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Courageous Resister Awards

R&R! Artistnetwork | An amazing night honoring RESISTANCE and building a community, a movement in the midst of War & Repression. more...  0 Comments

Gather intel from corporate news!

me | Are people checking all of the news sources (tv, Crain's and Barrons, the Post, the Times, dailynews, newsday, sun, wall street journal) for intel? and remember, not everything in the news ends up on the web. more...  6 Comments

Indypendent Aug 12-25

IMC Staff | The third in our series of issues on the RNC. Featuring articles on: the evolution of protest pens, why protest works, the connection between country music and conservatives, Bush's contingency plans to cancel the elections and how the GOP has screwed over New York. Download a full PDF We're printing 200,000 copies of this issue, believed to be the largest print run in decades by any radical grassroots newspaper in the U.S. Help us pull it off. We'll be distributing throughout the city over the next few weeks. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at indy_distro (at) or call 212-684-8112. more...  5 Comments

A31 Benefit Party TONIGHT!!!!

(A)31 | )))Wild:wacky;party(((!!!! TONIGHT 4 direct action. Support direct action and get all the beer you can drink for $5 Kick-ass bands too! HOW COULD YOU LOSE? You can't, now go! more...  8 Comments

"Why Not to Protest" the RNC?: Three Views

Compiled | Tens of thousands of New Yorkers and activists around the and world are preparing to protest the RNC. Many expect it to be a week of non-stop political action.

In the last few days, however, some have started to voice their displeasure at the approaching protest confab. Here's a sample of what they're saying:

"The political repercussions will boomerang,†said Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat. “I believe a lot of Republicans would like to point to a lot of kids with spiked hair and rings through their noses and say, ‘This is what John Kerry is about.'†[Read More]

Mickey Z argues: "In a matter of weeks, politicians, protesters,v and police will converge on my beleaguered city...and that is precisely why I'm skipping town for a few days. The police state tactics and color-coded alerts are reason enough...but I'd also rather not witness firsthand the death throes of protest as we know it." [Read More]

And the Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers opines: "what might have happened had these protestors organized around substantive issues of actual day-to-day social meaning to the poor and non-white populations who are conspicuously absent from most of these protests and “nights of political cabaret,†“(NEO-CON)ey Island Block Parties and Fashion Shows,†and “all-out raves.†Smaller but persistent protests around the country at poorly managed county hospitals and private insurance companies might actually force the issue of national health program onto a more prominent stage." [Read More]

more...  52 Comments

McProtests R Us

Mickey Z | n a matter of weeks, politicians, protesters,v and police will converge on my beleaguered city...and that is precisely why I'm skipping town for a few days. The police state tactics and color-coded alerts are reason enough...but I'd also rather not witness firsthand the death throes of protest as we know it. more...  19 Comments

The Northeastern Anarchist #9 out now!!

NEFAC | The Summer/Fall 2004 issue of "NEFAC's Magazine of Class Struggle Theory and Practice" is now out... more...  1 Comments

Movie Screenings at Time's Up Space

Greenmonkey | Screening annoucement more...  0 Comments

Voices of the Lost and Forgotten-Part One:

Jay Shaft | Homeless families ask: "How can America let this happen to us?" more...  0 Comments

Counter Convention - Republican National Convention Protest Tools and Resources

CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS | RNC Protest Upcoming Events These listings include all events relevant to countering the Republican National Convention. Add an event to our listing.View events in a calendar. Feeds and other methods for getting information about events are available here. more...  1 Comments

RNC Visitor PREP: BIKE Security, Planning Security and Links

+ | I just returned from the DNC with many regrets. Here's ideas of things to do AHEAD OF TIME (and that's SOON!) so that your time here in NYC for the RNC is most efficient and fun. Screw missing events you learned about too late, getting a little lost alot and having your bike stolen! more...  8 Comments

Exposed! The RNC Funders Can No Longer Hide Behind NYers

rncnotwelcome | RNC Fundraisers - Not just a bunch of rich white men; there's a couple of rich white women too! Underlying the official pretense that New York City is welcoming the RNC is that the actual people bringing the RNC here are not representative of New York City where whites are a minority and most do not own venture capital firms or asset management corporations. Clearly, the people below have a vested interest in the policies of the Bush administration. They are not funding the RNC as a show of non-partisanship, nor for anyone's economic benefit but their own. It's time they stop hiding behind the people of New York and become exposed! more...  6 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: We Took The Streets

Bennet Baumer | ‘Fighting for Latino Rights With The Young Lords’ A New History by Miguel Melendez more...  3 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: Upstart Runs Against Pro-War Dem

John Tarleton | Rob Jereski has been a doorman, a garbage man, a toy salesman and a successful small businessman. He’s been a tree-sitter high in the Oregon redwoods and been pepper-sprayed at IMF/World Bank protests. When I first met him two years ago, he spoke passionately about the importance of consensus process in activist movements and the significance for anarchists of France’s May 1968 General Strike. When I ran into him recently on an Upper East Side sidewalk outside the office of Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), he was a Congressional candidate with a five-piece marching band, a red and gold tie, crisp white button down shirt and black loafers. I was happy for him. He had made the act of engaging in mainstream politics seem bold and original. more...  3 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: We Choose The World: Five Organizers Talk About What’s At Stake And Why To Protest

Interviews by Jed Brandt | Interviews with activists organizing around the RNC. more...  1 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: Where Will They Sleep?

Sandra C. Roa | New York’s precious floor space is being sought by hundreds of thousands of protesters travelling to the city for demonstrations against the Republican National Convention (RNC). And many New Yorkers – who already live in cramped spaces – have offered to open their doors and clear their floors. Sympathetic hosts include activists, college students, progressive churches, art galleries and squatters. more...  0 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: NYPD Plans to Corral Protests Despite Public Opposition

Maggie Gram | On the night of Sept. 5, 1998, Sam E. Anderson attended a meeting of the Black Radical Congress to hear reports from that day’s Million Youth March. The most striking testimony, Anderson remembers, came from a young man who had served in the Persian Gulf War. As a U.S. Army soldier stationed in Iraq during the 1991 conflict, the young man had been assigned to guard prisoners of war. He was to herd Iraqis into corrals, he said – four-sided enclosures made of interlocking metal barricades – and to keep them there as U.S. gunships swooped low overhead. Once a group of prisoners had adapted to the open area inside a pen, the soldiers would change the configuration, disorienting them. Then the process began again. It was never quite clear to the prisoners how they’d gotten into the pens and whether there was a way to get out. Anderson had been a legal observer during the Million Youth March in Harlem that day, and the pens had shocked him as well. In 40 years, as an activist with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and then a founding member of the Black Panther Party, Anderson had never been told he could only protest from inside a metal pen. But it wasn’t until the soldier spoke that Anderson realized that these metal barricades were the new crowd control technology – prisoner-tested, military-approved. more...  1 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: GOP To NYC: Drop Dead!

Nell Geiser, Maggie Gram and Timothy Sparkman | Just a few of the things the Republicans have done for New York City. more...  0 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: Foul Air Fallout

Mike Burke | The smell will never leave me. Everytime I encounter plastic burning, I am taken back to those terrible weeks after the September 11 attacks. When the police recently resumed searching vans heading south of Canal Street for the first time since 2001, a part of me expected the smell to return with the searches. For ten weeks that smell permeated the lives of the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who worked or lived downtown. Many woke up to the smell. Many more toiled through the workday breathing it in. While working downtown, I would face the smell coming off the train, during lunch breaks and after work. Sometimes when the wind was strong it would fill my office on Nassau Street. This didn’t end until Thanksgiving. All of us New Yorkers were collectively lied to about what we were smelling and how dangerous it was. more...  1 Comments

August 12 Indypendent: Bush Is Coming!

IMC Staff | The Republican National Convention is coming to NYC. The Indypendent answers questions about the convention and protest actions to be taken around it. more...  1 Comments

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