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Join the Crusades 4 Bush!

Knights of Templar | Christian Extremist Knights of yore and Divine Talibanic delegate fanatics need our support! more...  5 Comments


we the people | After the RNC will be a time of local organizing and recuperation. But we must prepare every RNC protestor for the next national-scale resistance: the Million Worker March, post-Election Day local actions, and the Counter-Inaugural. more...  2 Comments

Aug 14 update

dnc2rnc imc | daily DNC2RNC journal more...  1 Comments

RNC...Then what?

critical & sam-das | The Republicans will come and go, and their business of getting four more years will continue. When the dust settles in the streets of NYC, and the votes are counted on November 2nd, what will we have learned, and what will we do on November 3rd? N3 - EVOLUTIONARIES UNITE! more...  2 Comments

Deep Dish Launches New Series on the War in Iraq

DeeDee | Shocking and Awful is a 13 part series of half hour programs for circulation to activist groups and community channels more...  0 Comments

yippie tea party to protest bloomberg's refusal

aron pieman kay | yippie tea party to protest mayor bloomberg's refusa; to let the people use the great lawn at central park to stage the anti-bush rally on 8/29/04 more...  2 Comments

Central Park Community Press Conference Demands Aug 29 Rally Permit

Not in Our Name | Not in Our Name organized a well attended and well covered press conference at the entrance to Central Park on Wednesday August 11, 2004 to demand the City of New York immediately grant a permit for the massive August 29 rally there. more...  0 Comments

"It's not about the grass!" National battle for Central Park permit renewed.

Not in Our Name | "It's not about the grass - it's about our future!" Battle for NYC Central Park rally permit renewed - West Side Highway rejected. Not in Our Name issues national action alert. more...  2 Comments

Propaganda 101

propmag101 | PROPAGANDA 101 - a joint brooklyn/philly youth-based political news and multimedia group slicin' the belly of the beast with the sharpest propaganda since axis of evil rolled off the assemblyline more...  1 Comments

August 29 Could Be a Very Slow Day, So Bring a Toothbrush

Dave Lindorff | August 29 Could Be a Very Slow Day, So Bring a Toothbrush more...  4 Comments

DNC2RNC Arrival action video announcement

DNC2RNC media collective | A "commercial" to promote the DNC2RNC arrival action that will occur August 26th. more...  1 Comments

FRIDAY 8/20 - What does the Grass Have to Do with Our Future?

Not In Our Name |

When the city denied a permit for Central Park for a massive outpouring of resistance against the Bush agenda and all he represents at the RNC, they cited concern for the grass- claiming it would be damaged by so many people gathered at once.

more...  1 Comments

The Street Medics Need Help

Kaitlyn Tikkun | We are the Street Medics. A loose network of grassroots health care providers that go where EMTs cannot tread, into the chaos and confusion of political unrest. We are there, at your side, when you need us. And we need your help. more...  0 Comments

Meetups / So-Called Whistleblowers / & NY911Truth

Angie | Commentary on the 911 Truth Movement, critique of strategies. An update to the website: 911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers) at more...  0 Comments

DNC2RNC video diary

dnc2rnc imc | introducting a video diary from members of the dnc2rnc more...  1 Comments

You Are Invited

mama p | more...  0 Comments

Call In Sick

justsomeguy | "The most significant impact we can have as New Yorkers during the convention is simply not showing up. September 1st is the perfect opportunity for New Yorkers who work in the city's service industries to call in sick. Actors, musicians, waiters and waitresses, retail salespeople, hotel staff --- we know who keeps this city running, at least as far as the visitors are concerned." more...  6 Comments

Defend IWW Member and Starbucks Worker Daniel Gross

IU/660 | We have just learned that IWW member Daniel Gross, one of the Starbucks workers in New York City that has helped spark a national campaign to organize the world’s largest coffee chain, is under attack. If Starbucks feels enough pressure, we believe Daniel’s termination can be averted. He could be fired anytime so it’s absolutely critical to take action NOW before it’s too late. more...  2 Comments

Long Island Walks to Return the Light to America

Doris S. Wilk | Beginning August 20th through August 29th, Long Islanders from every town and village will begin their relay walk from Montauk and Orient Points to the Brooklyn Bridge, passing a torch from town to town along Rte. 25, to return the light to America. Walkers are invited to walk for minutes or miles. Supported by a wide spectrum of concerned community, environmental, labor, peace and religious groups, the walkers will be offered rest and refreshment along the route at local churches and civic organizations. Arrangements have been made fo rallies and events along the route. more...  2 Comments

1st Amendment Mob/Flash Concert

Michael ONeil | don't forget our 1st Amendment Marriage Mob on the Great Lawn, August 29th! Hear "George Bush Does Not Return to Ground Zero" online at more...  0 Comments

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