, Nader and Camejo are a lot more popular," he said, "with the rank and file of Greens." more...  0 Comments

WSQT Guerilla Radio warns Bloomberg on permits

WSQT Radio 16980 AM (DC) | WSQT (the Squat) is guerilla radio broadcasting from the heart of Occupied Washington. Since most of our people will be in NY for the Convention, we have decided to air and post this warning to Mayor Bloomberg. more...  2 Comments


Syracuse Animal Rights Organization | IGNITING A REVOLUTION: An analysis of the Earth Liberation Front In Syracuse, NY (the day after Total Liberation Festival) more...  0 Comments

Fired up by Mike Moore's new movie?

jamie | Fan the flames of dissent. Show them which side you're on! more...  5 Comments

Boston Anarchist Soccer Tournament // July 11th

Bl(A)ck Tea Society | Boston Anarchist Soccer Tournament Sunday, July 11th more...  0 Comments

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