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Books Not Bombs Radical Pep Rally August 18

nyc youth represent | NYC Youth and Allies! Join us for a... BOOKS NOT BOMBS RADICAL PEP RALLY: A Spoken Word, Hip-Hop and Open Mic Event to Kick off the Books Not Bombs Youth Convergence!!! more...  4 Comments

RNC Labor Antiwar Contingent

NYC Labor Against the War | Join Labor At the RNC to Tell Bush & Kerry: U.S. Out of Iraq & Bring the Troops Home Now! more...  0 Comments

legal, medical and security culture trainings this weekend!

trainings working group | Saturday, August 7 11:30am - 2pm Health and Safety Training 2-4pm Know Your Rights! Sunday, August 8 1pm Security Culture Training more...  0 Comments

Quebec and New York officials to sign security deal in Quebec City

JOCELYNE RICHER , CP | QUEBEC (CP) - Quebec and New York state officials were on the verge of a formal agreement to share information on security, crime and terrorism, Quebec's public security minister said on Thursday. more...  1 Comments


critical & sam-das | We've raged in the streets now we'll rage in our hearts, minds, and imagination...What would Ghandi do? more...  5 Comments

Beyond Bush: An Evening of Visionary Resistance

LAC | The danger that Bush and his cohort represent goes by different names: Neo-liberalism, the New American Century, World War III, and the New Imperialism, among others. It is everywhere, all of the time. Therefore, it must be resisted everywhere, all of the time. more...  0 Comments

Hospitals' Failure To Provide Legally Required Translators Precede A Tragic Death

yellow at yellowbrown | On August 5, 2004, the widow of Moon Chul Sun joined community leaders and legislators to call for hospitals to comply with the law requring them to communicate with their patients who do not speak English. The widow and her late husband could not understand what the doctors were saying because there were no Korean translators, so they had to rely on untrained children and friends to attempt to provide translation of critical medical information. Moon Chul Sun died one month after being brought to Jamaica Hospital in Queens, where the hospital broke the law by not providing translators so that he and his wife could understand what was happening and ask critical questions to the doctors. more...  1 Comments

Life After Capitalism - NYC- Aug. 20-22

LAC | Life After Capitalism 2004 aims at providing a space for activists - in the run up to the intense mobilization period - to reflect on the importance of long term vision, strategy, and face to face relationship building... more...  4 Comments

Meet Me at the Met

Directions | We'll male Love Not War By The Fountain in the Park more...  0 Comments

The Revolution Will not be Televised: Film Screening on Venezuela - Thurs 8/12, New Brunswick

New Jersey Solidarity | See behind the scenes of the 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution - and the response of the people! more...  0 Comments

The Latest Politically Motivated Terror Scare

dxt | CNN and every other corporate "news" outlet seem to be trying extra hard these days to discredit themselves further. First they slam Howard Dean for daring to state the obvious. Then, to supposedly show the point of view of "respectable democrats" they bring on Senator Joe Lieberman saying that such a thing was unthinkable. With television "news" like this, no wonder more and more people are seeking information from documentary films and online sources. more...  4 Comments

A31 Benefit Show Friday

@ | Friday, Aug. 13th @ 10 PM. Benefit show for August 31st day of direct action. more...  5 Comments

Images A31 Press Conference

fred askew | Photographs from the A31 Press Conference more...  1 Comments

Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness (HMA) Joins Still We Rise for August 30th Republican National Convention Rally and March

Shari Foster | HMA has joined forces with "Still We Rise," (SWR), while they organize strategies to "rebuild communities that will result in ending poverty, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, stigmatization, denial of basic human rights, the persecution of immigrants, the unjust treatment of individuals who have a history of incarceration and the imprisoned, and the preservation of a social safety net." more...  0 Comments


Mike Menser | more...  0 Comments

Three Banks Robbed While Security Concentrates on Bush & Kerry

Bonnie Clyde (repost from the Independent) | Funny story about what happens to a city's security when all the cops are protecting a couple of locations. more...  2 Comments

How convenient: "travel restrictions" will stay in place through the RNC...

marcos | the fascistic automatic-weapon-on-every-corner circus based on useless information and a clearly politically motivated "threat" announcement will be around through the rnc. why am I not surprised? more...  0 Comments

What happens to a31 if we all get arested on a29?

@ | ... more...  14 Comments

Anti-RNC: March Against Bush Attack on Starbucks Workers Union feat. Rev. Billy

IWW IU/660 | Starbucks requested and received the Bush Administration's help in its attempt to crush the newly formed Starbucks Workers Union of the IWW. Join the workers and Rev. Billy for a march to say NO to Bush's labor policies and Starbucks' union busting. more...  1 Comments

MTA Moving Toward Selling Naming Rights for N.Y.C. Subways

Gregg Mosson | more...  0 Comments

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