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Indypendent July 1: Hackers On Planet Earth Conference Set to Hit NYC

Andy Harris | Hackers are usually painted as a menace to society, but they play a big role in publicizing the private world of technology. When a group of hackers downloaded Diebold’s election software and exposed security holes in the company’s electronic voting machines, they sparked a national controversy. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent July 1: Hip Hop Schools the World at National Summit

Ana Noguiera | An interview with Hip Hop Political Convention organizer Rosa Clemente. more...  1 Comments

Brooklyn Critical Mass -- Inaugural Ride!

Jym Dyer | Critical Mass, the ride where bicyclists and other nonpolluting folks take to the streets in nearly 400 locations worldwide, comes to Brooklyn in one week! more...  1 Comments

Republicans and Sex Workers at the RNC: Good Old-Fashioned Pleasure (GOP)

kirsten anderberg | This August (2004), New York City will host the Republican National Convention (RNC). And the sex industry says it is gearing up for those “family value” Republicans to hit town with their fat wallets. During the FTAA protests in Miami in 2003, a judge said he watched police break laws all around him, and that the only reason he, himself, was not assaulted or arrested was that the police recognized him as a judge. And knowing full well that police officers and politicians are no strangers to the sex industry, as paying customers, I wonder how that plays out in real life during protests and police riots. Would a cop in NYC, for instance, jeopardize his working relationship with his favorite sex worker, by being violent on that person if they met on the front lines during the RNC protests this summer? Would a sex worker return to their previous working relationship with a cop in private, after experiencing assaults from him during political protests in public? Adversely, would police target sex workers they see at protests, later, on the streets, after the RNC, under the radar, when things return to “normal?” Unlike many of the protesters who come in from elsewhere and leave after the protests, people who work on NYC’s streets have to deal with the NYC police day in and out, and thus their participation in the week’s protest events during the RNC would have different considerations, I would think, than the out of town activist contingency. more...  0 Comments

The nature of this moment

jamie | The nature of this moment jamie 01 Jul 2004 20:32 GMT Sheikh Janabi said that the United States was using Zarqawi as a pretext to attack Iraqis, just as it had more...  0 Comments

DEFEND NEW YORK From the RNC: We Choose the World (Indypendent, July 1)

Jed Brandt (Indypendent) | The Republican Party couldn’t have picked a worse place to launch Bush’s re-coronation. With the army neck deep in Baghdad, it seems they have a uniquely hard time knowing where they’re not wanted. From his Pharisee fundamentalism to that frat boy smirk, it’s like Bush was created in a lab just to make a New Yorker’s skin crawl. Maybe it takes an enemy the size of Bush to bring this city together. Out of sight of the TV cameras and spin doctors, that’s exactly what’s happening. more...  25 Comments

Chinatown lockdown

NYCLU repost | NYPD expansion into Chinatown, barriers, checkpoints, surveillance, etc more...  0 Comments

The Acosta Family invite you to their 4th of July BBQ!

acosta family | Click onto the link below to see flyer with photos of 62 year old Margarita being stripped of her clothes and being drag by Police: more...  0 Comments

Times Readers Rejoyce! Tired Windbag Tom Friedman on 3 Month "Vacation"

chris | ...and this month, Barbara Ehrenreich is taking his place. more...  1 Comments

Images: Protesting Occupations & False Sovereignty

fred askew | Protesting Occupations & False Sovereignty more...  2 Comments

Support the M26 defendants! Party Invite

v. rothschild | more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Union Announces Support for Fair Trade Coffee

IWW IU/660 | New York, NY- The Starbucks Baristas Union and the international human rights group Global Exchange have united to call on Starbucks to fulfill its commitment to coffee farmers as well as its café workers. more...  0 Comments

Benefit for Black Tea Society (DNC protests) July 3 at bluestockings | Saturday, July 3rd New York City Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St. 7:00-10:00pm, All Ages. $5 donation requested. more...  2 Comments

Cheney Booed at Yankees Stadium

yogi | Vice President WarMonger gets a Bronx Cheer from the hard-working people of NYC more...  3 Comments

NikkiTX plays the Boogaloo

Travis | Houston band Nikki TX is playing the Boogaloo on Thursday, July 8. more...  0 Comments

info about APOC jury selection????

anon | -- more...  0 Comments

RNC desperate for volunteers - SIGN UP NOW!

@ | imagine the possibilities... more...  2 Comments

Access Denied! CCNY Prof Arrested for Entering Baruch College

Hank Williams | Bill Crain, a Psychology Professor at the City College of New York, was arrested on June 23rd by Baruch College security officers for trying to enter the Vertical Campus, their main academic building, and charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. Crain agreed to accept lesser charges and was released early the next day. more...  4 Comments

Free Speech Under Attack in East Rutherford, NJ

New Jersey Solidarity | Free speech and Palestine are under attack in East Rutherford, NJ more...  3 Comments

High Times activist guide launch party- FREE!

not stoned | Find hope on the Bowery with High Times. And it's free. politics war and a blow out party more...  2 Comments

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