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Images: Arab-American Street Festival

fred askew | Arab-American and North African Street Festival more...  1 Comments

Anarchy Threats to City: Cops Fear Hard-Core Lunatics Plotting Convention Chaos

Hard-Core Lunatic | (Impressive journalism on the front page of today's NY Daily News) more...  15 Comments

Call for A31 to be moved to A30

edith | Someone brought up a valid point concerning out-of-towners and their ability to stick around NYC for as long as possible, hopefully until the closing demonstrations. more...  7 Comments

2004 Boston DNC Anti-War Street Protest Schedule

bob f. | If you're a NYC-based anti-war activist who's planning to come up to Boston to protest against the pro-war Democratic Party Establishment, here's a 2004 Boston DNC Anti-War Street Protest Schedule more...  2 Comments

Dennis Does the Deal: Kerry Team Settles Dispute With Kucinich Delegates Over Iraq - NYT

David Rosenbaum, NYT - repost from @ | So much for the 'anti-war voice' inside th DNC. more...  8 Comments

David McReynolds, Peace Activist, to run as Green for US Senate

Mark Dunlea | Long time peace activist David McReynold announced his candidacy today for US Senate on the Green Party line. "The overwhelming issue confronting the United States is the militarization of this country," stated McReynolds. "One result of this militarization is that when the nation faces a genuine crisis, as it did on September 11, 2001, the only response that comes to mind is military action - in that case the invasion of Afghanistan. Because of this military mind-set, George Walker Bush was able to gain broad support when he launched an aggressive war against Iraq. Currently tens of billions of dollars of national treasure are being drained in Iraq, the lives of our own troops, and the lives of many Iraqis, are being wasted as a result of this criminal adventure. more...  4 Comments

Nicholas Heyward Sr., Harrassed by NYPD--Again!

October 22nd Coalition--New York | October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation condemns the harassment of Nicholas Heyward Sr., a leading and outspoken advocate among family members who have lost loved ones at the hands of law enforcement. more...  2 Comments

Support the DNC Resolution to Uphold Constitutional Rights of Protesters

anonymous | A resolution to Uphold the Constitutional Rights of Protesters goes before the Boston City Council in a matter of days. Aimed at stopping the increasing trend of police repression seen during the FTAA in Miami and the G8 in Georgia The resolution will need your help in order to pass. more...  0 Comments

sonic weapons at the rnc | "With protestors coming to New York and Boston for the conventions, might we see the first domestic use this summer? Gruenler hints: 'All I can say is there are cities you would recognize.' " more...  9 Comments

Poster Art: give Monkey Boy a good old NYC welcome!

Mike Flugennock | Let the ruling class know you won't be an "extra" in a corporate fascist infomercial. more...  0 Comments

Cómo Sobrevivir el Calor Mortal en las Manifestaciones Politicas de Este Verano

kirsten anderberg | Las protestas políticas en el medio del verano, tales como las próximas protestas contra la Convención Nacional Republicana (RNC) de este agosto en NYC, mezclan calor y adrenalina en lo que puede ser una combinación mortal. En las protestas es necesario tomar medidas diferentes a las de una situación normal de calor, incluyendo la necesidad de ropa protectora, como manga larga, pantalones, y zapatos, cuando un@ normalmente eliminaría capas de ropa. Y la necesidad de evitar las cremas solares a base de aceite que podrían atrapar el spray pimienta sobre la piel. Luego están los típicos problemas que vigilar, por ejemplo la deshidratación, el cansancio y las lipotimias por calor y las quemaduras solares. La gente se olvida de que estando parado en el asfalto caliente rodeado por montones de cuerpos calientes durante horas se aumenta el calor del verano. Asimismo, a menudo se andan muchas millas en la ruta de la protesta, con todo poc@s se preparan para las manis como harían para las marchas por el monte del verano. La preparación para el calor, con un ambiente de la protesta en mente, aliviará presión a l@s médicos de la calle que a menudo son abrumados por los casos derivados del calor, y te dará más energía, y menos malestar, durante protestas en verano. more...  0 Comments

Seeking info about a NYC law dealing with parks

person | A question more...  4 Comments

Shackleton is Back in Town

Michael Christian | One hundred years ago Ernest Shackleton got married to Emily Dorman and then set out to impress her by trying to be the first man to cross the Antarctic Continent. In the process he got stuck in Antarctica with 27 men. His claim to fame is that after a two year life-and-death struggle he brought all his men home safely. What we need today are explorers who are willing to risk everything for love instead of warriors who risk everything for a corporate or national agenda. We need to bring back the age of personal fortitude to revive ourselves from the corporate mindlessness that has engulfed our nation. more...  7 Comments


cyril | CALL A NATIONWIDE STRIKE-AUGUST 30 more...  1 Comments

Protest FOX News during the RNC

wondering | Are any protests/actions planned to take place outside FOX News' headquarters in NYC during the Republican National Convention? more...  5 Comments

New Report on DNC/RNC: "Prime Time for Change"

smartMeme Strategy & Training Project | Grassroots organizers across the country are mobilizing their constituencies this summer for the 2004 Democratic and Republican National Conventions (DNC/RNC). Prime Time For Change: Grassroots Communications Strategies at the DNC/RNC 2004, produced by the smartMeme collective and the SPIN Project, looks at 84 organizations, mostly non-profits and unincorporated grassroots entities, that volunteered information about their upcoming Convention activities in Boston and New York. An "Organizer's Directory" of participating groups, matched up to the resources they require, is provided to facilitate the implementation of the suggested strategies and the sharing of resources. DOWNLOAD AT: more...  0 Comments

Tues 7/13: Mobilizing Meeting for UFPJ RNC Protest!

United for Peace & Justice | more...  1 Comments

NYTimes on RNC Parties

from RNCwatch | ...Party for the Log Cabin Republicans, held in Bryant Park on Sunday, Aug. 29; party at the Sky Club restaurant for the Republican Majority for Choice, Tuesday; barbecue for Hispanic members of Congress and other guests on Saturday, Gracie Mansion; welcoming party for the news media on Saturday, Time Warner Building... more...  2 Comments

New York's Alright: One Update on the RNC Protests

NYC Anarchist Grapevine | (from the Open Newswire): Scene report of the RNC Protests by local NYC anarchists.

The RNC protests are going to be huge! Hundreds of thousands will flood the streets: Democrats toeing the party line, liberals of all stripes, and communists of all sects. Even “the UNIONS are coming”! The hip hop kids are coming, the college kids are coming, the Greens are coming, Al Sharpton’s coming, the NGOs, Starhwak, the libertarians and tons of assorted wing-nuts will make an appearance. And don’t forget the millions of New Yorkers who hate Bush or are simply pissed-off because they have to be inconvenienced by closed-off streets, delayed subway trains, or police barricades- they’ll be there too. And more power to them, right?

more...  70 Comments

Canaries Sing in Mob Trial

Bennett Baumer | more...  0 Comments

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