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Calm Before the Storm: NYC Solitude

AK Gupta / The Indypendent | As New York city braces itself for the malestrom that will be the Republican Convention, The Indypendent weighs in on some ways to find solitude in the big city, and catch your breath before the republican storm.

"Some of the most peaceful spots in the city can be found on rooftops. Maybe you can sneak onto your roof at work; the more intrepid might need to employ the fire escape. Check out your roof at home or in a friend’s building — just scout out the area first for motion alarms, security cameras and self-locking doors."

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Calm Before the Storm: NYC Solitude

The Indypendent | The crowds, the chaos, the cacophony—that’s what draws many people to Gotham City. But sometimes you need to get away from the craziness. Even in New York you can find solitude in public; you just need to know where and when to look for it. more...  1 Comments

Photos of New Nation Party

Katie | Here are some photos (the only ones I could get this computer to upload for some reason) at the New Nation Party on Staurday night in Dumbo, Brookyln, they are photos of the pretty view from the party and activist organizations setting it up. If you guys werent there, but I think you were. cool. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent July 22: Spin Cycle

IMC Staff |

Media barons try to spook public, again

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Nine Things You Can Do Now To Get Ready for the RNC ((i))

Jed Brandt | George W. Bush made a bigmistake coming to New York. Hundreds of thousands of people are already preparing to give Bush the bum’s rush come convention time. But getting hyped isn’t the same as getting ready. If you’re looking to do your part, here’s nine simple things you can do to get the ball rolling. more...  5 Comments

Indypendent July 22: See You in the Streets

A.K. Gupta |

People write their own permits

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Indypendent July 22: All Quiet on the Waterfront

BENNETT BAUMER | more...  4 Comments

Indypendent July 22: The Fear Factor

A.K. Gupta |

Hoard food! Fill the tub with water! Duct tape your windows! Check the batteries! Buy radiation pills! The Anarchists are coming! The anarcho-freaks claim to only eat tofu, but sources tell us they’re coming for your pets. Watch out for those dreadlocks, they might be hiding a dirty bomb. Two nose rings mean an attack is imminent. Oh God! They might even sit next to you on the subway.

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Jimmy Breslin call for Central Park on A-29: In 1773, they risked lives to speak out

Jimmy Breslin, repost from Newsday | Breslin gets it. 'The marchers need neither permit nor official route designed to ruin them. Once past Madison Square Garden, they can just go for a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon and let the sun shine on the right to free speech and assembly that Samuel Adams and his 5,000 risked their lives to bring us.' Read on.. more...  5 Comments

Socialists Urge Support for Kerry (they're all selling out!)

madhatter | Socialists Urge Support for Kerry more...  9 Comments

O22 Monthly Meeting: "Every Mother's Son" Film Screening

October 22nd Coalition--New York | The October 22nd Coalition's July Monthly Meeting will feature a screening of Tami Gold & Kelly Anderson's EVERY MOTHER'S SON more...  0 Comments

Ideas for action against the RNC

morpheus | You can harass the RNC convention planners, financial backers, volunteers, sponsors, restaurants feeding them and hotels housing them now! more...  3 Comments

The RNC and High Times: Pot and Politics

kirsten anderberg | The current issue of High Times Magazine ( has a 26-page spread on articles relating to the Republican National Convention (RNC) protests slated to happen this August in New York City. This “Activists’ Guide to the Republican National Convention,†in the center of the Sept/Oct 2004 issue, includes articles on bike blocs, getting arrested, impersonating republicans, videotaping protest actions, protest tactics and etiquette, street theater, how to become a Canadian, voting hacktivism, alternative media, and RNC protest resources. But what *is* the relationship between the legalization of marijuana, and protesting at the RNC this year? I interviewed the editor of High Times, Annie Nocenti, about what inspired High Times to devote so much coverage to this one topic. more...  2 Comments

Police Clampdown vs Anti-RNC Protesters (RW)

(repost) | Short report on police efforts to restrict protest during the Republican National Convention more...  11 Comments

Free speech zone?

dan shays | Free speech zone? FREE SPEECH ZONE! I DOIN' NEED NO STINKIN' FREE SPEECH ZONE!! more...  7 Comments

A31 Spokes Council, Tues July 27th

A31 | Spokes Council for Direct Action on August 31 more...  6 Comments

Contact info for actors in Broadway shows that RNC will attend on August 29!

Savoir Faire | These are the names and contact information for all the actors from the 8 Broadway shows that the RNC delegates will be attending on August 29. Please write the actors and ask them to call in sick. more...  2 Comments

First Skirmish in the Battle of NYC Bush 1, Protesters 0

DAVE LINDORFF, CounterPunch | Bush may be on the defensive in the presidential election contest, but he won a big victory in New York Wednesday, when the main organization protesting the Republican convention set to begin August 29 agreed to Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s take-it-or-leave-it “offer†of a permit that pens in the demonstration on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. more...  7 Comments


Mrs Gee | Ring out the old, Ring in the new! Ring out the false, Ring in the true! more...  0 Comments

"Married to the State": A queer callout for direct action at the RNC

Queers at the RNC | This is a callout by queers in San Francisco to form a radical queer affinity group to protest at the Republican National Convention in NYC. more...  5 Comments

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