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9/11 Truth Convergence Space | Aug. 27 - Sept. 2, 2004: Seven-day program NY 9/11 TRUTH CONVERGENCE SPACE At The Brecht Forum Manhattan Films - Meetings - Literature & Signage - Parties & Surprises more...  0 Comments

Sat. Aug 14 - No Permits, No Peace

IAC | Join us to stand against the Bush-Bloomberg assault on free speech! more...  2 Comments

2004 RNC Protesters Map (updated August 26 - FINAL)

rkchin | The 2004 RNC Protesters Map features an accurate, and up-to-date street grid, with listings of many art, and protest related events scheduled during the RNC. more...  1 Comments


nyc imc print team | THE INDYPENDENT Issue #54 more...  1 Comments

Why you should NOT protest the RNC

Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers | more...  19 Comments

A29 Call to Autonomous Action

SolidarityNotHotAir | With one permitted, passive protest after another, they have our movement right where they want it! It's time to be confrontational, to stop asking the powerful for change, and empower ourselves to fight for it! ON AUGUST 29 IN NEW YORK CITY, LET'S HOLD CENTRAL PARK! more...  7 Comments

Sat. Aug. 14 - No Permits, No Peace

dustin langley | We will rally on Saturday at 1 pm to demand that the Bloomberg Administration recognize the rights of those who plan to protest at the RNC. We will also demand that the Bloomberg Administration and NYPD not engage in criminal suppression of free speech and acts of violence against the protestors. more...  1 Comments

A Shadow Protester Speaks

Mama P | (from the Open Newswire): "I am a shadow volunteer. I have made it completely through the background checks.

" This is funny as I have been involved in actions since 1993. I have been arrested once for vandelism, which resulted in a high profile slap suit by a prolife group. You would think at least SOME of this information would emerge during the "extensive back ground checks"

" Just yesterday I received an invitation to be on the "special welcoming committee" since I "impressed them so much at orientation" Basically I filled out all of the questions and told them that I was not only totally available but that I would be taking time off from work to dedicate to the convention.

" So I will have to attend about 8 hours (between this weekend and next) of training to qualify for this "special position"

" Suckers.

"So this is a message to anyone out there thinking about doing the shadow protest thing.

"I am a pretty normal looking (this is important, unfortunately) pissed off, mother of one, my greatest weapon is my brain and my ability to not show up.

more...  26 Comments

Are the NYC cops ready to join the movement?!

diego_mt | NYC cops and firefighter harrass mayor, threaten strike during RNC. more...  9 Comments

People's Anti-Terrorist Task Force at the RNC

People's Anti-Terrorist Task Force | State terrorist chatter has increased dangerously, but all protestors must be allowed to feel safe to express their resistance at the upcoming RNC demonstrations. Join us by e-mailing today! more...  1 Comments

8/18 5PM Aug 27 Immigrant Workers Speak Out !Planning Meeting

Lee Siu Hin | Wednesday, August 18, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Center for Constitutional Rights 666 Broadway 6th floor, New York, NY more...  2 Comments

DRUM Immigrant Justice Rally & March !!!!

m. | When: Saturday, August 21st 12pm-5pm Rally 5pm Neighborhood March Where: Near the 74th St/Roosevelt Train station in Jackson Heights, Queens ** WE HAVE HAD DIFFICULTY GETTING A PERMIT and are currently challenging the refusal by the Community Board 3 & 115th Precinct** Join immigrant families and youth members of DRUM in raising the voices of people of color and immigrants against the ongoing WAR on Immigrants and WAR abroad! Support us in our fight to protest and organize as the city and cops prepare for the Republican National Convention. more...  1 Comments

New York Times Whines About Central Park

NYTimes | Boo-hoo-hoo "Making matters worse, there are reports that some demonstrators not affiliated with United Peace and Justice may "spontaneously" show up in Central Park on Aug. 29. All the protest organizers should denounce this idea. Bypassing the permit process in this way could lead to clashes between protesters and police. Civil disobedience should be used rarely, and a disagreement with the city over a protest venue does not warrant it." more...  9 Comments

Youth Convergence August 28, Radical Pep Rally Next Week

nyc youth | Saturday, August 28 - Books Not Bombs Youth Convergence @ Saint Marks Church Wednesday, August 18 - Kickoff Party/Radical Pep Rally @ Bowery Poetry Club more...  0 Comments

suggestion to sticker makers

@ | more...  5 Comments

DNC2RNC video: many yesses

dnc2rnc | Video from DNC2RNC march featuring music from Ryan Harvey. more...  3 Comments

Keystone Cops at the RNC: Street Theater in the Midst of Protest

kirsten anderberg | There is no need for protests to be boring. With a little imagination, you can make your journey into protest zones safer and more fun. Everyone likes street theater. People like imaginative scenery to look at. Especially the media. So, think about fun ways to monkeywrench the usual, and bring about some laughs at the same time. And if you are participating in the RNC protests, and are of draft age, document your protest activities in a conscientious objector file ( more...  1 Comments

A republican Festival this saturday

observer | more...  4 Comments

Call for a spokes council to coordinate direct actions occurring during the week of the RNC | more...  0 Comments

People's Olympics on August 31st!

People's Olympics Council | On the day that the GOP has announced a Sports & Parks theme, the People's Olympics is being called to join the list of actions! more...  7 Comments

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