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Updated Call for Books Not Bombs Youth Convergence

Books Not Bombs crew | YOUTH CONVERGENCE FOR BOOKS NOT BOMBS Before a week in the streets against the Republican National Convention... Come to NYC on August 28 to build the youth & student movement! Convergence Center @ Saint Marks Church, 131 East 10th Street, open from 9am - 6pm. Additional locations to be announced. more...  0 Comments


Jason | more...  2 Comments

CKUT Radio: Guantanamo Bay - The Militarization of Law

Stefan Christoff | ---------- more...  0 Comments

Brown shirt thugs to Protest Anti-GOP Protest

CNT | What's infuriating and pathetic about these little fascist bastards, is that the mass media will give them as much or more air time, then they will give to the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters exercising their Constitutional right to assemble and to voice their democratic right to dissent. ¡no pasarán! more...  12 Comments

Building Bridges Radio -Mon. Night - Big Media & Journalists; Overtime Over?; Unions say NO to Iraq Occupation

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash July 19, 2004, 7 p.m., EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at http://www.2600,com/offthehook/hot2.ram more...  0 Comments

The Future Is Waiting: Wanted: More Than a Million in NYC to Deliver a Big NO to Bush and All That He Stands For

Sunsara Taylor | "....we must seize new ground on August 29, setting things in motion that can bring this agenda of horrors to a halt. A denial of the mandate that the rulers so desperately need. An obstacle in their path as they try to bludgeon the world. A promise--to our planet and to the future--that we will fight till we win. A gathering of strength so that one day soon we will." more...  21 Comments

Transcript of Timoney Fox Interview 15 Jul 2004

newshound | GIBSON: Free speech is one thing, sabotage quite another. Hardcore protesters might be planning big dangerous things for the Republican National Convention next month. New York City's police department already has its hands full with threats of terrorism. I'm joined now by Miami Police Chief John Timoney. He was Philadelphia Chief during the last Republican convention and New York's Deputy Chief during the 1992 Democratic convention. Chief, the big question: could convention protesters actually leave us vulnerable to terrorism? more...  4 Comments

TUESDAY: Press Conference/Protest Pataki's Proposed Reinstatement of New York's Death Penalty

Katherine | Tell Governor Pataki: No Death Penalty in New York! more...  2 Comments

Securing the Republican Convention

David Roknich | Unlike John F. Kennedy, the Republicans have always managed an inside track with local police... more...  0 Comments

Queers at the RNC

mary | more...  0 Comments

McReynolds, Green Senate candidate, Urges Opposition to Death Penalty Re-enactment

Mark Dunlea | Last month the Court of Appeals ruled the state's death penalty unconstitutional. Governor Pataki, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have announced their attention to quickly re-pass the death penalty - perhaps as early as this week when the legislature reconvenes. David McReynolds, the long time death penalty opponent who is seeking the Green Party nomination for US Senate from New York, today called upon Assembly Democrats to block the effort to re-establish the death penalty. more...  4 Comments

Man in Black

Jason Flores-Williams | Something Must Be Done more...  5 Comments

Help fight the RNC !- house an activist during the convention

NYC Cares | Show them NYC Cares! more...  2 Comments

Direct Action Spokescouncil for A31 is July 20th

a31 | There will be a direct action spokescouncil to discuss actions for the A31 call to action against the RNC. more...  6 Comments

NYT : 150 Picket Near City Hall in Favor of Central Park Rally

DIANE CARDWELL, New York Times | The Times take on yesterday's protest at City Hall. more...  4 Comments

United for Peace and Justice Must Claim Democratic Mandate for RNC Protests

the Sixth Borough | Police ultimatums have no place in an election season. The right of New Yorkers to respond to the brutality and deceipt of the Bush administration is not something we have any need to petition for. The entire world will be watching and there is solidarity there if we claim it. The NYPD under federal supervision is setting the stage for a theater of the absurd. We should begin with dignity. more...  26 Comments

Strange "Love," Indeed Or How L&R Learned to Stop Worrying About Class and Had a Temper Tantrum Instead

Tom Smith | Strange "Love," Indeed Or How L&R Learned to Stop Worrying About Class and Had a Temper Tantrum Instead more...  13 Comments

Photo Gallery: Resisting the 2004 Coup d'Etat in Haiti

nono | Images of the fight for the restoration of democracy in Haiti. After the U.S. led ouster of elected Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitians in New York and other defenders of democratic rule in Haiti unite. These photographs document their ongoing struggle. more...  2 Comments

"The Fight to Free David Wong" screenings 7/17, 7/23

Free David Wong | The documentary video "The Fight to Free David Wong" will be screened at Asia Society on Saturday July 17 (4:45pm) and Friday July 23 (6:30pm). It covers the wrongful conviction of a Chinese immigrant in upstate New York in 1987, the supporters' discovery of the identity of the real killer, and the problems that immigrants, people of color, and poor people face in the criminal justice system. more...  0 Comments

Prospect Park Traffic-Calming Demonstration

TIME'S UP! | This is a fossil-fuel-free ride in Brooklyn's Prospect Park to help make park roads auto-free. more...  2 Comments

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