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Transcript of Timoney Fox Interview

outfoxed | For those interested, here's a transcript of everyone's favorite cop Timoney on Fox News on Monday. Favorite question from the interviewer: "Now, do you believe that [the protesters] intention is to provide a smoke screen, a cover, while real terrorists slip around in the background and blow up something big? more...  6 Comments

NYPD is Concerned About The GREAT LAWN???

Osage (RCYB) | Iraq is in rubbles and we're supposed to care about foot traffic in Central Park?!?! more...  7 Comments

Benefit For Starbucks Union Legal Fund

Benjamin Ferguson | The Starbucks at 36 & Madison have a union election with the Industrial Workers of The World later this month. Come to the benefit & support the struggle! more...  2 Comments

Ed Koch sucks

* | * more...  7 Comments

Kelly Engages in Political Racketerring with "Final Offer" for Protesters

AP | The NYPD is attempting to force protesters to the periphery of the city where they will sit and bake in the sun, far from the Convention. The question now remains: Will UfPJ accept this anti-democratic threat or will they finally get some backbone? If you want to act like "leadership," then LEAD or get out of the way. more...  7 Comments

"More than a Million in the Streets!" RNC Protest Update and Graphic

Not in Our Name NYC | Join local efforts to get "More than a million in the streets when the Bush Team meets!" during the RNC August 29 through September 2. more...  53 Comments

Brutal Hate Crime Beating of Sikh Man in Queens, NYC on July 11: coalition press conference July 15

yellow | On Sunday, July 11, 2004, two Sikh men were attacked and beaten in Queens -- one of whom was beaten into unconsciousness. Community members have protested against the police's slow response. On Thuesday, July 15, a multiethnic coalition is holding a press conference to continue focusing on the need to address bias crimes in NYC. more...  0 Comments

What anarchists REALLY do (not so controversial) | Follow the link below to an index of what NYC Anarchists and anti-authoritarians are REALLY doing in and around NYC, including during the RNC. more...  4 Comments

Clear Channel Bans Peace Billboard in Times Square

madhatter | Clear Channel Bans Peace Billboard in Times Square more...  0 Comments

How I Would Protest The Republican Convention

greg | Due to a work-related trip out of the country, I will miss the Republican Convention when it comes to town. If I were here, I would protest. I would not use signs, or puppets, or chants; I would protest by reenacting the shocked, dusty exodus from lower Manhattan on the morning of September 11th. Here's how I would do it: more...  1 Comments benefit-->7/24 in Brooklyn | come to our party more...  1 Comments

Let's use Live T.V. to our advantage!

anarcho-hipster | NYC is media capital of the world. Many live T.V. shows with visible audiences are filmed all over Manhattan. Let's use this to our advantage! more...  7 Comments

"Law of the Fist"--Village Voice Scary Protester Story from January 22, 2002

Richard Esposito | "In the post-9-11 world of law enforcement, cops see these brick throwers and car burners as almost Al Qaeda-like, down to their transnational wandering, their leaders' wealthy backgrounds, and their fundamentalist message..." more...  7 Comments

RNC Volunteer Update from today's orientation session

RNC Volunteer #23 | This is my account of the RNC volunteer orientation session held today at Baruch College. I hope this information is useful and many, many people sign up to volunteer for the RNC, thus clogging up their system. more...  9 Comments

NLG's RNC Mass Defense Response to the Daily News

Dave Rankin | more...  5 Comments

ANARCHISTS OBJECT: "We are tired of police using us as an excuse to terrorize and endanger the public"

anarchist | Recent statements by New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, reported in the New York Daily News ("Anarchy Threat to City: Cops fear hard-core lunatics plotting convention chaos", July 12), give us a taste of the kind of hysteria New Yorkers can expect in the weeks leading up to the Republican Convention in August. more...  14 Comments

Prometheus Radio Project Defeats FCC

madhatter | Prometheus Radio Project Defeats FCC more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Group Sues Over Company's Refusal To Display Billboard

NY1 News posted by jneum | A proposed anti-war billboard set to be displayed in Times Square is stirring up a lawsuit. more...  2 Comments

For NYC Indymedia: Possible new banner

Friction Flyers | I love this website, but the banner across the top is a little sketchy. If anyone is interested in this, I'll cook up a usable version. more...  9 Comments

Call to Action: Pirate Bloc

Urban Pirate | more...  6 Comments

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