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Page 2: Fears of Attack at Conventions Drive New Plans

sabate, repost from the Times | Page 2 more...  2 Comments

Fears of Attack at Conventions Drive New Plans

sabate. repost from the Times | So it begins. more...  1 Comments

The Indypendent July 1-20

nyc imc print team | The Indypendent July 1-20, 2004 more...  0 Comments

Police brutality on 4th of July revisited

Dennis Flores | The Acosta Family invite you to their 4th of July BBQ! Last 4th of July 72pct police in Sunset Park attacked the Acostas! This year the Acosta Family take back their block ! Support a family and a community hold up their dignity in displaying courage by not succumbing to the ill-will of an abusive police precinct more...  1 Comments

So, I went to a RNC volunteer orientation...

@ | (From the open publishing newswire) "At the orientation, you basically sit at a table with what is ostensibly an interviewer who will ask for 2 forms of government ID (i.e. license and social security card; or just 1 if it's a passport) and ask you a couple simple questions. make yourself sound all nice and eager and shit. then they tell you..." more...  2 Comments

Press Statement: Family beaten by NYPD on 4th of July, Rally and BBQ revisited

Dennis Flores | This 4th of July will be the one year anniversary of the attack on the Acosta Family by former 72nd precinct captain, Dominic Gentile, and scores of police officers whom rained punches, kicks, racist slurs and disgusting insults upon Margarita, Jose, Elena, Marisol, Darrell, Edgar, and others. What prompted last year’s vicious attack was Captain Gentile’s allegation that he was responding to a noise complaint (which to date has not been substantiated by the precinct, courts, or attorneys), resulting in the brutalization of the family, their friends, and neighbors, as well as felony assault charges and a list of misdemeanor charges against Margarita, Marisol, Jose, Elena, and Edgar. Pictures of the family’s injuries have been the source of major media attention in the past year, especially those that captured Margarita’s 62 year-old body covered in bruises, getting shoved into a police paddywagon, handcuffed, shirtless and shoeless, the very night of the attack. more...  0 Comments

Baristas Union Prevails: Labor Board Affirms Starbucks Workers’ Right to a Vote

IU/660 | New York, NY- Starbucks was handed a major defeat Friday when the National Labor Relations Board Region 2 issued its decision upholding the right of Starbucks workers at the 36th and Madison store in Midtown Manhattan to vote in a union certification election. more...  4 Comments

Names/addresses of RNC delegates!

no rnc in nyc | here is a list of names and addresses of all rnc delegates that we can find. more...  4 Comments

Starbucks Union Announces Support for Fair Trade Coffee

Worker Independence | Workers Form Groundbreaking Partnership with Global Exchange more...  1 Comments

"Liberty Bound" goes even further than "Fahrenheit"

Kalitara | Liberty Bound - A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.

Theatrically released in France and now available on DVD in USA & Canada

more...  2 Comments

Cornerstone at Ground Zero Sunday

coverup | Gov. officials at Ground Zero (GOP Inc.) to exploit the crime scene for political leaders' face time. more...  0 Comments

Youth Convergence for Books Not Bombs August 28

NYSPC | YOUTH CONVERGENCE FOR BOOKS NOT BOMBS Before a week in the streets against the Republican National Convention... Come to NYC on August 28 to build the youth & student movement! more...  0 Comments

Film Screening of "Fourth World War" @Brecht Forum July 8th, 6PM

kazembe | Film Screening of Fourth World War Envisioning Revolution, Practicing Autonomy Reflections on Zapatismo from Inside the Belly of the Beast Facilitated by Members of the Estacion Libre Collective more...  0 Comments

Summer Activism Heats Up! Join the Young Democratic Socialists this summer in Boston, New York City and beyond!

YDS | more...  1 Comments

Indypendent July 1: SEIZE THE MOMENT, RNC Offers the Left a Unique Chance

A.K. Gupta | By holding their convention in New York, the Republicans have handed the left a historic opportunity. There is a phenomenal outpouring of activity. Literally thousands of political groups plan to protest at the RNC. Yet what are we opposing? more...  2 Comments

Indypendent July 1: WORD ON THE STREET, No RNC Poster Collective Paints the Town Red

Ryan Nuckel | The No RNC Poster Project started when a small group of friends with experience in graphic design and independent media came together to collect and distribute poster art against this summer’s Republican National Convention. more...  0 Comments

THE PERFECT STORM, New York Gets Ready for the RNC

Jed Brandt | Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen, but Bush is in the doghouse here in New York and activists and radicals are getting ready for the mother of all showdowns. more...  2 Comments

Indypendent July 1: Access Denied! CCNY Professor Arrested for Entering Baruch College

Hank Williams | Bill Crain, a psychology professor at City College of New York, was arrested on June 23 by Baruch College security officers for trying to enter its main building. He was charged with criminal trespass resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Crain agreed to accept lesser charges and was released early the next day. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent July 1: Showtime in Stewart Trial

Mike Burke | It is a case of a librarian-turned-defense attorney, a New York University graduate student and a Staten Island postal worker who the government claims led a secret life as an Islamic jihadist. It involves a blind spiritual leader jailed in the United States and a fight in Egypt between the government and Islamicist groups who want Egypt to become an Islamic state. Osama Bin Laden even makes a guest appearance in the narrative. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent July 1: Rents Going Up, Again

Steven Wishnia | Despite about 200 angry protesters who chanted “We Say No” loud enough to stop the proceedings, the city Rent Guidelines Board slapped rent-stabilized tenants with a 6.5 percent increase on June 17. more...  0 Comments

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