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NYC Protest: A Modest Proposal

Amos | I hereby propose that all activists and concerned citizens form a continuous wall of humanity around the island of Manhattan during the Republican Convention. Leave the center of the city alone to the Republicans. more...  10 Comments

Pre-RNC Protestor Health and Safety trainings

STORM | more...  2 Comments

New York Lockdown: on the RNC preparations | Good report on the preparations for the RNC. more...  12 Comments

FRIDAY- Benefit Party for A31 Day of Action Against the RNC -All You Can Drink!

kraz | Benefit Show/Party for A31 Day of Action Against the RNC more...  1 Comments

Radical Cheerbloc CALL TO ACTION for RNC

RadiKelly Kupowski | The NYC Radical Cheerleaders call all Radical Cheerleading Squads to Action - please post far and wide! more...  0 Comments

Repugnican Party Meetup Aug 26

@ | he he... more...  0 Comments

as these things usually do

jeffery mcnary | an article addressing the tone of the 2004 election campaign more...  0 Comments

illustration for ridge article

michael | more...  0 Comments

(Holy crap, it's ...) Critical Mass - Brooklyn!

Jym Dyer | Critical Mass, the ride where bicyclists and other nonpolluting folks take to the streets in nearly 400 locations worldwide, is rolling in Brooklyn! more...  2 Comments

Police Infiltrating Protest Groups

Anonymous | more...  33 Comments

Question: Public Restrooms in NYC?

gotta go | Question: Public Restrooms in NYC? First time protesting in NYC. more...  9 Comments

What's Oil Got To Do With It?

ISO Harlem | This public meeting offers a forum to learn about Bush's crisis in Iraq, and the connections between the war and oil. more...  2 Comments

A31 Spokes Council August 10th

a31 | Spokes Council for Day of Direct Action Against the RNC, A31 more...  2 Comments

Horse-cycle making for Paula Revere's Ride

Jonny America | more...  0 Comments

Movement dynamics letter - call for respect & mutual support within the direct action community

a letter | more...  19 Comments

UFPJ Requests New Central Park Permit

UFPJ "Reapplies for Park Permit." / Local ABC News | UFPJ cannot backtrack on this again. If they back down, they're finally, totally through. Central Park, no matter what, on August 29. more...  9 Comments

UFPJ back at Central Park?

Question? | Can anyone confirm this? I just heard that UFPJ re-applied today for permission to host its A29 rally in Central Park. Great news if it's true!!! more...  5 Comments

Tune In, Turn Up, and Take It to the Great Lawn

Dave Lindorff | The city says no PA system allowed, but what if tens of thousands showed up with portable radios, and broadcast live coverage of the RNC protest to a demonstrators on the Great Lawn more...  5 Comments

Greenwich Village Boos Bloomberg Loudly Over RNC

Newsday | hroughout the day, including at a fire cadet graduation in Queens, Bloomberg said the world will be watching how New York handles security and protection of the rights of demonstrators and the public. Speaking last night before a coalition of block associations in Greenwich Village, the mayor encountered loud boos and hissing when he mentioned the city's plans for the Republican convention. more...  1 Comments

The Groucho Marxist Call to Action

Groucho | more...  4 Comments

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