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RNC:Not In Our Name Reopens Battle for Central Park

g | more...  27 Comments

Hunger Alert - Override Pataki Veto on Minimum Wage

Mark Dunlea | Governor Pataki has vetoed the bill to raise the state minimum wage to $7.15 over 27 months. While there are more than enough votes in both houses to override the veto (a 2/3 majority is required), Senate Majority Joe Bruno has not yet committed to an override. Phone calls are need to Senator Bruno at 518 455-3191. Key senators that can move Bruno are Spano, Balboni, and Mendez downstate, and Farley, Wright, DeFrancisco, Libous, Robach, Volker, and Maziarz upstate. more...  2 Comments


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Did you get attacked at the DNC?

tony naro | If so please contact me via email. I am working with the Boston NLG to compile testimony for upcoming suits, either personal or class action. We also need to know who witnessed people being attacked or took footage/photos of attacks. *I do not formerly work with the guild however the director is on vacation for a month and the interns leave today. So, thgat is why I am doing this, so nothing gets lost in a span of a month. Tony Naro more...  4 Comments

WHere the "Protest Warrior" brownshirts will be staying during RNC...

@ | pay them a visit... more...  47 Comments

RNC Not Welcome Interview

Andrew Geller | A 20 minute interview from July 23, 2004 with organizers from RNC Not Welcome previewing some counter-convention related activities. more...  1 Comments

The Anti-Convention at Brooklyn's Warsaw

Live Music Research | Two Evenings of Music Protesting the Republican "National" Convention featuring SOULIVE, JOHN BROWN'S BODY, BENEVENTO/RUSSO DUO, EASY STAR ALL-STARS, KAKI KING and TRUMYSTIC. All proceeds will be donated to NOT IN OUR NAME. more...  0 Comments

Bike Messenger to Use Bike To Spraypaint Anti-Bush Slogans Submitted Online

Wired | Amazing: New Yorker Joshua Kinberg is a bike messenger of a different stripe. Instead of ferrying legal papers between lawyers, he uses a homemade, wireless, bicycle-mounted dot-matrix printer to spray protest messages in the street. Kinberg will be taking his road-spraying bicycle to the Republican National Convention in New York this fall, where he'll ride around spraying slogans submitted over the Web and beamed wirelessly to the bike. more...  6 Comments

Public Speak Out - Mon, Thu, Sat - Union Square

N.X | Open public forum at Union Square. more...  3 Comments

New Terror Alert: A Look at The Morning Papers

Trans-am | Thinking hard about the most recent terror alert issued by the U.S. government? Here's just a brief glance through the New York Times the day after NYC went into a state of high security:

"Much of the information that led the authorities to raise the terror alert at several large financial institutions in the New York City and Washington areas was three or four years old, intelligence and law enforcement officials said on Monday. They reported that they had not yet found concrete evidence that a terrorist plot or preparatory surveillance operations were still under way."
-- Pg. A1

"I believe that the American people would be less likely to believe that the terror alerts are not political if Tom Ridge, the homeland security secretary, had not ended his press conference on Sunday by saying, "We must understand that the kind of information available to us today is the result of the president's leadership in the war against terror." Mr. Ridge made it political at that moment."

Sharon Howell
Baton Rouge, La., Aug. 2, 2004

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Outreach Coordinator

Suzanne Robitaille | Voting for Godot -- A Red, Black & Blue Comedy About Politics, American-Style! more...  0 Comments

Calling all poets, actors, and performing Artists - Join Not In Our Name this week to get the word out about the RNC!

Estreya Grafsteen | August 4th - 9th: Poets, actors, performers and all creative and interested people are invited to a week of unabashed, unbridled action, to get the word out about the RNC. more...  4 Comments

Newsday: Anarchists Plan Day of "Direct Action" on August 31

googlefish | A group of anarchists working as a loose collective has been organizing a freewheeling day of civil disobedience and guerilla street tactics to disrupt the convention. The anarchist organizers said they need to use direct action -- not staid, staged protests -- to spread their message. more...  26 Comments

debt coverage?

another woman against this administration | New information on the $73 trillion dollar debt burried while mainstream media focuses on "terror" more...  2 Comments

F15 on NYPD 24/7 Tomorrow Night

Mrs Gee | F15 on NYPD 24/7 more...  2 Comments

Don't believe the hype... and thank 'god' for alternative media...

@ | i wonder how many people, and why, fall for this homeland security/bush fearmongering bullshit? more...  0 Comments

Forbidden in the Garden

RNC Delegate | According to an online post from an RNC delegate, here are the things that RNC delegates (and presumably almost everyone else) wont be able to carry past the security perimeter: "Yesterday, I received a packet of info from the convention, which included a list of prohibited items. These are things we won't be permitted to carry within the security perimeter. Included in the list are laptop computers, camcorders, cameras with long lenses, bags for carrying cameras or binoculars, backpacks of any kind." more...  3 Comments

Pataki Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill After Calling for it To Be Passed

WFP | The battle now is to win an override. A two-thirds majority is needed in both the Senate and Assembly. The bill passed with votes to spare in both, but this will not be easy, especially in the Senate. more...  2 Comments

Indypendent July 22: AESTHETIC OFFENSE


De La Vega: “I’d Turn the Whole System Aroundâ€

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A Moveable Feast: An Update on the RNC Protests (August 2nd, 2004)

NYC Anarchist Grapevine | General Scene Report (This is our second update…a final one will follow) There will be a delectable smorgasbord of radical activities leading up to and during the RNC protests. We are very encouraged by the level and diversity of activities being planned for NYC this month. It is the beginning of August, and New Yorkers are steadily planning for the RNC's attempt to take the city and it turn it into a giant infomercial for their right-wing agenda. Unfortunately for them, people of all political persuasions are ready and organized to stop them. more...  10 Comments

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