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Open Letter Regarding WBAI

Roger M | more...  12 Comments

Bikes Everywhere, Expect Delay!

madhatter | Bikes Everywhere, Expect Delay! more...  5 Comments

Boston Police Brutality.

bostonian | some photos of how cops protect freedom. more...  1 Comments

A possible slogan for A29 in Central Park

bostonian | Grass will grow back, Freedom won't. more...  4 Comments

Anti-War Candidate Nader On NJ Ballot

dncwatch | The pro-war Dems apparently have failed in their anti-democratic attempt to deny NJ voters their democratic right to vote for independent anti-war presidential candidate Ralph Nader. more...  0 Comments

A Message to the Grassroots Greens

Mitchel Cohen | Two weeks ago a clique within the Greens/Green Party USA that now illegitimately controls its administrative bodies (including its publications) broadcast a horrible and completely inaccurate diatribe in the form of an e-newsletter. They sent these lies to the entire GPUSA membership and contact list as well as to various activist listserves and newspapers across the country, and have prevented those of us who vehemently protest this way of doing things any official channel for letting the membership hear our very different views. Thus, I am forwarding to this IndyMedia site a response written by a number of key figures in GPUSA, current and past. While this may not fit with the usual discussion on this listserve, it is currently our only means of countering the lies and venal attacks in the original "newsletter" and getting out the word about what is really going on in the Greens/Green Party USA. [Note: There are two national Green Parties: GPUSA, and GPUS. They are not the same structures.] If you are interested in a more detailed account of the struggle to democratize the Greens/Green Party USA, or some of our views on the way to move forward and advance the Greens, please review the documents at . I especially recommend reading the document "Silent Terror", which was written before the Green Party USA Congress in question and prefigured much of what went on there. Your comments and support are welcome! ** Please forward to wherever you think is appropriate. ** Thanx in advance, Mitchel Cohen more...  1 Comments

Saturday Meeting: RACISM & WAR

NYC ISO | This meeting will discuss the racism of the current war and how it is being used in the 'war at home.' more...  0 Comments

Downtown for Democracy Voter Registration training

a' | ******************************************************************* VOTE CHECK TRAINING!!!! Downtown for Democracy is training volunteers to REGISTER VOTERS at concerts and events. Go to the shows you’d go to anyway and register voters while you do it! When: Monday, August 2, 7pm Monday Where: D4D Office 181 N.11th #205 off of Driggs in Williamsburg (L to Bedford) Please forward widely! ****************************************************************** more...  0 Comments

NYC Anarchist World's Fair- Join the Resistance!

awf | This summer, thousands of people are coming to New York City to protest the Republicans. The Anarchist World’s Fair will provide many opportunities for newcomers to connect with the local radical & anarchist scenes. more...  8 Comments


Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade | Come hear a compelling, passionate, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist revolutionary communist perspective -- one that refuses to be kept at the margins of society...and is daring to bring out the truth to change the world. A talk by Sunsara Taylor and Osage Bell, members of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade and writers for the Revolutionary Worker newspaper more...  10 Comments

Bush Administration Intervenes for Starbucks Against Union

IU/660 | New York, NY- The Bush Administration-controlled National Labor Relations Board accepted for review yesterday an appeal by Starbucks of the IWW IU/660 victory that allowed workers at a single store in the chain to vote in a union certification election. more...  4 Comments

Another Reason to Hate Bloomberg

coup de mike | more...  0 Comments

NYPD - Get Me to Central Park on Time

Sasha B. - repost from the NYT | Called 'critical response surges' the NYPD is currently practicing rapid deployment measures to cope with the prospect of hundreds of affinity groups converging from all points on Central Park. more...  7 Comments

interested in shooting legal video?

iwitness | IWitness Video is a NYC based group that organizes video for legal purposes during protests. more...  0 Comments

NoRNC Open House Thursday

eager beaver | The NoRNC Clearinghouse invites you to a Anti-RNC Informational Open House on Thursday, July 29 at 7:30 PM. Dozens of groups organizing events against the Republican National Convention and related infamies will converge at Saint Mark's Church, to share information, answer questions, and help mobilize New York. more...  4 Comments

Leading American Poets to Protest

Jen Benka | Leading American poets and activists will protest the Republican National Convention and the crisis in Iraq at a reading on Wednesday, September 1, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. at St. Mark's Church, 131 East 10th Street, New York City. The free event titled DEMO: A Demonstration in Words will feature Sonia Sanchez, Cornelius Eady, Hettie Jones, Katha Pollitt, Bob Holman, Sapphire, Mark Doty, Marie Ponsot, Eileen Myles, Grace Schulman, Vijay Seshadri, and many others. more...  2 Comments

Volunteer Coordinator

HOWL! Festival | VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR 2nd ANNUAL HOWL! FESTIVAL A counterculture East Village celebration of art, dance, film,literature,music, performance, poetry, politics and theater. more...  1 Comments

What you can expect from the NYPD at the RNC

Alex Vitale | (from the Open Newswire-- excerpt)"The NYPD tends to view any violation of the law as sufficient pretext for the use of force. This means that individuals wearing masks, standing passively in the street without a permit, or refusing police orders have been subjected to pepper spray, riot formations (with batons and sometimes shields), horse charges, and arrest--even in the absence of any violence or property destruction." more...  13 Comments

Is RNC 2004 A "Protest Black Hole"?

Sam Adams | Interesting discussion at boston indymedia more...  4 Comments

Movie Tonight: "Brave New York" at Anthology Film Archives


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