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8/11 5-7 PM: Planning meeting for the RNC Aug 27 Immigrant Workers Speak Out!

Lee Siu Hin | Wednesday, August 11 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Center for Constitutional Rights Office 666 Broadway 6th Fl. New York, NY 10012 more...  0 Comments

August 27 New York City Immigrant Workers Day of Action and Speak Out!

Lee Siu Hin | Friday, August 27 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM St. Mark Church 131 E. 10th St., New York (cross the street with 2nd Avenue) First Day of the Counter RNC Mobilization in NYC Please visits: Flyers: more...  0 Comments

religous right counter protesters coming into town

coamdpro | they are staying at the belvedere hotel. more...  4 Comments

Is Another City Possible? Discussion at Bluestockings

jtracy | Good writers, good topic, good discusssion more...  1 Comments

AUG 11 STOP THE DRAFT Town Meeting

Jacob Levich | Learn and speak about plans to reinstate conscription at a citywide "Town Meeting on the Draft" August 11, as elected officials, experts, and activists come face-to-face with grassroots democracy. WHAT: CITYWIDE TOWN MEETING ON THE IMPENDING DRAFT WHEN: Wednesday, Aug 11, 7:00 pm WHERE: The Renaissance Charter School, 35-59 81st Street, Jackson Heights, Queens more...  10 Comments


nik | more...  4 Comments

83% of New Yorkers don't want the RNC to come to NYC

ang copp | A recent poll shows that more than 4 in 5 New Yorkers wish the RNC was not coming to NYC. more...  4 Comments

Fear Will Not Silence Us!!!

jasmine | Fear Will Not Silence Us!!! An anti-militarism art show more...  0 Comments

Fear Will Not Silence Us!!!

Not In Our Name | Fear Will Not Silence Us!! an anti-militarism art show more...  0 Comments

Commisioner Kelly: "We don't molest people"

ang copp | Kelly holds forth on violent and non-violent protestors. more...  3 Comments

Police Brutality - Tonight @ Grand Central Station

Joseph Crutchfield | I saw what I believe to be police brutality, when the guards at Grand Central Station beat up a guy they were aresting at 10:30ishpm tonight. They also used an attack dog on this man, who was completly not violent and doing nothing but curled up on the floor while about 20 cops beat him up on the main floor/gallery area at grand central station. more...  7 Comments

Rev Billy in Central Park, A29

Church goer | Reverend Billy invites you... to marry or renew your vows under the auspices of The Church of the First Amendment on the Great Lawn in Central Park, starting at 1:00 PM on Sunday August 29th. To find the Great Lawn go west of the Met or east of the Natural History Museum, even with 82nd Street. more...  2 Comments

Don't Just Vote Take Action: A Call for a Direct Action and Direct Democracy Contigent for the RNC

Don't Just Vote Take Action! | This is a call for a unified direct action and direct democracy contigent at the RNC in order to give a radical voice to what otherwise could be a reformist event. Don't just vote, take action! more...  1 Comments

RNC Sponsors

@ | more...  0 Comments

excerpts from "Crowd Management and Civil Disobedience Guidelines"

pig tale | . The material in this document is designed to assist law enforcement executives in addressing the broad range of issues surrounding civil disobedience. more...  8 Comments

The Inner Workings of Alternative Media (Part One)

kirsten anderberg | Ben Franklin said freedom of the press is in owning the press. And these days, with the internet and Xerox machines, owning, or at least renting, your own press, has never been easier. I would argue that freedom of the press is in owning the press *and* understanding marketing, though. I interviewed some people involved in alternative, independent and “parallel†media forms for this article. I wanted to see what motivated people working in alternative media, but I also wanted to see what they needed, and what the public could do to help support their efforts…to ensure a healthy alternative to mainstream media for us all. For this article, I interviewed Bradley Allen (Free Radio Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center ( SC IMC)), Lance Scott (Co-founder of Eat the State! (ETS!)), Christa Donner (Ladyfriend and Free Advice Zines), an editor from a prisoner newsletter that goes out with prisoner book deliveries who wanted to remain anonymous, Chuck Munson (Coordinating webmaster for and librarian), and via phone, Tim Walker (campaigns manager for Adbusters Magazine). more...  0 Comments

Homeland Security in Action

Jennifer Killham | Arriving 3-4 years late, NYC police stood outside high-risk location, such as Grand Central Station, the Citigroup building, and the New York Stock Exchange, to help keep America safe and free. This heightened security was due to intelligence warning of an attack in New York City that the New York Times reported was 3-4 years old. more...  1 Comments



Courts to be solely for protesters during RNC

IMCista | ABC News has just released that the courts will be shut down in NYC to make room for cases involving protesters for the duration of the Republican National Convention. more...  6 Comments

Captain James Yee Submits Resignation While Supporters Demand An Apology And Investigation

yellow at yellowbrown | On August 6, 2004, Chaplain James Yee's parents and supporters spoke out against the army and the government's mistreatment of Chaplain Yee. They demand an apology, monetary compensation, and a full-scale investigation. Chaplain Yee submitted his letter of resignation on August 2, which will become effective in mid-January 2005 when his term of service ends. more...  3 Comments

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