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Direct Action Training Sunday!

Trainings Working Group | Sunday, July 25, 2-6pm Monthly Direct Action Salon 94 9th Street (btwn. Smith St. & 2nd Ave.) in Brooklyn. Take the F or G train to the Smith and 9th Street stop. more...  0 Comments

What Fox News Says About RNC and Anarchists

Poggy | more...  4 Comments

Why To AVOID The Official "Free Speech Zone" At The DNC and RNC

Effective Tactics | A brief discussion of police state propaganda and effective protest for those planning to speak out at the DNC and RNC. more...  3 Comments

Editorial Claims Anarchists "rationalize terrorism as direct action"

montclair resident | Montclair NJ, is a town just 12 miles west of New York. Yesterday's Montclair Times ran a hateful editorial equating anarchists to terrorists, claiming they "hate you, us, [and] unions" The phone number of the Montclair Times is 973-233-5000 the editor is Mark S. Porter. Denounce this uninformed attack! more...  14 Comments

on the 9/11 commission...

dxt | Just a couple things to pass along. more...  2 Comments

UPDATE: "The NYPD did not disclose the url"

IMCista | Last week, we ran several pieces on the pre-RNC fear-mongering of the NY Daily News. With no evidence other than police sources and an alleged internet posting whose url they did not reveal, the Daily News ran a front-page story alleging that protesters were planning to fool bomb-sniffing dogs in Penn Station into sounding an alarm during the RNC. Now our friends at RNCwatch have revealed that not only does the supposed posting not appear to any google search, it was given to the Daily News by the police department, who "did not disclose the url of the website where they found this information, they merely quoted from it." more...  5 Comments

Call to Action: Election Rally for IWW Starbucks Union- Thurs, July 29

IU/660 | Please take a stand to show the workers they are not alone: Starbucks Coffee Shop on 36th and Madison Thursday, July 29 from 3 pm- 5 pm (the election takes place the following day) more...  0 Comments

UFPJ Open Letter on Rally Location for 8/29

United for Peace and Justice | On Wednesday, July 21, United for Peace and Justice made a major announcement about our August 29 "World Says No to the Bush Agenda" protest: We are taking the West Street rally location which was imposed by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the NY Police Department. We did not make this decision lightly. more...  47 Comments

Don't You Be My Neighbor: Chelsea is Definitely Not Bush Country

Steven Wishnia | Six weeks before the Republican National Convention opens at Madison Square Garden, the strongest sentiment in Chelsea seems to be a wish that it would happen somewhere else. more...  5 Comments

Bush Bad for Chelsea Business

Steven Wishnia | One block away from Madison Square Garden, 30th St. Guitars is a musician’s cornucopia. One wall is completely covered with vintage electric guitars, four long rows of black Telecasters and cherry-sunburst Les Pauls. The upstairs room is devoted to basses and acoustic guitars, and a side area displays exotica like electric sitars. Only store worker Ned Brewster isn’t looking forward to next month, when much of the neighborhood will be closed down for the Republican convention. more...  1 Comments

Location Set for NYC August 29th Demonstration after Court Battles

reader | This was re-posted to sf indybay but I didn't see it here. So now it's a 'major victory'? I guess being allowed to march on the street is a major victory? Sad. more...  10 Comments

700,000 New Yorkers are about to get a raise!

madhatter | 700,000 New Yorkers are about to get a raise! more...  1 Comments

Bergen Action Network to the Port Authority: “We will march across the George Washington Bridge to protest the Republican National Convention.â€

Bergen Action Network | The Bergen Action Network has endorsed the recent call by the national anti-war coalition, United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ), for a Massive March and Rally in New York City on Sunday, August 29, 2004 to protest the policies of George W. Bush and his administration on the eve of the Republican National Convention. BAN is currently developing plans to march from Fort Lee, New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge on the morning of Sunday, August 29, 2004 to participate in the rally in New York City. We call upon Bergen County activists and residents to join us in this "not-to-be-missed" demonstration as we "Say No to the Bush Agenda!" more...  3 Comments

Repost: Call to Reclaim the Park

Reposter Project | On AUGUST 29, RECLAIM THE PARK A call for autonomous gatherings, feeder marches and creative events starting from all across Central Park on the morning of August 29, 2004 more...  13 Comments

The NYPD's New Equipment: The Lenco. BearCat

Clandestino | The latest monstrosity police will be driving, just in time for the RNC more...  11 Comments

Queer RNC listserve

Mary | more...  0 Comments

Leslie Cagan...You're Fired.

DT | Leslie Cagan...You're Fired. more...  19 Comments

benefit for Starbucks Workers Union SAT 7/24

benjamin | !! celebrate the struggle !! more...  0 Comments

Man in Black Protest

...Woman in Black | more...  4 Comments

Starbucks Hit With Labor Charge As Election Draws Near

IU/660 | New York, NY- Starbucks employees organizing with the Retail Workers Union IWW IU/660 have filed an unfair labor practice charge against the company for breaking the law with impunity as it attempts to impede the certification election set to take place by the end of the month. more...  0 Comments

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