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Performance Artivist Kayhan Irani Reflects on Plight of Arab, Muslims and South Asian Immigrants

leanne | "We've Come Undone" is an often humorous, sometimes touching - but always provocative - look at the impact of recent legislation on Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities within the U.S. more...  1 Comments

New Yorkers March on MLK Day For the Right to Non-Violent Protest in Israel/Palestine

Jack Cohen | New York City— On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a broad coalition of approximately 400 New Yorkers marched through Manhattan to Union Square to protest weeks of escalating Israeli military and police attacks on non-violent civil resistors in Israel/Palestine. more...  5 Comments

Police tactics and the upcoming Republican convention

Jerry Goralnick | If we can do a successful preemptive strike on police violence so that when the moment comes that the police are ordered to suppress the protest and we say to them, Brothers don't beat us, and they don't raise their clubs and step aside instead, it will be a new morning in our world. more...  11 Comments

The New White Supremacy in the Corporate Media

Lloyd Hart | With NBC publishing their full-page color ad in The New York Times today illustrating who and how MSNBC will be covering what the ad titled as the "Battle for the White House" NBC has illustrated their commitment to news by whites and therefore, for whites. It wouldn't be so bad if the ad and NBC's news reporting practice illustrated a reasonable balance of coverage but it most certainly does not and for that matter nor does any other corporate network broadcasting America today. more...  5 Comments

Building Bridges Radio -Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. and Labor - Tonight 7PM- Midnight

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Radio WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community &Labor Report Produced by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash & Housing Notebook Produced by Scott Sommer Monday, Jan.19,2003, 7pm-midnight EST,over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Bush At King's Tomb...Drive By Politics

E. Lee Sullivan | more...  1 Comments

Indian Point Strike Averted

madhatter | Indian Point Strike Averted more...  0 Comments

Where to Find the New Issue of The Indypendnet

NYC-IMC | Here are some places you can find copies of the new issue of The Indypendent. We are looking to greatly expand our distribution network in 2004. If you have any suggestions or would like to help out, please contact us. more...  0 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism!

RutgersActivism | Summary of upcoming local events for the progressive community more...  0 Comments

King's Efforts for African-Americans Recalled

Nubian Kitty | U.S. Lt. General Colin Powell commander of the 5th U.S. Corps, salutes as his wife Alma left looks on during a farewell ceremony as Powell will return home to the U.S. in Frankfurt, West Germany in this Dec. 30, 1986 file photo. Powell remembers the first time that he, as a young black Army officer, was allowed to buy a hamburger at a drive-in joint in Phenix City, Ala. He credits Martin Luther King for the law that let him do it. more...  2 Comments

RNCWatch: GOP To Take Advantage of NYC's Diversity

RNC Watch | As President Bush appoints the cross burning sympathizer Charles Pickering to the federal bench, GOP strategists are plotting how to use New York City's ethnic neighborhoods to spotlight the party's dedication to diversity. more...  2 Comments

nukeplant workers may strike at midnite

marco | Indian Point NukePlant might see some of their workers going on strike in a couple hours!!! It looks like it's going to happen too, save for some kind of miracle agreement. more...  6 Comments

Like Father, Like Son

Contestant #1 | *CRAP Media: CONTESTANT NUMBER 1 TITLE: Like Fther, Like Son MEDIA: Quick-Time Movie SIZE: .98mb more...  14 Comments

Another Bloomberg/Port Authority Attack on Working People

Poor New Yorker | (from the Open Newswire): To get to the JFK Airport on many occasions, I have taken the A train to Howard Beach and then caught the free shuttle to the terminal. The other day I went to pick up a friend from the airport and I was confronted with yet another unmentioned assault by the City on working people.

Before heading to the airport, I hopped on the MTA website to make sure the A was running normally when I noticed a link titled JFK AirTrain. I learned that this new service was linking the A train to JFK for 5 bucks, a little more research on the Port Authority web site revealed that the JFK AirTrain was built because business executives were complaining about transportation to the airport (as if they take public transit anyhow). I figured this was no big deal if some folks wanted to pay 5 bucks for this new service as long as the old free one was still available. But conspicuously absent from the website was any mention of the free shuttle although the info was definitely there in November when I went to the FTAA protests in Miami.

more...  14 Comments

*CRAP MEDIA CONTEST: Calling all filthy little propagandists

CRAP Media | Now you can prove just how smart you are. more...  20 Comments

A Culture of Control: What It Takes to Get a Library Card ((i))

Donald Paneth | On Saturday afternoon, Jan. 3, 2004, I visited the Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center – and was dealt with as a potential terrorist. more...  9 Comments

LIFE AFTER BUSH: Youth Activism and the Fight for Our Future

YDS | more...  0 Comments

Still Illegal in the Bronx: The Story of Three Teens ((i))

Meredith Mandell | As far as immigration officials are concerned the three teenagers are lawbreakers. Their parents came here illegally from Mexico when the three were only babies. Now, in their teens, they live with the consequences. more...  10 Comments

Justice and Unity Candidate DISQUALIFIED for CHEATING

Snifer | I am compelled, with the approval of the National Elections Supervisor Terry Bouricius, to disqualify Father Lucas as a valid Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board. more...  12 Comments


Michael ONeil | Miami-style cops jailed Reverend Billy in Berlin for speaking at a 3-university strike. more...  11 Comments

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