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legal beagle | Reminder of the legal panel discussion for RNC activists and others. more...  1 Comments

New York City - TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center

madhatter | New York City - TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center more...  1 Comments

United For Peace and Justice accept Kelly's plan for Protest

liberal letdown | The anti-war group that had been pushing to stage a huge demonstration in Central Park during the Republican National Convention has accepted the city’s alternative location more...  2 Comments

CUNY No RNC Joins UFPJ at City Hall

Pete Mauro/ CUNY No RNC | more...  0 Comments

THAW's Freedom Follies One-Year Anniversary

Sophia Skiles | THAW’s Freedom Follies celebrates one year of theater, community and information with Declarations of Independence: Artists Statements. more...  0 Comments

Need Housing During The DNC?

Bl(A)ck Tea Society | The Bl(a)ck Tea Society will coordinate housing for people who were unable to find housing on our forums or whose plans have fallen through or changed. more...  0 Comments

Vegetarian Dinner Party Fundraiser to send books to prisoners!

prison activist | This Friday! A vegetarian/vegan dinner party to raise postage for Books Through Bars--NYC. BTB sends free books to prisoners nationwide. Vegetarian/vegan food plus live folk music from Azerbaijan. Sliding scale: $10-$20. Friday, July 23. 7:30 pm. ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, NYC. (212) 254-3697, ext. 322 more...  3 Comments


Clandestino NYC | ON AUGUST 29, RECLAIM THE PARK A call for autonomous gatherings, feeder marches and creative events starting from all across Central Park on the morning of August 29, 2004 more...  19 Comments

A31 should be changed to A29 or A30

TS | There's been discussion concerning the benefits of beginning the Direct Actions earlier than A31 and I completely agree. more...  13 Comments

TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center

TIME'S UP! | TIME'S UP! Opens a Bike Convergence Center to Support the Bike National Convention and the Bike Bloc at the Republican National Convention protests! more...  0 Comments

Bullpens Kill? 2 Union Picketers Dead in L.I. Today

solidarity | Two union carpenters picketing a Long Island construction site were killed Tuesday morning when a speeding truck plunged into a crowd of 15 union demonstrators. Union officials said they worried that the crash was an act of anti-union violence. With the busy service road on one side of the men and a metal perimeter fence on the other, the 15 workers picketing the site could not dive out of the path of the oncoming truck. more...  2 Comments

Newsday - Sources: Cop may have planted pipe bomb

SEAN GARDINER ]AND JOSHUA ROBIN, repost Newsday | Police are investigating whether a subway blast Monday that injured a police officer might have been the work of the officer, who was recently granted a 9/11-related psychological disability, law enforcement sources said Tuesday. more...  6 Comments



RNC Delegate Hotel Information and new flyers!

dangerous local anarchist | This is where the RNC delegates are staying. more...  4 Comments

Challenge Bush Benefit Concert July 22nd, Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Management Team | Get down to elect a real Progressive to Congress. Playing this benefit for Robert Jereski for Congress: Kenny Wolleson, Drummer for Norah Jones, Sting and more... Casey Neill, with relevant tunes ala Seeger and Biafra.. and Allison Tantarlia... more...  2 Comments

Let Us Assert That We Will March and Rally in Central Park August 29th

Bakunin | Our First Amendment rights are all we need to march and rally. The movement is being hijacked and demoralized annually by neoliberals greedy for "power" in the negotiating rooms of police officlas and the front pages of tabloids, in every city. more...  34 Comments

RNC bribing media with 5 star luxury treatment

ang copp | The RNC host committee plans on pampering reporters (bribing?) into giving them good coverage. Surprise: most reporters are thrilled. I really regret that we cannot offer them the same amenities when they embed with us. Um, as satire, do you think we could have a massage and pedicure parlor for reporters as an action to point out how disgraceful this is? more...  0 Comments

And yet ANOTHER piece of Genius from the Daily News-- Editorial

i have the daily blues | Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Ray Kelly, please, go ahead and open every backpack, pocketbook and picnic cooler that gets within shrapnel distance of a crowd when the GOP comes to town in late August. Do what you must to protect the public safety regardless of Judge Robert Sweet's cavalier and dangerous edict. more...  6 Comments

Surviving the West Side Highway.

H2O | With the latest announcement trumpeted in today's New York Times that UFPJ is actively considering acquiescing to a Bloomberg adminstration proposal to rally alone the West Side Highway from Chambers Street as far north as 34th St, the following guidelines on coping with heat and sun related illnesses may prove to be useful on August 29th. more...  6 Comments

another piece of genius from our friends at the Daily News

ang copp | Today's cover story equates a ruling affirming protestors' fourth amendment rights with aiding terrorists. more...  1 Comments

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